Family Game Main Questline: Frenemy Feud

Hey <insert name> … COME ON DOWN… you are the next Contestant on Bunny’s Mad House!!!

I wonder… if I change my name to Insert Name Here… how many cool things I could claim. Hmmmmm?

The New Event of a Game within a Game within a Game within MADNESS has dropped into our Quahogs. That means there is a Main Questline for the Event. Now with this being a very short Mini Event, there is not a need so much to fully complete it. But, just in case you want to know what all happens, I will list the steps for Frenemy Feud.

Let’s take a look at the Main Questline and all you will encounter along the way. 


Keep in mind some of the Tasks & Drops will NOT show up until triggered via Questline and/or Characters


Frenemy Feud Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Learn About the Event: Tap on GO to see the details
Contestants are in Quahog!: Tap on GO to see the details
Place the Wheel of Prizes: $200 & instant build

Completed Task Rewards: 20 & 5 Giant Checks & 1 Wheel Ticket

***Host with the Most triggers (Game Show Peter Questline)***


Frenemy Feud Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Learn About the Prize Wheel: Tap on GO to see their details
Earn 1 Wheel Ticket
: Lois Buy Tickets OR Chris Spin Till He Pukes OR Big Money Mystery Box OR Game Show Peter Spin Too Hard OR Game Show Cleveland Flatter Contestants
Spin the Wheel Once: Requires 1 Wheel Ticket, Tap on the Wheel of Prizes to open Pop Up screen to spin the wheel

Completed Task Rewards: 30 & 5 Giant Checks 


Frenemy Feud Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Place the Hook Up Game Set w/ Al Harrington: Cost~ 25 Giant Checks
Win a Mystery Prize on the Wheel
: Requires 1 Wheel Ticket per spin, Win any denomination of Mystery Prizes by Spinning the Wheel to clear this
Clear 1 Contestant: Requires 1 Mystery Prize Each 

Completed Task Rewards: 40 & 8 Giant Checks 

***If All Else Fails triggers (Al Harrington Questline)***


Frenemy Feud Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Place the Bollywood Cubes Set: Cost~ 100 Giant Checks
Have Herbert Watch TV Game Shows
: 3hrs, $45 & 28xp

Completed Task Rewards: 30 & 4 Giant Checks 


Frenemy Feud Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Clear 5 Contestants: Requires 1 Mystery Prize Each 
Place the Peril! Set: Cost~ 125 Giant Checks

Completed Task Rewards: 50 & 6 Giant Checks 


Frenemy Feud Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Spin the Wheel 4 Times: Requires 1 Wheel Ticket Each
Have Quagmire Reject Peter’s Calls: 2hrs, $30 & 20xp
Place the Prize Showcase: Cost~ 60 Giant Checks

Completed Task Rewards: 60 & 5 Giant Checks 


Frenemy Feud Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Have Game Show Peter Show Off His Spin: 6hrs, 45xp
Place the Stabbed in the Butt Set
: Cost~ 175 Giant Checks

Completed Task Rewards: 70 & 2 Giant Checks 


Frenemy Feud Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Clear 10 Contestants: Requires 1 Mystery Prize each
Place the Circle of Prosperity Board
: Cost~ 200 Giant Checks

Have Al Harrington Wave Wackily: 6hrs, 45xp

Completed Task Rewards: 50


There you have it, the Main Questline for The Family Game Event for … the Family Guy Game. Lol.

What do you think so far? Where is your current progress? Tips to help fellow Players? Are you going to attempt to finish it? Let us know.



41 responses to “Family Game Main Questline: Frenemy Feud

  1. This is going to be too WTD, but it’s frustrating. There’s not much to this mini event but I’m sorry to say it’s still earning a low grade from me yet again. I’ve opened and re-tasked as soon the timers end the whole week and I’m still well short on dvds. All of their events have turned into ‘luck of the drop’ now and if you don’t have any luck you’re screwed. I’ve gotten so few mystery prizes since tickets are slow to gather and I’ve rarely landed on anything but checks and 1 prize. Are we supposed to believe that these spinning wheel things aren’t ‘fixed’ because we see items on the wheel? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spun Spin ‘n Win and not hit a jackpot once. I’ve used clams on a few of the jackpots for nothing. There are only 8 spots on the wheel! Talk about weighted for the House. So yeah, they can go ahead and make jokes about complaints but not change anything for the better…


  2. I’ll have this finished today. Got my last tube man for Al Harrington and have sent him on his task for the main questline. Overall, pretty easy mini event I thought, one new character and a new costume with minimal effort! My only gripe is that both wheels in the game hate me as Ive had lots of spins on both with no jackpots 😦


  3. I got Gameshow Peter solely because he can drop giant checks and the tickets for the wheel. He’s been pretty helpful, but those prize boxes are not coming my way for the contestants. When I do get any boxes, none of the damn contestants drop DVD’S. I AM SCREAMING.

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  4. Finally managed to hit the 6 Mystery Prizes on the wheel after grinding and only getting one at a time between spins of checks and what happens? One DVD out of six tries. Sucks the wind right out of the sails. Really hate these chance drops, for a chance spin, for a chance to get a needed item. I’d prefer needing a whole bunch of an always drop item. At least then you know what you need to do. Tried expressing that in the survey that kept crashing. Oy vey.

