Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Is LIVE!!

Ho Ho Ho Ho Hoooooooooooold Up a minute here??!! What’s all this??!! I think I fell into an NES or other Game System. 😉

TinyCo has dropped the Christmas Event into our silly lil games and it is stuffed full of all sorts of goodies to corrupt our Holiday… of course.

Just what does this Holiday Event have in store for us? Let’s dive on in and take a look at Quahog’s Not So Silent Night!!



The Event will hit iOS first, then Android a few hours after, Facebook & Amazon will hit tomorrow (the usual delay on those markets with majority of App Games)

iOS showed 1.33.3 tonight
Google showed a new 1.33.5 tonight

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.33.3 or higher (Google was 1.33.5) in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…



UPDATE 12/2: Those with complaints of the Characters being used for the Event not being able to be placed in Tan Lines, TinyCo will be making an adjustment to allow them. Keep in mind though that this means you may miss out on some drops if you chose to store them in Tan Lines. 



Retro Arcade Christmas Tree: 250 Clam IconClams, Drops 60 dream-pointDream Points & 14 Clam IconClams every 24hrs. NOTE: It is set to stop dropping on 12/28/16, so the sooner you place it the better so you can earn the most Clams possible.

Q*bert Arcade Machine: 170 Clam IconClams, 30 dream-pointDream Points & 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers every 8hrs, Drops 1 green-ballGreen Ball

Stocking Stuffer Stop: 200 Clam IconClams, 15 dream-pointDream Points & 35 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers every 4hrs

Stocking Stuffer Station: 400 Clam IconClams, 20 dream-pointDream Points & 160 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers every 8hrs

Retro Arcade: 40 Clam IconClams, 25 dream-pointDream Points every 6hrs, Drops 1 extra-lifeExtra Life UPDATE 12/2: Due to technical issues, this item will be pulled temporarily… possibly permanently. Will update when I hear more. 


Princesses Against Kidnapping Club: 500 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers, 20 dream-pointDream Points & 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers every 4hrs


Stewie’s Dream Machine: Family Guy Coin500, Required to begin Pt. 1



Clam Icon

***none showing as of yet***



italian-plumber-chrisItalian Plumber Chris (Costume): 270 Clam IconClams, He will unlock at Dream On Pt. 2. Drops Q*bert Pyramid Pack(8hrs). Comes with Questline, Fully Tasked, All Tasks drop Stocking Stuffers & Dream Points.


christmas-morning-peterChristmas Morning Peter (Costume): He will unlock at Dream On Pt. 2. At that point you will be able to go to Al’s to see what you need for him. Chance Drops Q*bert Pyramid Pack(3hrs), all Tasks drop Stocking Stuffers and Dream Points
stocking-stuffer600 Stocking Stuffers
slippers21 Slippers (Uncommon): Herbert Call on Chris OR Quagmire Order Christmas Toys OR Scrapped Levels Scrapyard
night-cap12 Night Caps (Rare): Bonnie Have a Night Cap OR Polar Pinball Park
blankie12 Blankies (Rare): Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack OR Q*bert’s Glowing Gift


qbertQ*bert: You will first need to place his Pyramid from the Toyland Puppet Theater. Once placed, you will then be able to start collecting the items needed for him.
stocking-stuffer2000 Stocking Stuffers
extra-life   15 Extra Lives (Uncommon): Bruce Buy Santa Suit OR Killer Greens Plant Nursery OR Retro Arcade
joystick10 Joysticks (Rare): Clear Sams
cube9 Cubes (Rare)
: Ice Climbing Wall
giant-tissues4 Giant Tissues (Extra Rare): Mort Celebrate Hanukkah OR Bonnie Put On Christmas Pageant OR Christmas Morning Peter Scope Presents




Much like past Events, you will be leveling up along the way while you play along with the event. For this Event that will be your Dream Level.

