Rocky Times In Quahog – Review & How Did You Do Poll

Hey there readers, with all the fighting come to an end, it’s  time for us to put some ice on our knuckles and relax, and what better for us to waffle on about than the event in general. Yes, Rocky Times In Quahog saw us spend 3 weeks training and sweating, and to be honest I’m not sure I enjoyed much of it.

It all started with a reveal in our App Store game information that the upcoming event would have a boxing theme. Immediately many of us thought of Boxer Lois & Deirdre Jackson, however although they would both appear at the end, the main theme was built around the Rocky franchise.

And I have to say as someone with no interest in the Rocky movies and even less interest in Boxing I immediately thought, yeah an event where I can sit back and take it easy, and of course stockpile my clams as I decided this would be a freemium outing for me.

And this decision played out fine during the event, I at no point felt pulled into the event, not even a load of Russian buildings and decorations could spark this event to life for me, the theme just wasn’t for me. And hey that’s fine, not every event will be a hit for every player, and I was glad to see in the comments for many of you this event did indeed pack a punch and you were enjoying the content. As long as someone is having fun that’s the main thing.

However I have to say I did enjoy the new mini-games with the punchbags. They were a little bit of fun, I’d like to see them stay, with a little change that  behind the odd target you clear you might find a clam or two.

I think the one big positive was it only lasted 3 weeks, which for me was probably 2 weeks too many but better than 4/5 weeks. I’m just not sure events around sporting content work for me, but hey I’ll play along.

This event also seemed to bring about some nostalgia, just like the Power Rangers event. Rocky fans were excited to see the franchise hit Quahog. So as much as I wasn’t jumping for joy, other players were.

I also as I said decided to play a completely freemium strategy in this event, after splashing clams in the last few events and it didn’t impact my progress as I unlocked all the freemium characters and costumes, including Ivan Drago, with time to spare. So this event was one where putting in the time worked.

But now let’s take a more in-depth look at the event, and yes I will say this from the off, a lot of players got frustrated when things got tough very quickly.

A 3 week event that once again had a dreaded timed character, TinyCo must surely realise boy now these timers are alienating players. If they insist on having them put a warning pop up before you repair or place any item that has a timed character attached. Easy coding, and then no player feels a fool for not realising and activating a timer before they were ready. I did enjoy having no weekly challenges, it removed a little of the Monday madness they bring into our lives. Monday’s are tough enough without them, lol. Again I’d like mention TinyCo they need to remember the players who are completing events, so there needs to be a reward, a little something for completing the final Main Questline, it was a very popular idea when put forth in our recent poll.

Movie tie in, vague Family Guy history for the Rocky content, but definite Family a Guy connection for Deirdre Jackson and Boxer Lois, so that was good. But as I said the sport themed events just don’t seem to capture my imagination.  Now you know I’m going say I was happy to get some Russian buildings and decorations, just got to decide what part of town is going to become Little Russia!

I liked the new gameplay of the mini-games, they were fun, I’d love see more of this.

With regards to gameplay it was good to see less characters have multiple tasks for different drop items, I know there was still some crossover but that will always happen as core characters that were unlocked in the early Districts are used in events to allow newer players to join in events. I really think TinyCo got the balance quite well in this event and used a good ratio of characters and buildings with drops.

What did I like, well we got quite a couple of  new freemium characters as opposed to just a whole lot of costumes. Although we got them too. Didn’t like that they used timers again. Ivan Drago seemed impossible in Phase 2 but by Phase 3 TinyCo gave us a fighting chance of getting him. However Fight Promoter Cleveland was impossible from the comments players made, be interesting to see if anyone who didn’t have him got him during this event. Also worth mentioning here is some of the unlock requirements are getting a bit over inflated by TinyCo and are causing players to fall behind early in the event, sometimes they then just give up or struggle to enjoy anything that follows. Not liking the way premium characters needed to complete FaceSpace sets.

TinyCo promised us some new gameplay and we got it in the mini-games, keep it coming TinyCo.

There has been improvements in this area, TinyCo response to the error with Clubber Lang was very fair, can’t fault them on their customer service on that matter. Personally I had no reason to contact them this event so can’t give a personal opinion this time.

It’s no mystery what my feelings on Mystery Boxes are, I’ve long despaired at the way TinyCo implements Mystery Boxes in events. But in one way they seem to be responding to concerns by putting returning characters in as potential prizes rather than too many useless decorations. But they also still have too many repeatable resources and it’s a bit annoying most of Stewie’s guises are a Mystery Box gamble.