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  5. I think I’m still gonna go for Peter as he drops wheel tickets. I’m not doing well enough on the DVDs right now to go for Al instead at this point. But I’m not continuing with the questline as I’m on Pt. 6 where they want you to buy a deco that doesn’t drop anything.


  6. I went after Peter first and if I make it to Al that’s fine, but I’m kind of a building collector sort more than a character one. As $100,000 Pyramid was one of my all-time favorite game shows growing up, I’m actually saving my giant checks at this point to buy the $100 Triangle set. Yeah, that probably goes against what everyone else does, but if the point of the game is to enjoy yourself, then I figure why not focus on the parts of the game that make me happy?


    • Good to hear a different view. Good luck with the collecting


      • I kind of a coin collector. With 70 million coins, I wish I had something good to do with these useless coins. Maybe but some more land, Koolaid Man, or a Mystery Box that operates on 1 million coins — instead of just clams.


  7. will have peters new skin next collect then still have a few days to get Al Harrington.


  8. AnotherNewbieThanksYou

    Just unlocked Peter’s outfit, can’t see this anywhere on the site yet so hopefully it will be helpful….
    Peter’s tasks and rewards:
    pimp prizes – 2hrs – Giant Checks
    spin too hard – 3hrs – multiple
    host a party – 4hrs – Giant Checks
    critique contestants – 6hrs – Giant Checks
    show off his spin – 6hrs – multiple
    get caught up – 8hrs – Giant Checks
    So far i’ve only had him do the 3hr task and he’s dropped tokens for spinning the wheel both times, he’s now on the 8hr task as part of his own questline.
    With comments about skipping his costume, he may prove helpful in getting extra cheques to get the other two characters, and of course finish the main questline.
    I play totally freemium, and you site is a goldmine of info for new and old players, i don’t think i would get as far in the game as i have done if it were’nt for the insight you provide.
    Thanks to you and to the many posters who share the info, we all appreciate it!


  9. im also at part 5 but i already got all the rings for peter so im saving my checks for Al and Jim


  10. That is sound advice. I wish I would have seen it earlier. I unlocked the Peter skin already. If they put the spins back to one, I might have a slim chance of getting both. If not, I will probably have to settle for one.


  11. It this mini-event not available for Facebook players ? I still don’t see it on my game, and the TQFS Facebook page doesn’t mention anything. Oh well, I wished so much for a small break between events, now I’ve got it !
    That’ll leave me some time to unlock Mr. Weed. 🙂


  12. I can’t find Jim Kaplan. Got the pop up that he was available for how ever many checks, but can’t find him. I’ve looked under all categories in the store, no dice. Where do you see him?


  13. I’m on stage 5 and have been slowed because I haven’t been successful getting mystery boxes. I did get 4 today but still need one more to progress to stage 6. The only other prize box I had was the one needed earlier in the questline.

    Depending how the big checks come in I might try to keep them for Al Harrington and Jim Kaplan. Prefer new characters over another skin for Peter.

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    • I think that’s a good plan, I’m going for Al first, new character over costume every time.


      • I don’t usually disagree with RT’s playing strategy, but if you do the math, getting Peter’s skin is a good play if you can do it today. I got it last night and figure between the big checks he earns and the extra chance at the wheel ticket every three hours, it will generate more than the 300 big checks spent to get his costume (75 each day for four days). I agree by tomorrow the math won’t be advantageous and I would save them for Al. I have Jim Kaplan so he is not in play for me.


        • I’ve Jim already also, I’ve just unlocked Al, and will now just work on Game Show Peter. But the players who are ignoring Game Show Peter want to get Jim Kaplan, and I can understand there hesitance in using Giant Checks for a costume when Jim Kaplan on his own costs a mighty 800 Giant Checks. Its a shame they made him cost so much. I think what probably makes decision easier is Peter has so many costumes he never uses as he’s constantly used in events. Poor Peter, never gets a break, bit like us players. 😃

          Thanks for sharing an alternative strategy!


  14. Thanks for the info – as usual, no incentive to finish the main quest, especially when so many checks are needed to get Al.


  15. If Jim Kaplan is a full playable character, he seems easier to get than Al Harrington. Would it be a better strategy to skip the quest line and buildings and just hoard certificates for him?


    • Yup, I agree. Only spend Big Checks on essentials, forget the Questline. And maybe even Peter’s costume, as Jim Kaplan is a full character.


    • I got Jim in the “Best of 2016” event, so I’m playing this one completely backwards – get Al, try for the Peter costume, then, if time allows, finish the questline. I’m saving all my checks for Al at this point – I get the costume, great, but no big deal if I don’t…as far as the questline and the non-dropping buildings and decos, meh…


  16. Is Jim Kaplan a full playable character or just a deco?


  17. Is the wheel 1 ticket or 2?!? The first day it charged me 2 tickets per spin. Yesterday it went to 1 per spin. Today it is back at 2 ticket? Any idea what is going on? 2 tickets is hard. You can only have two characters working for tickets and usually only 1 gets the ticket per task cycle.


    • It’s 2 Wheel Tickets per spin I’m afraid. The short period where it changed to 1 was a mistake at TinyCo’s side I’m afraid.


  18. HELP.

    I keep putting my people on task. An hour later I come back and I need to put the same people on task. So not saving. HELP


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