You will be able to increase your Dream Level by just playing along and earning Dream Points

dream-pointDream Points:  Questlines OR Character Tasks OR Event Buildings OR Other Event Tasks


Phase 2 will require you to be at dream-pointDream Level 5 to access the new content.



stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers: Chance Drop from Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack OR Clear Sams OR Stocking Stuffer Shop OR Stocking Stuffer Station OR Questlines OR Character Tasks  **essentially all over the Event**

green-ballGreen Balls (Rare): Sams OR Chance Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack OR Q*bert’s Glowing Gift OR Q*bert Arcade Machine




You will trigger them during Dream On Pt. 2. These will be the “Bad Guy” for this part of the Event. The time it will take to clear them will depend on the Sprites you use to clear them.

samSams: Each has 20 Health and requires varied Sprites to damage it til it hits Zero Health

Sprites & Their Damage Ability:
qbert-spriteQ*bert: 8 Damage
qtee-spriteQ*tee: 12 Damage
qzard-spriteQ*zard: 20 Damage

Chance Payout:
joystick Joysticks
green-ballGreen Balls
stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers
dream-pointDream Points




How To Clear Sam: Tap on Sam, the info screen will pull up showing you what his current Health Meter is at (out of 20 hearts), Chance of Rewards, and at the bottom the amount Sprites you have (if you have none they will show greyed out).  Just like in the Bad Guys of the past, make sure that Same is PURPLE and walking INTO the kill zone circle before tapping that check mark.




You will find this in the Event Area. It is the group of Toys with the floating ship hovering. Here is where you can go to open Q*bert’s Pyramid Packs you earn as well as use the Premium Option, if you want, to gain more items.

qberts-pyramid-packQ*BERT’S PYRAMID PACKThe Pyramid Pack will be randomly dropping items to help out with the Event.

Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack (Rare): Quagmire Be on the Naughty List OR Lois Exchange Unwanted Gifts OR Joe Buy Snow Tires OR Jerome Host a Holiday Party OR Christmas Morning Peter Wake Up Extra Early OR Italian Plumber Chris Get Smashed

Random Chance Payout of 3 of Following:
qbert-sprite  Q*bert Sprite
qtee-spriteQ*Tee Sprite
qzard-spriteQ*Zard Sprite
stocking-stuffer20 Stocking Stuffers
stocking-stuffer12 Stocking Stuffers
green-ball2 Green Balls
blankie1 Blankie
Clam Icon1 Clam


qberts-glowing-giftQ*BERT’S GLOWING GIFT: There is also Q*bert’s Glowing Gift that will give you a chance at items needed. This is a Premium Option.

Q*bert’s Glowing Gift: Cost 50 Clam IconClams

Random Chance Payout of 3 of Following:
qbert-sprite  Q*bert Sprite
qtee-spriteQ*Tee Sprite
qzard-spriteQ*Zard Sprite
green-ball2 Green Balls
blankie2 Blankie
Clam Icon5 Clam (Verifying)



Open a Package: Once you earned a Package, just tap on OPEN. You will see the screen appear with 3 Random Quahog Not So Silent Night “Coins”. Tap on each one and it will spin around to show you what item(s) you earned from that Package. Tap on “GO” after tapping on all 3 Coins to have items collect to your game.




Here is your usual location where you can exchange Materials you collect during the Event for other Items.

Q*bert Pyramid (Decoration)
stocking-stuffer175 Stocking Stuffers

8-bit Griffin House (Facade for Griffin’s House): $3 every 30secs
stocking-stuffer75 Stocking Stuffers
green-ball3 Green Balls

Polar Pinball Park: 9 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 25 dream-pointDream Points every 8hrs, Chance Drop x2 night-capNight Caps
stocking-stuffer400 Stocking Stuffers
green-ball6 Green Balls

Scrapped Levels Scrapyard: 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 20 dream-pointDream Points every 2hrs, Chance Drop x2 slippersSlippers
stocking-stuffer100 Stocking Stuffers
green-ball4 Green Balls

Killer Greens Plant Nursery: 6 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 20 dream-pointDream Points every 6hrs, Chance Drop x2 extra-lifeExtra Life
stocking-stuffer20 Stocking Stuffers
green-ball9 Green Balls

Ice Climbing Wall: 8 stocking-stufferStocking Stuffers & 20 dream-pointDream Points every 2hrs, Chance Drop x2 cubeCubes
stocking-stuffer250 Stocking Stuffers
green-ball8 Green Balls


There you have the overall Basics of Phase 1 for Quahog’s Not So Silent Night.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you are most excited for? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know.


