Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Main Questline: Dream On

Hey there Holly Jollies!

Our lil Quahog’s are now buried in White Snow and it seems like some other Old School games are coming along to Play. Quahog’s Not So Silent Night is now live in our games.

With the New Event comes, of course, the New Main Questline that will take us along the first Phase of the Event. For Phase 1, that is Dream On.


Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way. 

For all the Event information, go HERE.


Dream On Pt. 1
Chris Starts

Place Stewie’s Dream Machine: Cost $500
Have Chris Dream about Christmas: 30 secs
Learn about Dream Levels: Tap on “GO” to see the basics for earning Dream Points and Dream Levels

Completed Task Rewards: 5 Stocking Stuffers & 2 Dream Points


Dream On Pt. 2
Chris Starts

Video Game Villians Have Come to Life!: Tap on “GO” to see the info about Sams
Have Chris Wish for Video Games: 2hrs, 2 Stocking Stuffers & 1 Dream Points
Earn Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack: Quagmire Be on the Naughty List OR Lois Exchange Unwanted Gifts OR Joe Buy Snow Tires OR Jerome Host a Holiday Party OR Christmas Morning Peter Wake Up Extra Early OR Italian Plumber Chris Get Smashed

Completed Task Rewards: 2 Stocking Stuffers & 3 Dream Points

***First Person Looter triggers (Christmas Morning Peter Questline)***


Dream On Pt. 3
Chris Starts

Open Q*bert’s Pyramid Pack: Go to the Present Plaza to Open the Packages
Bring a Q*bert Sprite to Life: Open Packages til you get a Sprite
Use a Q*bert Sprint to attack Sam: Tap on a Sam, select Sprite, move Sprite into position til Sam turns Purple, tap on check mark to attack

Completed Task Rewards: 8 Stocking Stuffers & 5 Dream Points


Dream On Pt. 4
Chris Starts

Open 2 Q*bert’s Pyramid Packs: Go to the Present Plaza to Open the Packages
Clear Sam Twice: Tap on a Sam, select Sprite, move Sprite into position til Sam turns Purple, tap on check mark to attack until he is completely taken down to Zero Health… twice
Place Q*bert in his Cube Pyramid: Cost~ 175 Stocking Stuffers

Completed Task Rewards: 6 Stocking Stuffers & 4 Dream Points

***Pyramid Scheme triggers (Q*bert Questline)***


Dream On Pt. 5
Chris Starts

Place the 8 Bit Griffin House: Cost~ 75 Stocking Stuffers & 3 Green Balls
Have Chris Dream of Hiding Gifts: 6hrs, 8 Stocking Stuffers & 1 Dream Points

Completed Task Rewards: 4 Stocking Stuffers & 2 Dream Points


Dream On Pt. 6
Chris Starts

Earn a Q*zard Sprite: Open Packages in the Present Plaza until you get a Q*zard
Clear Sam Twice: Tap on a Sam, select Sprite, move Sprite into position til Sam turns Purple, tap on check mark to attack until he is completely taken down to Zero Health… twice

Completed Task Rewards: 10 Stocking Stuffers & 6 Dream Points


Dream On Pt. 7
Chris Starts

Have Chris Dream of New Pajamas: 4hrs, 6 Stocking Stuffers & 1 Dream Points
Place Polar Pinball Park:
 Cost~ 400 Stocking Stuffers & 6 Green Balls
Have Lois Bake Christmas Cookies to Solve Problems:  6hrs, 8 Stocking Stuffers & 1 Dream Points

Completed Task Rewards: 5 Stocking Stuffers & 4 Dream Points


Dream On Pt. 8
Chris Starts

Have Christmas Morning Peter Steal Holiday Gifts: 1hr, 1 Stocking Stuffers & 1 Dream Points
Reach Dream Level 5:
 You can see your progress in the lower right corner of your game as well as in the Event Main Hub by tapping on the Dream Level Icon
Place Ice Climbing Wall:  Cost~ 250 Stocking Stuffers & 8 Green Balls

Completed Task Rewards: 10 Stocking Stuffers & 6 Dream Points


Dream On Pt. 9
Chris Starts

Upgrade Your Portal: As of right now, you need to be to Dream Level 5 to Upgrade when the Next Phase is launched
Check Back Next Week:

*** Here is where we will stop until the next phase comes out next week***


There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along Phase 1 of the New Event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.


