Daily Archives: June 23, 2017

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Tomorrow

Update From Alissa: I’ve responded to the question of will there be an Addicts site for Futurama here.

Well actually it’s not tomorrow, it’s the 29th June. Yes, next Thursday will see the official launch of TinyCo’s new game, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow and I thought why don’t we have a little poll to see who plans to bring some cosmic chaos into their lives by playing it.

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Peter’s Prohibition Party Premium Character Profile: Roaring 20’s Brian

Hello there Addicts, it’s time to meet raise your glasses to the roaring 20’s.

Yes with the new Peter’s Prohibition Party event, we’re getting some new Characters Costumes and one of them just happens to be Roaring 20’s Brian.

Let’s throw you some information on what Roaring 20’s Brian can do in our silly lil games.

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Peter’s Prohibition Party Event Character Profile: Johnny

Here’s Johnny!!!

With this new Peter’s Prohibition Party event we are getting some new Characters like Johnny!

Let’s take a look at what Johnny can do in our silly lil games.

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