Rocky Times In Quahog 101: Boss Battle – Ivan Drago

Hey there fellow Family Guy Fighters!

With Rocky Times In Quahog phase 2 underway there’s a new Big Boxer Boss to defeat, Ivan Drago.

Let’s take a look and see exactly how to knock him out and what he will drop for us during this event.

For more information on the Event, go HERE

The arrival of this new Boss is a bit similar to some in previous events such as Road To Bollywood, whereby you have to defeat a Boss, in this case Ivan Drago, in order to collect the materials needed to unlock a fully playable character version. Here you’ll attack him to get drops of Russian Vitamins, as you will need 800 to buy the Ivan Drago character.


Ivan Drago will appear wandering your roads once you get to Pt. 2 of the main Questline, it is then you will trigger the side Questline From Russia With Gloves.

You will need Vodka to defeat him. There is currently one freemium character costume, Blunderlips Chris, and one premium character, Clubber Lang, andy’s 2 buildings that can drop the vodka required to defeat him. More about this later.

The amounts of vodka needed will be the same in every players game. Many players report success in these battles by stocking up on a bunch of the resource before attacking, I’ve personally done this successfully in the past but really how you attack depends on you. Certainly his longer re spawn time is helpful for this strategy.

The rewards are more generous than our recent Boss Battle, but it’s going take a lot of effort to get all those Russian Vitamins tat are needed to unlock the character Ivan Drago. But remember you do have until the end of the event.


The amounts you will need to defeat him at levels 1X through to 5X are as follows:

REsource – vodka

1X 1 Vodka
2X 3 Vodka
3X 5 Vodka
4X 8 Vodka
5X 16 Vodka

Now I’m going be honest I’m playing freemium so I don’t have Blunderlips Chris or the buildings that drop Vodka yet, so I haven’t even started to gather vodka to attack so I can’t advise you much on strategy, but all the amounts above and below have been verified by Bunny in her game. I’m going to be honest I think after the work to unlock Rocky in Phase 1 he should have dropped Vodka, to get us freemiums started on this. As it is most freemium players will not be able to even start attacking for days yet, so I’m not sure if getting 800 Russian Vitamins will be possible before the end for us, but hey I’ll give it a go.


The goodies he drops are simple, he drops Russian Vitamins which are needed for unlocking Ivan Drago full character.

What you will get at each level is as follows, but bear in mind if you no longer need an item it obviously won’t drop.


1X 5 Russian Vitamins
2X 18 Russian Vitamins
3X 30 Russian Vitamins
4X 56 Russian Vitamins
5X 128 Russian Vitamins

Remember you will need 800 Russian Vitamins to buy Ivan Drago.


The battle resource is Vodka and so just how do we get it. Well it’s all down to character/building drops and premium purchases.


Blunderlips Chris Sneak Alcohol (4hrs)
Black Ribeye Steakhouse (4hrs)
Tough Egg Smoothie Bar (4hrs)

Clubber Lang Get Punch Drunk (4hrs)
Purchase from Store


The battle modus operandi is similar to that of previous boss battles, you’ll find Ivan Drago wandering your sideways with a timer above him. You have 24 hours to defeat him through his 1X to 5X Levels before he goes into a cool down/recovery.

Tap Ivan Drago   and you will get the attack screen. It will tell you 1: How many Vodka you need to Fight him at that level, 2: The rewards for fighting him at that level, and 3: How much time you have left before he disappears.

Once you have gathered the required Vodka, in the example below it is 1, the Fight button will appear. Simply tap it and then wait to collect your rewards.

Remember you only have 24hrs to hit him to the highest level before Ivan Drago will go “Recover” (cool down). When Ivan Drago returns, he will be back at 1x.  The “Recover” time appears to be 8/9 hours, and the clam cost to speed up his recovery will vary depending on what Level he was at when he timed out.

And there you have it the all the info about Ivan Drago and his drops. How are you getting on fighting the mighty Russian. Are you winning the bouts or will you be needing some recovery yourself before the next round? Got any battle strategies to share with your fellow addicts? And are you enjoying the event so far? Tell us in the comments as you know we lone hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


27 responses to “Rocky Times In Quahog 101: Boss Battle – Ivan Drago

  1. Got Chris first thing today, Ribeye three hours later. First time I go to collect from Ribeye – nothing.
    So yeah, “I vander” if it is even possible…


  2. I’m sure you’ve noticed the Black Ribeye timer has dropped to 4 hours… I don’t have the Tough Egg yet to know if that’s changed.


  3. Black Ribeye Steakhouse now drops vodka every 4 hours vs 10. Still, to obtain the 33 needed to take out Drago fully and get enough vitamins to get him within a week is going to be next to impossible for freemium players.


    • Actually, I just did some “practical” FG math and Ivan Drago was never practically possible to earn as freemium.

      I won’t bore anyone with the detailed numbers, but suffice it to say that even in ideal conditions (ideal meaning no sleep, instant restart of tasks and 100% drop rate on all items), Ivan Drago requires 12.5 days to unlock. And between the start of Phase 2 and the end of the event…there’s only 12 days.

