Speculating With Stewie – FGQFS What’s Next?

Okay, Okay, it’s not really Stewie, it’s me, Russian Tigger, sorry to disappoint you all again and again and again!!! But how else will I get you to read my rambling thoughts?

So another event has reached its final phase as the clock ticks down to the end of Quahog’s Excellent Adventure on the 14th June. And as we move into those last few days I find my mind in Stewie mode as I wonder what will be coming next? How about a break many of you will cry. Well we keep asking and TinyCo keep making us work, work, work. It’s getting to the point we should get paid an hourly rate for playing this game, don’t you think?

So the last few days I’ve been thinking what’s next? And what did I come up with, well a lot of things I can’t admit in public, and very few thoughts I can share with you here, as I think I’ve got a time travelling induced brain freeze.

But I think a little drip of sense leaked out and I thought I’d share it with you. Ok, so we know the Quahog’s Excellent Adventure isΒ finishing on its original end date despite the launch delays, how do we know that, well TinyCo have been highlighting the fact in my game since yesterday.

And the fact it’s going to finish as planned despite the delayed launch, makes me think TinyCo have a new event ready to go that they don’t want to delay. But what is it? Well honestly I’ve no idea. I wondered with it being time sensitive could it be another event with a movie tie-In, but I can’t think of any movies coming out in the coming week or so that they could work into the game, unless Stewie wants to take over the Minion World or go a little Resident Evil, there’s just not s lot going on that way just now.

So I’m thinking we will see a mini-event, but I’ve honestly no idea what the theme might be, so that’s where you guys come in, someone please look into their crystal ball and predict what might be coming please and we can discuss it further in the comments.

Oh and remember this post isn’t a spoiler or teaser of what’s to come, this is just muttering from our FGQFS wish lists.

~ Russian Tigger

24 responses to “Speculating With Stewie – FGQFS What’s Next?

  1. prohibition live on android! you heard it here first folks!


  2. I foresee a Prohibition event, possibly with a custom skin for Brian that costs 250 Freakin’ clams!!!!


  3. i concur with the Mayor West tribute idea


  4. Mini event ideas. Hmm. How about a tie in to Transformers? Don’t think I’ve ever seen that one.
    Would certainly like to have a tribute to Adam West but it wont happen for 2 reasons. One, his news just came in so Tinyco won’t have time to plan something ingenious. Two, he is most famous as Batman. But we already had a DC comics event, and Batman Brian was one of the characters.
    My wish list? I’d like to have X Men based on FG characters for a new event. Or bring back American Dad characters to relieve an old event.


  5. the next one is the bowling event


  6. Does anyone else have problems with the free clams tv? I used to be able to get 7 free clams daily to every other day by watching advertisements and now no longer have that option. Instead its making me download apps and play them or take quizzes and not paying out the promised clams…super annoying. Help!!! I want my advertisements back!!!!


  7. I think the worst part is that that one day would have made a big difference on this last week. Being the hardest, we really needed the full 7 days on it, not 6. I’ll bet most of us could get the rest of the trench coats. I may have to spend around 50 clams if I really want finish Rufus. With all the hard work I’ve already put in, it’ll be hard not to.


    • That was the situation I was in this morning – got a busy day, lots of things going on, dinner with a customer right after work, so this morning, I was down to 46 clams as the buy price for Rufus, after all we’ve had to do in this event, at that point, I just spent the clams, that’s too close to potentially miss him if I can’t get back to the game before the end…


    • I had even less time. I got behind on Week 3 somehow so I couldn’t start Week 4 until Sunday evening.


  8. Oh, and a little tribute to Mayor Adam West would be really good, RIP and Godspeed, Adam West…I grew up in the ’60’s, he was Batman to me, but to re-invent himself and really explore the character as Mayor West was his and Seth’s genius, he will be truly missed…

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  9. “How about a break many of you will cry.”

    Yup, that’s me, give us a break, TinyCo, I’ve got 5 or 6 side quest lines to complete because the characters/costumes were needed for event-related tasks, this one was complicated, which is fine, but give us a little time to breath and finish some tasks…

    Like you, I’m pretty sure that, whatever it may be, it’s scheduled to launch as they want (IMHO) to get back to the Thursday launch/Wednesday end schedule that got skewed on this event…


  10. they added the clam TV thing back in the game today but the single clam for watching an ad is blacked out and only the offers tab is highlighted which most people myself included will never do. any idea why the normal single ad watching is not an option?

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  11. What’s next? Hmm… perhaps.. uninstalling the game?.. Although I am still a fan of the game. There are so many things (many? most? all?) of us keep seeing be repeated over and over again.

    The (sometimes too) high price of clams for many things in the store for starters.

    Mystery boxes – usually they contain too many useless materials that repeat ad infinitum.

    The delayed launches of events with events STILL ending on their original date regardless. It is good they are fixing the event before release but to still end it on the same date as originally planned is not right. A day or two behind in release date means most of us will still be a day or two behind when the event ends (right on time). If they have to end it on a certain date, why not do something like lower the number of items needed to unlock things, to fit into that shorter time frame? I won’t blame them for releasing it late occasionally, it is just that many of us are (rightly) worried about the shorter time frame we are bound to get for the event.

    The timers on so many things which makes it impossible to obtain them (unless you play 24 hours a day or spend a fortune on clams) if you accidentally set it off too early. Though that is why I ALWAYS read the FAQ first or use this Addicts site. πŸ˜€

    Items in the game simply not dropping at all (no matter how many times we collect) and when they are queried about it, their response is usually “they are dropping as intended”… as intended? Really? Even though we have not missed one potential drop? πŸ€”

    The difficulty of some events. I think they do realise just how difficult things are sometimes because when I come on here, I sometimes hear people say “awesome! they just gave me extra X of something”. They seem to only do this when they realise just how hard they have actually made it. It is good that players are being assisted so they are not left behind. What about the rest of us though, the ones who actually PAID to get that extra X of something? We were forced to because they made it too hard, right?

    I could go on about a few other things (I know we all could right? πŸ‘) but I just wanted to list a few examples (not every single one) of them. I realise that they are only human and mistakes / mishaps / things that were not intended; can happen easily. Although the regularity of them occuring is what I am getting at. Some of these seem to happen too frequently. Why? This is not (really) a complaint from me. This is an observation, something that I see MANY people mention on here a LOT of the time. This is a question of “why” do these things occur so regularly?

    So that’s why I think that “what’s next” or “coming up” in game is just people just having their fill of it and disappearing from this (also frequently) great game forever. πŸ˜”


  12. I foresee me deleting this game and just dropping the frustration. You are correct, it’s not a game any longer, it’s work. People setting alarms to remember when to log in and check character tasks, by golly, if we all put forth a quarter of the effort in our real jobs we do on this game, we just might rule the world!!

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  13. Sorry probably not quite what you were after but I’m a freeium (?) player. I’ve not even got to the last week of bill and teds adventure. Mayan adventure 7 hasn’t arrived in my game for the last day so no hope of moving on. So for me impossible to get anywhere. Such a shame I would have liked to see the final week.
    Clearly the next event has to be room 101. Where those prepared to spend a load can get some great stuff and those that spend little to less that 100 clams get nothing and are cast out much like the show?


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