Peter’s Presidential Paradise 101: Wrecking/ Clearing Griffin Signs

Lets not talk politics, instead why don’t we just wreck this joint. Any Ralph’s in the audience feel free to join in!

If you follow me, I’m sure we can swing our way all the way to the White House, hopefully unlocking Billionaire Peter and Barrack Obama along the way.

So let’s get back to basics and start wrecking up some Peter’s Change.

For more information on the Event, go HERE


In order to be able to start seeing the crane needed for wrecking you will need to be at Pt. 2 of the main Questline,  Power TripAt that point you will be instructed to Learn How To Use The Crane. Clicking Go will bring up instructions on just that.

At this point you have will have triggered the ability to collect the wrecking balls needed to work your crane.


When Pt. 2 of Power Trip triggers you will be see large G’s appearing on random buildings in Quahog. You’re looking for this symbol.


There are many buildings that ca be affected, the following is a list compiled from my game and comments from readers, thanks everyone who submitted lists. Please if you see any buildings not listed tell us in the comments.

Abandoned Warehouse
Quahog Wharf
Quahog Mini-Mart
Flappy Jacks
Got Wood Furniture Store
Yacht Club
PF Chinese
Awful Person Hattery
Modern Mausoleum
Quahog Amusement Park
Quahog City Hall
Quahog Police Station
Le Croissant Degoutant
Quahog Cinema
Dog Park
Dandy Dansu
Sleek Office
Average Office
We Heal You Long Time
Dog Pound
Quahog Playhouse
Channel 5 News
Common Office
Madeleine’s Boutique
See Through Office
Quahog Fire Station
News Truck

Additional Locations via Bunny
Typical Office
Quahog Funeral Home
Quahog Public Library
Bob’s Funland
Quahog Oceanland
Quahog Malt Shoppe

Buildings you can wreck are obvious as they will look like some of the examples below.



Note: You can NOT use the Buildings with Griffin Signs on them. So you can’t send Characters there to perform a Task or pull them out to complete a Task until you clear off the Griffin Sign.


You will quite simply need wrecking balls.

Wrecking Balls (Uncommon): Chris Trespass in Construction Sites OR Mort Plan Demolitions OR Lois Listen To Power Ballads OR George W Bush Lead An Army (Always Drops) OR Clam purchase option from Shopping Cart.

You will see how many you have in the wrecking ball tab at the bottom of your screen. It looks like this.


***Also note that you automatically gain 1 wrecking ball every 4 hours in the timer in the crane. Just make sure you use it every 4hrs to reset the “FREE” timer***


This is pretty simple once you’re armed with a wrecking ball, click on any building with a G. This will bring up the wrecking ball screen. You will either see SWING which means your crane’s 4 hour timer has finished and awarded you a wrecking ball ready to use like below. Simply tap Swing and you’re done.

However if your timer is still counting down from 4 hours, you will need to use a wrecking ball collected from a task or bought them from the store. In this case you will see LOAD. Simply tap load, then tap SWING an you’re done.


You will then see  your payout drop.


Clearing Griffin signs drops the following:

Per Griffin Sign Cleared:
peters-change Peter’s Change X 2 (Chance)
Family Guy Coin $50
Family Guy XP 10xp

There you have it, details of how to go on a wrecking spree. What are your thoughts? Have you started to wreck/clear Griffin Signs yet? If so, are you enjoying this fun addition to our games? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


27 responses to “Peter’s Presidential Paradise 101: Wrecking/ Clearing Griffin Signs

  1. What time event will end tomorrow? I can get billionary peter and all buldings to Obama but it takes 8 hours to do peter’s action required to Obama.


  2. I have had the Barrington Hotel with a sign multiple times!


  3. The second part of the main quest line never popped for me, and I completed the first part hours ago.


  4. Do we know precisely when Area 51 is going to stop dropping clams? Is there an optimum time that it makes sense to “spend clams to get clams?” Like, if Area 51 has a drop dead date and time tomorrow at 6pm, does it make sense to spend 2 clams to have 14 clams drop at 5:59, instead of getting nothing your clams wouldn’t drop until 7pm?


    • We were told it would most probably stop paying clams at 12 noon on 4th November. And if the buyout before the building leaves is 13 clams or less I always do it.


  5. UPDATE 3:
    ~ Video Arcade [District 7; $10,000]
    ~ Quahog Zoo [District 8; $25,000]


  6. Off topic, I know, but did anyone have their user ID (the bottom right hand side of the splash screen) change with this update? Mine is completely different, but when I check on my account info in the game, the user ID is my usual one. Just wondering…


  7. I thought if I have 10 buildings with the Griffin signs, I wld get 10 free balls.. But I only had 1 free ball this morn.. Next thing I know counter resets for all such buildings.. So what’s the deal? If I just wait for balls to drop from characters and just one free ball from all buildings.. I don’t think there’s a chance I can get currency fast enough..


    • You only get 1 free timer wrecking ball, not 1 for every building. And the 4hr timer only restarts once you use up the free wrecking ball you have, you can’t build up the free ones.

      Liked by 1 person

      • So with 3 freemium characters dropping 3 balls, and 1 free timer ball from buildings, I will have about 6 balls every 8 hours (as Chris and Buildings drop once every 4 hours, and the rest 8 hours)? Sounds like another tight event here!

        I almost misunderstood I needed to unlock just 3 items for Obama. Got a shock when I scrolled down and saw more items! That’s about ~ 100+ event currency that I need!


        • Well 6 wrecking balls every 8 hours is possible but not guaranteed as the character tasks aren’t always drops, they are uncommon drops.

          I’ve collected 28 Peter’s Change since start of event, so can I reach the 100+ before the end, well I’m going give it my best shot. I will see where I am after weekend.


  8. I also have signs on these right now:
    – Meatloafaria
    – Cute lil’ Orange stand
    – Pawtucket Pat’s mansion
    – Mayor West Mansion
    I had signs on Taste Of sicily and the Bakery for dogs but they have disappeared. Could it be that there is a limit of no more than 10 signs at the same time? The dog park lost its sign too, and I’m sure I didn’t clear any of those three.


  9. Love the fact you can buy George Bush in this game. Got him right away.. but I’d love to see Hillary.


  10. I’m thinking of passing on the premium characters this time. Any details yet on voices & actions? Is it entertaining?



    • Not voiced, profile will be up tomorrow, might help you decide, will have visuals from tasks in it.


    • Bush has been laying on his belly playing with toy soldiers from the moment I bought him. Hilarious!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of his animations, but as this one gets you wrecking balls, I won’t see his others until the event is over…or I have Obama😊 would love them both to be voiced! Hopefully after the event TinyCo will get the rights to voice them!


  11. AWESOME post!! Thanks for all your hard work ladies!!! (PS, this one had to have been tough!!)

    Hate to ask for more but, I was humbling wondering if there will be a questline post?? Was thinking about getting the drop items buildings before the questline needed “air force 3”, which do you think would be the smartest way to get Obama?


    • Yes. Griffin sign spawns are holding me up. Can’t give a complete overview when I can’t speed past spawns. 😉


      • Very cool!! Thanks again for all your help😁

        Sorry you’re getting held up, I feel like I have dozens of signs but not enough wrecking balls. Bush is HILARIOUS and totally worth the clams, but i haven’t sprung for the extra ball packages. So I wait…


    • My plan is to get the ones needed for Peter’s costume first so I can start collecting those items, then get the others that are needed for Obama. If I have leftover money I’ll get the other decorations.

      Liked by 1 person

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