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Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Main Questline: Be Excellent To Each Other

Dudes, look, it’s another Questline post. Awesome!!!

A new event has hit our  games and that brings with it a New Main Questline to help us punch our way through the 3rd Phase. The Main Questline is Be Excellent To Each Other.

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Trench Coat Blues? Unlocking Rufus Poll

Hey there Addicts, as much as I can now Time Travel, I still can’t predict what’s going to happen in this crazy game we all play but I admit I immediately took a sharp intake of breath when I saw what was needed to collect the 22 Trench Coats needed to unlock Rufus. Anyway I was wondering how  players are getting on collecting those Trench coats so I thought I’d throw up a quick poll to see just how everyone is doing.

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Quahog Excellent Adventure 101: Achievement Tasks Phase 4


Let’s dive on into the Achievement Tasks for Phase 4 of the Quahog Excellent Adventure Event, and see what all you will encounter along the way.

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Quahog Excellent Adventure 101: Time Travel Future Playspace

Addicts Phone Home!!! Yes? No? Okay let’s use the Phone Booth to time travel instead then!

With the new Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Phase 4 now live in the game, there is also a lot of new gameplay.

For this Event, much of that resolves around time travelling via the Phone Booth, and this post will cover our fourth and final destination, the Future.

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