Return To The Dog Multiverse – How Did You Do? Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

Yes, finally they’re in, the results from our Return To The Dog Multiverse event poll are here and I think you’ll agree the results show very well what many of you said in the comments, that this short event was fun.

Firstly I’d like to take a minute to give a big thanks to all my fellow addicts who take the time to respond to these polls, without your interaction it just wouldn’t be possible to have posts like this, or to show TinyCo what we are thinking and would like to see in our games going forward. So thanks for taking that minute out of your day to be part of this community..

Now in recent polls you’ll remember I added a few questions that will appear in all polls going forward, they are just to give a quick insight into our thoughts about events. They cover the fun factor in the event, how you describe the event and you’re favourite character or costume from the event.

So I’ll start with these, then get on with all the usual facts and figures. So I asked you to rate how much fun the event was, where 1 is no fun and 5 is lots of fun, I also asked you to choose from a list of words the one you felt described the event best and finally your favourite new character or costume released during the event, so here’s what you said.

Return To The Dog Multiverse event Fun Factor Rating:

Seems like a lot of us enjoyed this event, happy to have a fun mini-event with content many of us had been asking for. Even a few drop issues didn’t derail this event for most.

The three words used most to describe the Return To The Dog Multiverse event:
Relaxing. Wooftastic. Amusing.

I’m not surprised at these choices, as they mirror mine completely.

Most popular new character or costume released during the Return To The Dog Multiverse event:
Poodle Stewie

This was not a surprise, we’ve been asking for this character for a long time.

But now let’s get to it, as without further ado here’s what else you told us.

Which of the following new freemium characters/character costumes did you unlock?

Answer Percentage
Dog Peter 96%
Spaniel Lois 77%
None 04%

DId you purchase Poodle Stewie?

Answer Percentage
Yes 27%
No 73%

DId you try the Top Dog Mystery Box?  

Answer Percentage
Yes 06%
No 94%

If you tried the Mystery Box which of the following returning characters/costumes did you unlock?

Answer Percentage
Human Brian 12%
Death’s Dog 11%
K9 Joe 09%
Wolfdog Quagmire 11%
Sheepdog Chris 13%
Bulldog Meg 10%
Didn’t manage to unlock any of the characters I didn’t have 77%

Did you purchase any premium buildings or decorations during the event

Answer Percentage
Yes 03%
No 97%

Did you purchase any clam packs during the event?

Answer Percentage
Yes 07%
No 93%

So there you have it fellow addicts, please feel free to share your thoughts on any or all of the results in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger



2 responses to “Return To The Dog Multiverse – How Did You Do? Poll Results

  1. Went nuts and bought a tank of clams because I wanted all the doggies.


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