Peter’s Prohibition Party Main Questline: Booze Hounding

Dudes, look, it’s another chapter, I mean Questline.

A new event has hit our  games and that brings with it a New Main Questline to help us punch our way through Chapter 1.. The Main Questline is Booze Hounding.

Let’s take a look at all you will encounter along the way. 

But before I start, I just wanted remind you this is the main Questline for Chapter 2, which is the final Chapter of this event, completing it is optional as there is no necessity or reward for doing so. I’m at Pt. 8 but can’t say if that’s it as I’m still working on unlocking Roaring 20’s Stewie, anyone who’s unlocked him, feel free to share the task time etc in the comments.

Booze Hounding Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Learn About Chapter 2: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Build Buxom Bessie’s Burlesque Theatre: You’ll find this item in your Shopping Cart, it costs $1000 
View Vaudeville Guy’s Wishlist: Tap on Vaudeville Guy outside the Buxom Bessie’s Burlesque Theatre and click on his contract to see the full Wishlist

Completed Task Rewards: $200 & 500xp 

***Triggers Vaudevilles Dead – Vaudeville Guy Unlock Questline***

Booze Hounding Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Learn About Hangovers: Tap on “GO”, to learn more
Earn 1 Hangover Cure: Send Chris OR Herbert OR Flapper Bonnie OR Vaudeville Guy until you collect 1 Hangover Cure
Cure 1 Hangover: Cure either Lois OR Jerome OR Quagmire of their hangover, this will require 1 Hangover Cure

Completed Task Rewards: $200 & 500xp 

***Triggers just Dandy –  Roaring 20’s Stewie Unlock Questline***
***Triggers Over A Whiskey Barrel – Side Questline***
***Triggers Surefire Cure – Side Questline***


Booze Hounding Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Have Joe Grab An Axe: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Smash 2 Whiskey Barrels: Use 2 Axes to clear 2 Whiskey Barrels
Place The All That Jazz Club: Costs 2 Martinis

Completed Task Rewards: $500 & 1000xp 


Booze Hounding Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Cure 4 Hangovers: Cure Lois OR Jerome OR Quagmire of their hangovers, this will require 4 Hangover Cures
Place Shirley’s Salon: Costs 12 Martinis

Completed Task Rewards: $500 & 1000xp 


Booze Hounding Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Place Wilson’s Garage: Costs 14 Martinis
Have Quagmire Mix Drinks: 1hr, Earns $25 & 12xp

Completed Task Rewards: $600 & 1200xp


Booze Hounding Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Place Not A Speakeasy Speakeasy: Costs 12 Martinis 
Smash 6 Whiskey Barrels: Use 6 Axes to clear 6 Whiskey Barrels

Completed Task Rewards: $650 & 1300xp


Booze Hounding Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Have Vaudeville Guy Make A Pill Cocktail: 4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp & 1 Hangover Cure
Have Jerome Host Happy Hour: 2hrs, Earns $30 & 20xp
Place Pumphouse Gym: Costs 18 Martinis 

Completed Task Rewards: $700 & 1200xp


Booze Hounding Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Place Roaring 20’s Stewie Do The Charleston: 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45xp
Have Lois Teach Piano: 4hrs, Earns $50 & 30xp
Place The Moonshine Car: Costs 12 Martinis

Completed Task Rewards: $850 & 1700xp


Booze Hounding Pt. 9
Peter Starts

Place Roaring 20’s Stewie Hit The Bottle: 10hrs, Earns $90 & 59xp
Have Vaudeville Guy Dance On His Grave: 8hrs, Earns $80 & 50xp
Place The Dancing Dandy: Costs 16 Martinis

Completed Task Rewards: $?? & ??xp

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along Chapter 2 of Peter’s Prohibition Party Event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


23 responses to “Peter’s Prohibition Party Main Questline: Booze Hounding

  1. The drop rates have been horrible to get Stewie. I have everything else besides those pamphlet looking things. It’s very frustrating.


  2. The more I play this game, the more I’m convinced South Park was right about it.


  3. Less than a day to go and I need 8 face creams and 9 passwords. I’m optimistic about the face creams…not so much the passwords. Gonna have to see what the clan cost will be to make up for it, hate to get this close with no result.


  4. This event really is unbelievable. When you have Vaudeville Guy and everything needed for Roaring 20s Stewie but passwords, and you are not even halfway done with the passwords, something is seriously wrong with the drop rates!


