Quahog Excellent Adventure “Glitch” Update

Hey there Time Travelers!

It seems even with the delay and some patches, there are still some hiccups happening in our games.

Here are the current updates for some of the main items we are seeing impacting Players for the Quahog Excellent Adventure Event.


There are reports all over about Facebook. For the majority of issues, it is just not live via their Apps.

If you are experiencing “Error: Requesting empty assetId, sizing = 0, localization = 0”, TinyCo is currently trying to work on a fix for it.

If you are using both an iOS/Android device and Facebook to play, you may experience issues because the event is currently not out yet on Facebook.



I saw that this issue seems to mainly surround iOS now, but hit n miss on a few other devices. They are currently working on a patch for that too.

Keep an eye out over next few days for Update to the App in form of Version 1.48.2

This should fix crashes for players, such as the “Error: Trying to transfer a character that doesn’t exist” issue

UPDATE 5/23:

New Update is hitting app markets. Download it to assist with issues.



There are no current lock outs for any country for copyrights on this Event. If you are not seeing the Event, it may have to do with one of the other issues above.



As far as new content coming, it is still set for Wednesday. This may change all depending on TinyCo… but we will not know until probably Wednesday.

For now, plan on new content hitting later in the evening Wednesday



For now, it looks like Abe Lincoln may function similar to those “Weekly Challenges” in the past. In other words, once the “time” is up… the item will not be available.

This means that once the next Phase of content is released for the Event, Abe will no longer be able to obtain and a New Item will take his place.

This may or may not change, but for now… plan on him going when new content hits. (NOTE: He is a Decoration)

UPDATE 5/23:

Looks like Abe will continue on. So he will essentially be there until you get the achievements you need.




There is always some basics you can try at any time you have an issue with the game. Here are the things we suggest (and most likely the things TinyCo will suggest you try first too).





There you have some overall updates for the Main Items we are seeing impact Players in the game right now.

Did this help you? Any further questions on these items? Other glitch items we missed surrounding the Event? Let us know.



35 responses to “Quahog Excellent Adventure “Glitch” Update

  1. Hey Tiger.. I haven’t yet, but even when I went to that task, it wasnt listed, but as we cross-posted, it all came back. Thank you for a quick response as always😄


  2. Please disregard my last post. The task has returned aling with Bonnie’s (that I didnt realize was missino til it returned)


  3. Meg’s “Paint Her Feelings task is no longer available, but theres still a challenge open for it. Is this a glitch or has the task simply been removed? This just started today.

    Anyone else?


    • RussianTigger

      im past that Task so can’t check in my game, sorry. Did you get all the Paint Palettes for Da Vinci that the task is related to?


  4. I just got a 1.48.3 update on my game on my Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet and ever since, I can’t click on Jerome to check his completion time for the daily task I have to complete today without the game crashing after giving the error “basic_string::_S_construct null not valid”.


  5. Still crashes every 30 seconds 😦


  6. Hey when does week 2 start or is there another glitch?


  7. I am stuck at unlocking the horse and wagon. I have the capsules but as soon as I try to repair it jumps over to the Peter statue and I’m not going to spend clams on that. 😟


    • Now I feel foolish. I don’t have enough time capsules after all. Obviously need to update the prescription for my glasses 😊


  8. It sucks abe is only a decoration and not a character.


  9. One of the tasks is to clear the horse drawn carriage. There isn’t a carriage that I can find, but there is a horse drawn wagon. Was that a typo – did they really mean the wagon?


  10. Why if the facebook version is not out yet, did they not put the usual message that they are updating the game and to play on mobile devices, which they have done for all previous events even if you start playing on the mobile version, instead of letting it open and crashing all the time.


  11. This event I so wanted to play but way to many glitches & problems w/clam video awards. They make me watch 7 videos for usually 7 clams. At this point now it ALWAYS freezes at the end then I have to restart. After all that, I’m lucky of I get 1 darn clam. So annoying!!


    • RussianTigger

      I know there’s an update coming to try help with the glitching etc.


      • While they have now fixed the loading issues with the facebook version, it is now freezing every time you click on one of the claim or travel icons at the bottom of the screen.


    • I’ve had this happen to me in the past, so I started tapping the ‘awesome’ button after every video, instead of ‘watch another?’ – this way I collect my Clams & only miss out on ONE Clam if it glitches, instead of all of them! 😊

      My current issue is that the new ‘do a task, get lotsa Clams’ thingy never updates my Clam total! TinyCo hooked me up in the end, but it’s annoying! I don’t have a problem getting rewards on other games, even when using the same provider – only on FG:TQFS. FG:TQFS is also the only game I can’t connect to my friends with via Facebook. Meh. *sigh*


  12. I had the “Error: Trying to transfer a character that doesn’t exist” issue. It cleared up as soon as I tapped the characters at the Phone Booth Crash Site in Quahog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RussianTigger

      Thanks for feeding back that info.


    • Thank you! I had this happen to me once (Bonnie needed to be cleared), and thanks to your post, I knew exactly what to do. 🙂 I suspect this is because Bonnie can do tasks in either time period, but can’t exist in both? (Any physicists on this site who can answer time paradox questions? :-D)


  13. I’m on iOS and if I try to enter Colonial times (using the right hand corner button) when my time machine has a tick on it gives me the transfer error mentioned in the post above then restarts. After the game reloads and I clear the tick it lets me into the area without issue.

    It’s very sporadic though and not causing any real problems at the minute (not like the issues I had with the Jurassic Park event) but at least I know now there’s an update coming to fix it so thanks Bunny!


  14. I haven’t gotten a single drop from Bonnie or Musketeer Mikes, and haven’t gotten a drop from Gettysburgers in a few days…


  15. What about the crashing issues? Tinyco contacted me that cleared my cache on their side but I am still freezing. It took me over 10 tries to even get in to email them back. Can you put a link out for your troubleshooting guide? I can’t seem to find it.


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