Teen Mom Stewie is back!!!

Hey there Tribblemakers!

TinyCo dropped a Happly Mother’s Day surprise into our games earlier today with the return of the premium Teen Mom Stewie character costume at a discounted price.

Teen Mom Stewie 3

Teen Mom Stewie was a Premium Character Costume added at the beginning of the Hybrid Babies Event in 2015. He originally cost 150 clams, but now you can get him for 90 clams. As with all Premiums, you have the choice to decide if they are worth it to YOU to bring into your game. But I for one grabbed him at that price as I’m a bit of a Stewie fan as you all know, and would like to have all his costumes. 

Youll find more information in his earlier event posts, his profile is HERE, his Where The Hell is HERE and his Questline HERE.

And there you have it my friends, the return of Teen Mom Stewie!

Did you purchase him? If so, what do you think of his tasks? Which one is your favorite?Let us know.


5 responses to “Teen Mom Stewie is back!!!

  1. I got him, ‘cus it’s Stewie!


  2. Gee, thanks! Charge me 90 clams for another costume to clutter up my game. I’d pay 90 clams to make every costume go away and get converted into a real playable character like Chris the Giant or Sir Peter.


    • RussianTigger

      It’s optional, don’t like it, don’t buy it, that’s my motto. But as Stewie is my fav and I didn’t buy the costume at full price previously I was ok with spending 90 clams. But only because it’s Stewie


  3. nop not really interested …


  4. I’d pay 50 clams. $2 is about right


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