94 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Is LIVE!!

  1. I have never had a ‘Sam’ icon appear on my screen, I just have to guess where he/she is by moving a ‘Q*..sprite’ around my screen until its creates a killing zone and hope it’s in the correct place. This gives me a 50/50 success. Does anyone else have this issue…?..I’m using a new 12″ iPad with 128 memory.


  2. mobile 1 market and kindle still no love it always happens on every event game wont load new stuff for days n days puts me days n days behind so i always miss out every event like last event game glitched so i missed joe and the witch and i wasn’t able 2 spend my emeralds its real tuff to get into this game specially since i play this game every day and i know i wont be able 2 get everything unless i pay money its been a while since i complained lol fig it was time bunny make a better game lol if it every gets fixed i might b willing to give some money for clams n what not but after playing for a year and seeing all the cool stuff i missed because of game glitches and bugs id rather give my money 2 homeless people than money hungry game designers who don’t care about the players


    • As I keep noting to Players… Kindle is the WORST device to play this game on. Seriously. It can’t keep up with the GB needed for the game to stay stable. Amazon is ALWAYS slow to push updates… not just for this game but every single App Game I ever had in existence. Not one was on time, ever. I finally got so annoyed I stopped using my Kindle. Not worth it.

      Another issue with Amazon, the App Update IS there … but the device won’t seem to load it. You almost have to force it to load by seeking out the App via website or directly searching for it. Only then will you see the UPDATE option and be able to load it.

      In short… it’s not really anything to do with TinyCo… but more to do with Kindle & Amazon as a whole. They were just not made for high intensity and memory using App Games.


  3. Is there a section that just tells us what characters drop what items?


  4. I like that the mini Dream Points icon looks a bit like a dalek!


    • Lol. As I saw it full size then shrunk it down for site, I know just what it looks like… so did not see the connection. I guess if you did not see it full size I can gather how that idea can come by looking at it shrunk. Lol.


  5. Just saw the update about tinyco listening to the complaints about tan lines characters. Sorry to see the changes since I liked having all the characters with drops being kicked out of tan lines instead of having to find out who has drops and then search the floors to find them.


    • It is INSANE going through almost 200 characters one by one every Event to find out who drops what. INSANE!! Lol. 😉


    • That would be nice if all inactive characters stayed in tan lines and ones that are part of the event can’t be placed in there. Right now all but about 5 characters would be in play, but we would know then. I did have about 4 characters that had nothing to do with the last event could not be placed in Tan Lines though.


  6. Still nothing on Amazon for the Kindle. 😞


    • It is usually 24hrs it seems before Amazon and Facebook finally approve and release from their markets. Sorry 😦


      • Bunny, I had to manually update the game on my Kindle Fire to get it to show up. Usually, before now, it would update itself.


      • Well, I thought it updated, but I’m not sure what it changed. It still acts like, in the description, that it is on the Oz event. I had the Oz event before automatically.


        • It happens to me to using a Kindle. Sometimes it auto updates or takes me to the app store. Then there are times were I have to keep checking the Amazon app store for an update. I would be behind now if I died not have my smartphone Based on past events, it usually shows up around 6pm EST, unless there are issues.


          • Same for me. Just checked and still no Kindle app update available. Almost 11pm EST on Fri night now. Guessing we will have to wait better share of the weekend. Thank goodness for my iPod. It crashes like crazy but it keeps me from getting too far behind. And since I have to do some things twice due to crashing, I can change my mind LOL.


  7. Chris’s task to drop a qbert pack is 8 hours. Is this a typo on your part or an error in the game?

    As always thank for all the help with this game.


    • ?? Chris DOES say 8hrs. Are you referring to Christmas Peter who is 3hrs?


      • I think the confusion may be that Chris’ task is 8 hours, while all the other Pyramid Pack drops are 3 hours… It does seem strange that his would be so much longer, after you pay to earn him.


      • Actually their FAQ originally said Chris’s task was three hours. After I contacted them I noticed the FAQ has been changed to 8 hours.


