Do I Want That? Pizzazza Hotel

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?



Now hold on there a minute. Are you SURE you want that? With all these cool Peter’s Prohibition Party Limited Time Event Items in the game, it is very easy to get carried away. Before you know it, Clamshell Shock! All gone!

So before you go ahead and buy the Pizzazzi Hotel with your hard-earned Clams, here are a few things you might want to know about it.

Building: Pizzazzi Hotel
Clam Price: 250 Clam IconClams
Size: 6 x 7
Unique: Yes


  • Drops 1 of the event main currency, Martini, every 6 hours.
  • Drop is “Always”.
  • No need to collect as many Martinis from other Tasks
  •  Fantastic looking building
Payout  Time Drops
6 hrs 1 Martini 


  • Freakin 250 CLAMS!! Ouch
  • Not used by Characters
  • Won’t be useful after the Event


I wanted to give you an overall idea of how it COULD benefit your game play. Here is a breakdown to give you an idea. I’m basing the math obviously on you collecting 3 times a day. But if you plan to disrupt your sleep you can do 4 collections and that would allow you to get a maximum of 28 Martinis for this Chapter.

  •  Martini every 6hrs  x the 3 collections a day = 3 Martinis a day x 7 days (as from 6/21) = 21  Martinis for the remainder of the Event

And of course here’s all the places you can get Martini BESIDES this Premium Iten. This is just as of now.

 Martini: Curing Hangovers (chance drop) OR Vaudeville Guy

Final Thought:

Personally, I never tend to buy premium buildings/decorations, but this is a nice looking building, if we could only build stable towns it will look very good on display.  Also if you’re a big fan of the content in this event, this will give you a massive hands up on getting it all before the end of the event.  You’re guaranteed drops of Martini up to 4 times a day, which will help you purchase the items needed to unlock Roaring 20’s Stewie & Vaudeville Guy quicker, With only a little over 6 days left to unlock them before they disappear, then you can see how it’s tempting. Of course another way to get the Martini would be to spend those clams on the premium character costume, Flapper Bonnie, she drops 1 Hangover Cure every 4 hours, so that’s up to 6 Hangover Cures a day, that gives you a shot at clearing up to 6 more Hangovers every day, which of course have a chance drop of 2X Martini. But for me if you’ve got the clams and think you need some premium help, this building looks better than the Flapper Bonnie character costume so I’d buy this over a character costume for once. That’s just my opinion though!

With it being part of a Limited Time Event, just make sure you make up your mind as once the event is over it is most likely they will be gone. In the end it’s your call.  What you buy and what you don’t buy is your own personal choice we can only guide you on the facts and let you know what we did and what we think.  But don’t purchase it until YOU are sure. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

~ Russian Tigger


One response to “Do I Want That? Pizzazza Hotel

  1. Love the look, just not the price …


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