  5. Only about 31 hours remaining and I only have 1/3 of the Passwords needed.

    It’s already been beyond frustrating how little Stewie is used for events but it’s worse when his costumes seem to continually be premium or difficult to get. I believe this is his 24th costume and I only have 11 of them. At least 13 were premium outright or through mystery box chance and 2 were leaderboard prizes.


  6. Part 9—

    Have Vaudeville Guy Dance on His Grave (8 hours)
    Have Roaring 20s Stewie Hit the Bottle (10 hours)
    Place the Dancing Daddy


  7. Even by TC’s recent standards, this event is seriously mean. I have achieved no characters or costumes – not even close – and I’m a pretty consistent player. Just a few worthless buildings and decos. It’s hard to know why I keep playing. I have all the Tan Lines offers, and apart from a couple of ‘spare’ characters (none of which will complete a set) I have all the regular characters. The only reward for playing now is to get some sense of achievement, which has been impossible for me in the last two events, and some of the other recent ones. I don’t understand TC’s strategy here. Are they deliberately trying to piss us off so they can shut down the game? My current plan is to play a few events without much optimism, and collect maybe 1500 clams, so I can then do an event at Premium.

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  8. Just putting it out there to see if you’ve others mention this (or if it’s a Known Issue not listed in the in-game Help section), before I email TinyCo.
    I have both Johnny and Vaudeville Guy, but Johnny is greyed out in FaceSpace, meaning I’m not getting the 10 clams for the collection. Also: when I select Johnny in FaceSpace, he hasn’t posted anything ever. I definitely have him, though – he’s performing tasks and all: he’s twirling his moustache as I type this.

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  9. Unlocked the Vaudeville Guy a couple of days ago, which was a surprise as the previous time I looked at his wish list there was still lots to do. No chance with 20s Stewie though; the passwords now being the worst problem – only have 12/32 of those. Also having issues with 16/28 hair cream and 10/16 jazz records.


  10. yeah not even close to unlocking 20’s stewie due to i only have 8 out of 32 hair dressing cream and 9 out of 32 passwords… and for every coffee drop i dont get any martini’s so only got to building 3 just going to finish off the missions from the time machine event to clear up some space… just hoping the next event isnt as tedious as a 2 week event 😉

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  11. I still don’t have Stewie, so I’m unlikely to finish it all. (But I managed to get Brian before Excellent Adventures was over, so who knows.) The coffee and martini drops in particular are awful, but I’ve managed to get up to the Pumphouse gym without any clams. It is pretty annoying though.


  12. I should have no problem getting the vaudevillian guy ( only need to cure 3 more hangovers and get the last building for him), but Stewie is gonna be a challenge since I only have like 1/3 of the passwords I need for him. The other collections are about on schedule at least.


  13. i missed week 1 for this event due to being on holiday. so i half-heartedly started this event just as week 2 hit thinking id get nowhere… but it seems even players from week 1 are in a just as bad, if not worse, position than i am.

    i’ve found drops are really poor; especially the coffee, records, and make-up. reckon ive got no chance at ‘vaudeville guy’ (surely he’s got a name?) and even 20’s stewie is looking unattainable in the few days left.
    lois is constantly hungover, a few times i’ve hit her with coffee and before she’s even left my road area (to get back to the house so i can FINALLY clear her task and see if she’s got a record for me) she’s back hungover and im screwed for at least another 8hrs (because im averaging 1 coffee pot in from 4 collections). i’ve tried a few diff ways to try and get her back to the house quicker (moving the house, moving the road area, focusing on her and watching her to make sure she makes it home safely) but in 4 days i’ve only managed to clear her task twice (she didnt drop anything those times either!).

    after the Bill & Ted event was so wonderfully done this feels like 10 steps back. maybe they’ve only put this event out to occupy users so they can focus on their new Futurama game?

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  14. This is the worst event. Period. And I’ve been playing this game for years. I guess I need the break from the action. I’ve stopped caring about trying to really succeed in this one. Its impossible to get anywhere without a big clam spend. The drop rates are beyond terrible. Today is the first day that any of the buildings for part 2 have dropped anything… literally. Hopefully the next event will be better. I really enjoyed the Bill & Ted event. I was hoping that was signaling a move in the right direction. Still a great game though. I havent done a rant on here before, and it was my turn. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  15. im up to part 7 which requires 20’s stewie who i’m still working on ..


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