        • Thus why I NEVER go off their FAQ for accuracy. I always find info has been changed, altered, updated, pulled, added, etc… from time the FAQ was released to time it went live. All my info is LIVE game verified for the accuracy. (I also flagged them as soon as I saw it.)

          Same happens with TSTO. Lol. Live verification has always been my #1 OCD. 😉


  8. I cannot finish the Christmas morning peter Questline: first person looter pt.1. Character Joe doesn’t have the task “Watch Christmas Movies”. Does anyone have the same problems?


  9. I play on a Nexus tablet. Is anyone else unable to start the quest because “Unfortunately, Family Guy has stopped”?


  10. In case anyone else was stuck still, I updated last night on android and nothing changed. Was the same this morning so I restarted and the play store said to update again (same version #) and I have Christmas now.

    Quahog looks very pretty covered in snow.


    • You sure it updated last night to newest? I ask because there was the Brand New Android version that didn’t hit til late last night about 2hrs after event went live.


      • I waited until it was posted last night that android was up. Checked the version number showing before and after I shut down and updated again.


  11. Not live on my kindle yet!


    • As noted in post just under top image… Amazon and Facebook won’t hit til today some time. It’s not even 7am “today” TinyCo time.

      Give it time to process in the App Markets that are delayed on every app out there. Lol 😉


  12. Because I am sick of waiting for the TSTO event I am going to play this event. I am not a major addict to FGQFS but when an event looks promising I will update and dip in and out


  13. ANDROID! My game crashes every time i try to open the first quest to start the event. I have reinstalled and tried a different device but same bug. have messaged tiny co. wondered if anyone else is experiencing the same bug?

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Guess we’ve found the FIRST bottle neck;

    12 night cups from Bonnie is going to take at least 4 days to get if you don’t have the Polar Pinball Park.

    And it’s a RARE drop, so that’s why I wrote AT LEAST 4 days..

    Bonnie’s task is 8 hrs long, and you have to have 12 of them (8×12 =96 hrs to get 12 items) 96 hrs is 4 days ! And that’s IF you get a drop EVERY time…


    • As I’ve noted before in the site… items are meant to take time. They don’t want you unlocking it all at once at start of Event. They “walk” you along at a pace they feel you should be. That being said… as I sped through… they dropped pretty well for me.


      • Been a day and a half since I wrote that I only got 2 caps. I have clicked the polar pinball park and Bonnie 4 times each and still only have 2 caps. It would be nice if once I got things right away because I have never completed an event. I get part way through and it ends.


    • Right off the bat, you are missing the fact that there is the Polar Pinball Park that also drops Night Caps… It will cost you 400 Stocking Suffers and 4 Green Balls, which should not take that long to collect, or you can splurge with Clams.


    • That is exactly what is so frustrating about this game. The rarety of some even common items seems poor. I have been playing since the event started sending Bonnie every 8 hours. I earned Polar Pinball yesterday, but I still only have 2 caps. At this rate it’s going to take a week more. Can’t do much without Peter. Have to keep grinding it out and hope for the best. One of these events I will get lucky and finish it before it ends.


  15. Can we get a list of all characters that drop Stocking Stuffers and/or Dream Points?


    • As the Event JUST hit not too many hours ago… can you give us a little time to go through it all, pull the stats and details, compile it, make it pretty, and put out a post? 😉

      In short… as usual… one will be up once we have all the info we need. 😉


  16. Александр Яценко

    Why can’t I leave a post here?!?!?!


  17. Александр Яценко

    The environment awakened some childish joy in me.I’m going to love this. event!


  18. Hi Bunny – a clarification question. You have the Stocking Stuffer Station dropping 160 Stocking Stuffers every 8 hours when the store appears to say 60 every 8 hours which wouldn’t make sense…anyway to clarify that? I ask this as during the Toga event TinyCo had a ‘misprint’ in the information area of one of the fountains that dropped event currency and I chose poorly based on the erroneous information they provided…your assessment looks correct as they claim “80% more!” in the store, but only dropping 60 every 8 hours would certainly not be better than dropping 35 every 4 hours…thanks!