54 responses to “Quahog’s Not So Silent Night Main Questline: Dream On

  1. Any idea when week 2 will start, the countdown has finished on the portal but there is nowhere to upgrade it.


  2. Well this event might be over for me – hoping someone might have suggestions. I opened a pyramid pack and the game crashed. So i reloaded. Unfortunately it comes back to pack opening and crashes again – I can do nothing else. I have restarted the game, reinstalled the game and restarted the device – nothing seems to help. Essentially locked out of playing until it resolves or the event ends and pack stops trying to open. Ideas?


    • If you’ve done all that you need reach out to TinyCo, maybe they can have a look inside your game. Sorry can’t offer anything else but you’ve done everything we would initially suggest.


    • You are not alone, I am having the same issue. Opened a pyramid pack and in the moment of unpacking it keeps on freezing (iPad) or instant crashing (android phone) over and over again and nothing helps. It has been like this for hours without a chance to access the game.


  3. A general comment on events…. I really wish they used more characters in them. I’ve got a 100+ characters vacationing on the silly island… shouldn’t Santa, Jesus and God be involved with the Christmas event in some way? I know not everyone has them but that should be a little reward for playing this silly game for so long. At least let more than 5 characters earn the basic event currency. I mean Peter isn’t even doing anything to help get his new outfit and be part of the event.


    • It’s tough one as I agree we worked hard to earn those characters so it would be nice use them, but I think they are trying to keep a fair and leave playing field in order new players don’t feel they left behind. But even giving them a little currency drop would be nice. And who knows that may happen as we go through the event.


  4. Strategy question and I know it’s a preference thing but…
    How many have Peter? Qbert? I have 2 buildings from the store left to get and can get either the Ice Wall or Nursery… or use th candy canes collected and get Peter. It will take a while to get back the amount to get him but think the Ice Wall is important, which I got it sooner, rather than doing the main quest items in order. Thoughts?


    • I’ve not unlocked either yet. But you will need to place the Ice Wall and unlock Christmas Day Peter in order to complete the main Questline and move onto Phase 2 on Wednesday, so I’d concentrate on them and leave the nursery. Just keep Bruce on the task for the extra lives, I’ve got 8 doing this and not placing the nursery.


  5. What is the point of the dream points/level? Does increasing that actually do something? I don’t see anything in the FAQ about what the dream level (or points) are used for, but they seem to drop from quests and actions all the time.


    • Yes you need to reach at least Dream Level 5 to progress to Phase 2 when it is released on Wednesday. Also there is a little side Questline, Enter Sandman, whereby you get 1 clam for each Dream Level you increase, this Questline will probably run throughout the event, at the moment it stops when you reach Dream Level 5 but I presume it will resume in Phase 2.


  6. Santa hat drop rates are horrible. Only 4 despite playing 5-6 times per day and having pinball park. As a result, nowhere close to unlocking CM Peter. Canned response from TC. My town has been Grinched!!


  7. This is really frustrating I’ve been stuck on part 6 for a day and a half now because a Q*zard Sprite just won’t drop. It’s really stupid to have a chance drop item as part of the quest. I’m close to getting Peter and have all the buildings needed for the questline but until one of these Q*zard Sprites drop I’m stuck.


    • Message them your progress and how this is impacting you. Even if they my not reply. Seeing games impacted does help. 🙂


    • My 2 cents – build up pyramid boxes, probably get a weekly challenge around opening them. Once that comes out then open a heap together. Maybe a mass attack will make em drop


  8. Was getting slippers pretty regular from herbert so wasn’t gonna worry about getting “scrapped level scrapyard” from puppet theatre but rather save resources for stuff needed for questline. But I see it gives 8 stuffers and 20 dreampoints every 2 hours. Made the jump and got it coz seems like a good return.


