Jim’s Back! Back Again

Attention Addicts!!! This is an announcements to warn you the ultimate con is back on.

Yes the master of all con men has returned to our Quahog’s. You know who I mean, it’s the guy who’s more about scams than clams, the only and only truly original Jim Kaplan.

Jim Kaplan was a new Character added during the Best of 2016 event, but after a break he’s back to hustle us some more, as you can now buy him in your Store for 800 Giant Checks. (It’s a lot for sure, but he was also a very tough unlock on his original outing in the game).

Therefore help you decide if he’s worth all those Giant Checks, here’s all the Addicts info on him. Just click on any of the links before to read all our previous on Jim Kaplan. I already have him, but my advice for this event grab him if you can as his animated tasks are a hoot.

Jim Kaplan Profile

Jim Kaplan Questline

Jim Kaplan Where The Hell?

And there you have it, the complete Addicts breakdown for Jim Kaplan.

What do you think of Jim Kaplan? do you plan to get him this time round If you’ve got him, what do you think of his tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!

~Russian Tigger




15 responses to “Jim’s Back! Back Again

  1. I’m waiting …I need boxes from spins to get 2 more record thing for Al and don’t think have enough spare tickets.. so if i get the things for Al I’ll spend on him If not I’ll spend all on Jim 🙂 I don’t think have enough for both but I’ll keep saving for rest of day and work out last minute I can push it to lol


  2. Got Al Harrington on Sunday morning (GMT) and it took ’til Tuesday noon to get loanshark/insurance salesman/tattoo artist Jim Kaplan. (Freemium)

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  3. Just so I know if its mission impossible for me to get Jim with about 1 day and 8 hours to go, but with 196 tickets so far. I just got Al, and currently sending everyone on 2 hr, 3 hr, and 6 hr tasks depending on who it is. Does anyone roughly know how many tickets each of this duration fetches? Also helps me to think about if I need to speed up occasionally with clams. I do know I can tell if I just collect one round of each but sometimes I get caught up in trying to quickly send these guys for another round that I did not pay attention. Or I’m just lazy 😦


    • Hi the drops of Giant Checks for the tasks by time are as follows: 2hrs drops 2, 3hrs drops 4, 4hrs drops 6, 6hrs drops 8, 8hrs drops 9 and 10hrs drops 10. I think the 4hrs for 6 is the way get most per day. Then use longer task overnight


      • RT, thanks for the info, and tips! With a day left to go, I have about 300 tickets. Will follow your advice, and go for 6 hours overnight, then its off to 4 hours for 6 drops. But will need to rush a few tasks with clams. Going to go down to the wire though!

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  4. Can anyone who already has Jim Caplan confirm or deny if he also drops giant checks?


  5. I do not have him in my store, but I have the checks to buy him if he ever shows up!


    • The other players who didn’t see him in store actually discovered they already had hi from The Best of event, so check your FaceSpace, Tan Lines etc. if no sign message TinyCo.


  6. I’m sure Jim is based on Stan in the Monkey Island games….


  7. i wouldn’t say it’s 400 tickets a day but i’m only 200 away from Jim (i chose to get him before Al Harrington bcz any missing tickets for Al i can pay clams for , but i can’t buy tickets for Jim) … earlier i got Peter and placed all the buildings … so hopefully tonight i’ll get Jim and i’ll have 2 full days to re-earn tickets for Al (he’s using his wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man to make me unlock him after i got all the other items but i’m still resisting)


  8. I’m so happy with this event, at first I thought it was impossible to get even one character! But just past half way of the event, I’ve got al Harrington, GameShow Cleveland and Jim Kaplan with only having to spend 10 dollars! I earn about 400 tickets a day from- Jerome Buying Blings, Peter buying rings, Bonnie doing karaoke, mort attracting customers, any of the gameshow cleveland tasks, Joe dress to impress, quagmire getting choked, Lois buying tickets, Chris spinning until he pukes and pretty much collecting from all of the buildings! Hope this helped 🙂


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