Ivan Drago seemed impossible when he appeared in Phase 2 but TinyCo seemed to hear our calls for help, and when Phase 3 dropped, some help came with it. But it will be interesting to see how many unlocked the Ivan Drago character.

No real issues arose in these.

Rare drops on an item for a timed character should be banned! As should random drops you can’t control on a timed character. Especially when losing out on those timed characters impacts your future event progress. These really are errors that shouldn’t be being repeated 3 years after the game’s launch.

So fellow addicts, that’s just some of my thoughts, and I want to stress they are just my thoughts, they in no way reflect what Bunny or Lotty felt about the event. Maybe one day I can tempt one of them to do the review so it’s not always my opinion. We’ll see!!!

Anyway that’s my ramblings, now I want you to tell me your thoughts. But please don’t turn this into a boxing match, where blows are traded in the comments or Bunny will send me to Siberia with no vodka for company. Please give us your feedback and thoughts in a fun in the sun sort of way. Tell us what you liked, didn’t like? What you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less off. Share with us everything and anything you think would improve FGQFS, as TinyCo do read this blog and of course Bunny also takes your feedback to TinyCo. And if you can please take a minute to complete the end of event poll at the end of this  I’d be very grateful.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:

~ Russian Tigger


24 responses to “Rocky Times In Quahog – Review & How Did You Do Poll

  1. I must say that even though I am personally not a Rocky franchise fan, I loved the event! Unlocked all freemiun characters and finished the event. First time in over a year that has happened, lol. I work 8hrs a day outdoors in a remote area with no phone service, so I only play evenings and weekends. I hope they keep this up!


  2. I didn’t like this one much, though I didn’t dislike it either. I kind of need “Indiferent” in the list of adjectives to describe an event.
    I got Rocky even though I placed him as soon as the event started (I didn’t think he would be timed since he was in a building from the store and not a repaired one), so I can’t say he was hard. The chickens gave all the hard items and I didn’t really need the building. That was Ok.
    Chris’s outfit requirements were ridiculous (70+ chairs? Really?). It took me forever to get him and I couldn’t start collecting vodka till almost the end of the event, considering that the last building in pahse too also took forever because we needed Peter for the two types of boxers.
    I also feel that to have a character unlocked through bosses fights the event was rather short. Basically you had a week and a couple of days unless you were lucky to get those 70 chairs quickly or had the premium characters to fight boxers.


  3. One freakin’ Vodka to get Ivan, and no love! I rushed Chris, he didn’t drop, and then I didn’t have enough Clams to try again…😭

    I unlocked all the other characters, save for Cleveland’s costume. Liked the minigame, although for most of the Event I had a glitch where it wouldn’t show me the targets until I tapped the bag – a major problem on the accuracy ones! Got around it by saving up the Gym Passes & doing many fights at once.


  4. I can’t figure out if it’s just my life at the moment or if TinyCo has just drastically changed the way drops and drop requirements work. But even though my isp has been rock steady for quite a while (it was down more than up for some earlier events), I find myself losing enthusiasm quickly and just occasionally checking in and not expecting to get anything or even to get past the first phase for this game while I’m still finding time and energy to play others. You might be right that those timed characters are enthusiasm dampeners especially when they’re so hard to get. Too much “do this and do that for many hours and maybe get this and then do this other thing for a few hours to craft this for more hours to get what you need to do this yet another thing” gets old fast also. I used to have much more patience for that, so maybe it really is just me. I’m noticing my “who cares?” attitude beginning again very early in the current time traveling event also. Although I kind of like hitting red coat generals with crates of tea…. it takes so long to get one. Am still baffled about what the heck Lincoln has to do with the colonial era!

    But some or even most of varying enthusiasm for events must be just personal preference for the prizes offered and the theme, so as with buses – if you miss one, just wait for the next one. Have no interest in boxing but I do like Sylvester Stallone and Mr. T, so I did work/pay to get them into my game. Wasn’t interested in Chris’s costume but accidentally ended up with it. Never got to the phase with Lois…. Hope they offer regular clothes for Stallone’s and Mr. T’s characters as costumes sometime, especially Mr. T and his gold, with less gross visual tasks. Loved the punching bag games, that inspired me to keep resetting characters to get tickets. Meh on the fights, they were even lazy on animation (none, the text box even covered up Peter).