      So, RT, if you decide to do a “How did you do?” poll for this event, please let’s consider Ivan Drago to be Premium. He cannot be honestly be considered freemium. (…Maybe…if TinyCo changed all the Vodka dropping tasks to be 2x Vodka…then freemium players *might* have a chance.)


      • RussianTigger

        I’m hoping something in Phase 3 will help push us freemium players towards more Russian Vitamins, if not then I just see him as an unlock reward for premium players


  4. since having clubber lang i only need 633 pills to get drago i have made it to at least x5 once slowly whittling down his pills maybe get him close to end of event fingers crossed


  5. I missed out on Rocky due to NOT getting 1 freakin’ item for him the last 3 days…

    I’m about f’n done With this game…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Not going to stress myself on this one as I am indifferent to the character, but seems extremely difficult given the drops needed, if not impossible.


  7. darthmaleval

    Once again, everything boils down to Peter doing all the work. A six hour task for the milk with mediocre (at best) drops. I figure that anyone that is freemium will be stuck on this weeks questline for the rest of the event. I’m glad I decided to go freemium this time around….terrible event in my opinion (not worth the clams)!


  8. I will applaud TinyCo on this one: thanks to the info shared by the Addicts, I know exactly where I stand with any potential energy expended toward attempting to get him. I basically have no chance (as I don’t have Chris’ skin yet and am not getting Clubber Lane). I would have a chance if there were two weeks left, but with just one there isn’t enough time left to get Chris and the buildings to drop enough vodka. I am actually totally okay with this because it is clear from the onset. I would be ticked if it wasn’t clear and I busted my butt only to come up short. I think people who want to invest the time and money should be rewarded with a new character. He won’t be useful for the event so I don’t see where I will be missing him.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I will not be buying clubber lang so that means I will not be buying from any future mystery boxes or characters for this event as will see no point being I can’t get chris lips, Ivan or the vodka bottles to fight him. So i’m not going to stress and just play once maybe twice a day. Just as if I was waiting for the next event. FYI I like a challenge but I don’t like when they make it obvious that you need to buy to have a chance to advance.


  10. Was just able to place the Black Ribeye Steakhouse – it only dropped one (1) vodka on placement, not sure if that was the placement payoff and it drops two every 10 hours, or if it’s a chance of 1 every 10 hours…I’m playing somewhat premium, not full premium, but dropping some clams here and there, and I gotta say, this is a tough one…


  11. I assume I’m paying 270 clams for two characters. Other way it will be almost impossible to get 800 vitamins for Drago.

    To get 237 vitamins in a row, it’s no less than 68 game hours (17 tries). In my case this is the equivalent to 4 days, and I have to do this complete cycle at least three times, assuming Chris will appear in 5 days to help.

    If I can manage to get free the fourth character of the group, it can be considered 255 clams for three characters (being optimistic, I know).


  12. 18 hrs (3 consecutive peter fights) and still no milk bottles .. how am i supposed to get the buildings for Chris and thus start getting vodka ?!! this is going to be one disappointing event !


  13. I realized I’m not alone when I saw the comments that as a freemium player, we are still struggling to unlock Blunder lips Chris. Also agree Rocky should be able to give us vodka too after all the efforts. Still, I’m just trying.
    Btw, in an unrelated note, I bought Spanish Opera Peter at 90 clams but got back 25 because I completed his first costume set. Something for all to consider.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Milk drop rates are defiantly not common… past 3 middle weights I took out dropped none.


  15. now that clubber lang drops 2 every 4 hours its a no brainer 12 bottles in a 24 hour period. plus the 9 hour down time 16 bottles plus building drops 3 from 10 hour and 4 from 8 hour 23 total bottles in a day if you can manage to be diligent.


    • RussianTigger

      Clubber Lang will make a big difference but I’m not able to even start getting Vodka yet and many freemium players will be the same. Keep us updated on your progress, always good hear how useful a premium buy turns out.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. I need him OMG! He better have the line “If he dies,he dies”


  17. as a freemium player myself, I find it very hard to unlock Ivan, especially Clevland’s costume, but thanks for the info about this boss fight.


  18. The question is: if I buy Clubber Lang is this going to make the dirfference between obtaining Ivan Drago or not? And is Drago a full character? If he is I could be pursuaded to buy clams to purchase Clubber Lang, as that would be like getting 2 characters for the price of one! Of corse, nothing is guaranteed but i’m soooo tempted to take the chance!


    • RussianTigger

      Can’t guarantee you’ll get him if you buy Clubber Lang but he’ll certainly give you a fighting chance.


    • he is a full character, and he will help ypu get him, but obviously as a freemium if you play enough you can get him too but it would be much harder.


    • I agree with RT’s assessment – no guarantees if you do, but it looks awfully hard if you don’t, which is why I gritted my teeth, turned away and hit the ‘BUY’ button…so far, I’ve collected 14 Vodkas from him, and I’m going to campaign him and collect 32 before I battle so I can go all the way through…my biggest concern is for milk bottles to earn the buildings that drop vodkas – that’s the bigger concern IMHO…with just Clubber Lang dropping Vodka, it’s a 64 hour cycle (with NO sleep! Yikes!) to get one complete cycle…


  19. I must break you!


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