    • In my game, once I placed it… it shows 160. I tested it too… so I left it as 160. 😉

      Side note: the One in the wording if you are just looking in the menu IS there. It is just SUPER SUPER TEENY and almost being eaten by the candy cane.


      • Thank you! I figured you were correct as misspellings can take place especially with large events…and I did go back and look – the ‘1’ is REALLY tiny and hiding behind the candy cane, LOL! Thanks for the clarification!


  19. Placing the Retro Christmas Tree today yields 392 clams (net gain of 142), tomorrow would be a net gain of 128…December 10 would be the break-even day with a total gain of 2 clams (252 total)…


  20. Android need 1.33.5 which is sitting in the store now


  21. This is fantastic! I have been wanting a “video games” theme ever since I started playing. This will probably be a tie (for me) with “Peterpalooza” as the best theme so far (you can’t go past Weird Al and Alice Cooper!). For this new event, all the decorations released so far look absolutely AWESOME (especially that Retro Arcade Christmas tree 😍)!


  22. So Android users just have to wait a lil longer then. I got the email saying it was live so I updated the game and opened to see the new splashscreen but no content. So I came here and saw what Bunny said. So I’ll just keep checking my game.


  23. Anybody else calling BS on Santa not dropping anything?


    • As he was in a previous event… not surprising. That and the event JUST started. Give it time to actually kick in a bit and see who else joins in to help. 😉


      • True but when they did a 2nd Star Trek event, we reuse the same people lol Also the Booty Haul reuse Long John Peter … Precedents! just saying 😛


        • Again… Event JUST started. Like over an hour ago… there is a month of things to still come. LOTS of places to drop in added help. Many many many times over they added old ones to help further in the progression of the Event. Not right at the start. 😉

          In short… wait. Can’t determine the entirety of an Event and all that will be used within the first hour of 30+ days. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

      • I love that I have over 100 characters and only the same few can do anything for the events. If more characters got items I might actually complete an event. I hate having one person try to get something over and over for 8 hours and not get it for days. If I could sent 10 characters I might actually get the required number of items.


        • They keep events to those core characters as they were unlocked in the early districts, meaning most players, even those new to the game, have them. Let’s everyone play the event.


          • I understand them not using only special characters as new users would be left out, but long time players don’t benefit at all. All those extra characters are useless. Most times main characters like Meg, Brian, and Stewie don’t do anything.


            • Let me put it this way… Event JUST started. Even in events those characters were used, they didn’t come into play until a few phases in. Giving all players the same starting point… then the “extra boost” further in. So can’t really say “they’re not used” not even 24hrs into 30+ day Event. I’m sure they’ll come along eventually. 😉


            • I think it’s there is a sense of fair play, not giving long term players an easier event than those new to the game. I’d love Stewie to be part of every event but I’ve learned to live without him, sob.


  24. The in-game home screen for this event says it ends in 26 days, 19 hours. But your post says Jan. 3.


  25. I only knew to look for an update because I checked the faqs for some reason and saw new stuff… OF COURSE I had just put everybody on tasks to clear quests from Halloween! I wish they would put an in-game notification when a new event is starting, I don’t want my phone to automatically update anything.

    The iPhone update was available by 9pm EST for me. Didn’t check earlier.


  26. Perhaps someone could post what triggered your event going live? What character/building?


  27. Mine also seems to not be live. Have all the needed characters just out roaming my quahog streets per the tiny Co FAQ list of characters that participate in the event. But no event. I’m updated to the most recent update In the Google play Store but I’m seeing absolutely nothing at all Christmas related. My splash screen is normal, my icon is also still the same as the Oz event icon even though my game is up to date (not sure they updated the icon for the game) don’t know what else to say here. I do have some open tasks but have had way more in the past and still had no issues with events starting. Some are the Oz side character quests and one mort /sheriff Peter quest I was never able to finish from Halloween event that they still never cleared out from there.


  28. Wow the characters from the Wizard of Oz event drop candy canes too! I’m guessing it’s because all special currency is the same and they just replaced emeralds with candy canes, but I hope they don’t fix it for this event. They could maybe even make it a treat for all the delays and bugs the christmas event launch had.


  29. mine hasn’t went live yet 😦


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