    Anyway, it’s not a bad thing to take a break from a game if an event doesn’t inspire you. Doesn’t mean the game is bad, that particular event just might not be the best fit for your distraction needs at the moment.

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    • johnnyicemaker

      My sentiments almost exactly!

      Game is getting impossible to achieve anything past the first week of items. Timed characters are impossible without planning ahead or paying. Boxing animation was lacking. Mini game was new, but needed too many tickets to play it consistently. Only got to play about once a day, due to lack of interest in playing the game in the first place.


  5. I had 15 of 16 vodka to get Ivan. I needed 107 pills to get him. I rushed Chris, paid 4 clams, and got 128 pills, more than enough. Did not get Rocky,time ran out. I am still frustrated that I waste my time watching videos for clams, and then the game freezes up and I have to reset my game and end up getting no clams. It looks like this happens when there is heavy internet traffic. I gave this game a success because I got Ivan. 800 pills was a big task, but I squeaked by. 😉


  6. I foolishly delayed progress by not placing Rocky’s building until I had the other resources needed to unlock him (thinking he would give an advantage in the coming phases). This set me behind significantly for the remainder of the event, and it wasn’t even worth the trouble because he was of very little use once I unlocked him. Of course, I only delayed placement because of that ridiculous timer – so I’m an idiot for falling into their trap.

    Lesson learned…

    On another note, I am puzzled as to why Deirdre Jackson was premium. It’s not like they had to pay licensing fees since she was a character from the show. Nothing makes sense in this game anymore…


  7. Would like to have seen “Frustrating” on the list of adjectives. Missed out on Boxer Lois by 2 sports tops when I got no steaks or milk bottles over the final 24 hours of the Event despite wasting clams on finishing tasks early. Also frequently lost 5 seconds or more in the training mini-game when the punching bag either dropped late, or dropped on time but no targets appeared.


  8. Not managing to get Rocky on time kind of ruined the event for me. I did enjoy the punching bag mini games, but they’re more suited for smartphones (I play on Facebook). Using a mouse, I only managed to get 4 or 5 bags per session, which slowed progress even more. Still, it’s probably better than the current Bill & Ted event, which only started TODAY on FB and keeps crashing the game when I click on any of the new blue icons.


  9. I wonder if anyone managed to get Cleveland? I managed to get ~350 barbells at the end (half required) as it was necessary to spend them to progress the questline. Overall I found the event easy, completing most weeks a few days early (very rare for me as freemium)


    • I got to just over 600 Barbells. Thought I had a chance with about 3 days out, but the drops for the passes seemed to get even worse.


  10. I thought week 1 was balanced well. Week 2 was hard and week 3 easier.


  11. PinkFloydActuary

    I liked the concept and the mini-games, but what’s becoming a disappointing theme for me recently, the first week character (this time Rocky) had an item that I struggled mightily to get and required clams at the end. I do feel I put in the effort (outside of setting alarms), so missing out early kind of ends up deflating my drive for the rest of the event. Feeling OK about getting Ted right now, though 🙂


  12. I managed to get Boxer Lois, but just barely. I didn’t get the stuff I needed to get the stuff I needed. Even common drop things like Steaks didn’t appear often enough.


  13. I would’ve also have picked funny but it says to only pick one and let’s face it it is always expensive…but I love it!!!


  14. i was only 38 pills away from unlocking Ivan Drago 😦


  15. RT, I always liked your polls. As long as i have played the event, I will support and submit! So far, I only sat out one event completely – Power Rangers. Way after my time.

    Agree with all your comments above. Especially about Tinyco willing to listen and give us much more help with Boxer Lois. Her costume was not tough to unlock, so once you do, it becomes much easier to get enough vodkas for Ivan to be KO.

    Boss Character which you have to get enough other currency has always been a love hate component for me. Love it because there is sense of achievement if you can unlock. Hate it because I have to keep scrambling for enough ammo and know that I have to hit it max level several times. Most often, you just need 5 extra other currency, and either you finish off with the next 5x level, which you end up with so much other currency that is not needed, or wait til it expires for next new cycle of 1x. But there is no extra day for me, so no choice.


  16. I did really well with this one. I got everything sans Fight Promoter Cleveland. I fell short by a couple hundred dumbbells. I’m not sure if I could have gotten much closer either. It was a bit too difficult. I ended up spending them on other cool stuff so I wasn’t that upset about it.

    My only real gripe is not having animations for the boxing matches. Also, not really being a big event nor a mini-event.

    I’d give it a solid B.


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