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Quahog’s Excellent Adventure Character Questline – Leonardo Da Vinci

Whoa Addicts, did anyone else know Stewie was a reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci? I mean just look at those facial similarities, either they share DNA or time travel really does mess with people’s heads.

Anyway Leonardo Da Vinci has come to town and who knows what graffiti he’ll bring to the streets of Quahog.

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To Repair Or Not To Repair? Tehuantl’s Temple Poll

Hey there Addicts, as much as I can now Time Travel, I still can’t predict what’s going to happen in this crazy game we all play, although……. I did say we’d see another timed character this Phase. Anyway after the timed Ted issues I was wondering how many players have started working on unlocking Tehuantl and how many of you are delaying the inevitable? So I thought I’d throw up a quick poll to see just how everyone is playing with regards the new timed character. Personally I repaired the Temple and started working on him straight away when Phase 3 dropped, I was planning to repair his drop buildings first, but then I changed tack and repaired the buildings that dropped for Mayan Warrior Brian first.Why? Well looking at things I felt I needed to get Mayan Warrior Brian clearing Tropical Birds if I wanted to get the 24 Feather Shields needed for unlocking Tehuantl. I guess only time will tell if my swithering and dithering over things will impact me unlocking Tehuantl before the timer counts down. But whatever plan you have, which you can share with us in the comments, I wish you good luck guys.

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Quahog Excellent Adventure 101: Achievement Tasks Phase 3


Let’s dive on into the Achievement Tasks for Phase 3 of the Quahog Excellent Adventure Event, and see what all you will encounter along the way.

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