    • I broke down and got the scrapped level yard first. Easiest to get and the return on stocking stuffers is pretty great. Still don’t have enough of those darn candy canes to get the pinball or the ice wall. Lol. I thought going through the questline and getting the Griffin house skin would help too, but it doesn’t, not even a little😢


  9. Tiny WTD:
    Is anyone else disappointed the 8 mega pixel Griffin house skin doesn’t help get stocking stuffers?? Any other skin we’ve ever got in a event usually helps with the event?? Hmmm…🤔


  10. Seems like my dream level meter isn’t increasing, even though I keep collecting bags for it. I’m stuck on level 2. Anyone else have this issue?


    • Visually it may seem that way as you can’t watch the numbers count upwards… but then you will notice a jump all the sudden. As long as you keep seeing them collect to that area… they are adding up.


  11. Nice event. I’m going for caps first


  12. So Part 6 means to continue the questline, we have to spend 50 clams at least?


  13. Think I’ll get the Pinball Park first as it drops night caps which are a “rare” item. Bonnie dropping on 8 hourly cycles makes me think that night caps will be a problem, although slippers are “uncommon” which in my game usually means “extra rare” lol.
    What are other people getting as first items from the Toyland Puppet Theatre?


    • I feel our uncommon drop rates are the same, lol.

      I think I am going to get the Ice climing wall first as it is the only way to get the cube item needed for Qbert.
      9 rare cubes needed with no other way/character to get them…I think will take a while. But thats just my logic..hope it helps and I wish you good luck on your drops!!


      • I think you guys are on to something with the pinball being first, as you don’t need Q*bert for the questline to continue onto next week….but I always seem to go for characters before skins, so thanks for the good advice!!!


    • I haven’t bought it yet, but i am thinking the same as you: Pinball Park.


  14. does the first open have to be a sprite 4 it to count on bring a sprite to life ?


  15. Wish they had a little snow falling. Not blizzard conditions mind you but a few flakes coming down would be cool.


  16. I wish that because the Sam’s require multiple sprites to eliminate them, that they mark the ones that I have already knocked some of their hp down. Also get rid of the area of effect circles. I don’t know how many times I find one and just as I am about to clear it another jumps into the circle to take the hit.


    • I actually prefer the area of hit due to it allows me to ensure I am placing it directly in the “bad guy” path. I get the “you got in my way and took my hit part”. I usually wait to ensure that won’t happen too.

      You can see the HP by just tapping on them. I get what you mean by it would be cool to have like a heart level floating above them… but that could create other coding issues/nightmares sadly.


    • I prefer to wait until I have two of the “attackers” (Sprites in this case) ready, so I can hit the Sam twice in a row. That eliminates the need to go searching for the injured one later. I also have enough roads that the Sams don’t bunch up to closely. (I know that having too many roads is a disadvantage in some events, but in others it makes things a bit easier.)

      Liked by 1 person

  17. I go the yellow and pink one more than once from the plaza box and still haven’t gotten credit for bringing a q’bert to life does it have to be a green one?


  18. Well….i was initially very VERY impressed with the launch of this as TC had the characters from the Wizard of Oz event able to earn candy canes. That was short lived as i woke up this morning and the candy cane earns had been reversed back to coins.
    I really thought this was a good idea….as i know many complain that once the event is done the characters are useless, so it was a nice to see. I hope TC look at this as i’ve sent them feedback on this.
    Some characters we earn are only good for two days, depending on when in the event you earn them.
    Oh well…I think this event will be fun and less stressful….not like regular Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas all and happy questing!!!


  19. Got to pt 3 Opened up box, attacked a Sam and Didn’t get credit for bringing Sprite to life, twice.
    Also still can’t put some characters back into tan lines, like Bruce, Chris, and mort.


    • Those characters all have drops for Q*bert, hence you are going to need them out, that’s why they can’t be stored. I think it’s a good thing, instead of wondering if you have characters in Tan Lines that are needed or have drops for the event and having to go through them all, they are just out there in your town.


      • Especially how difficult it is to find a character in tan lines if you can’t press a Go button for them.

        I’ve got almost 200 in the resort and it takes a looooooooong time to find the old chars who are dropping event currency.


    • What Sprite did you win from a Pyramid Pack dropped from a Character?

      It only counts if you drop a Pyramid Pack, open it in Present Plaza, and get a Sprite (mine was Qbert Sprite)


  20. I would just like to be able to finish one event. It seems no matter how I keep on top of quests I’ll need clams to either get the item drop or to advance. Thank you for the inside information!


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