Fast Times at Griffin High 101: Gym Class Mystery Box

Time to pull those stiff as a board and smells like… who know what… pants out of the locker. It’s Gym Time!

Phase 2 of the Fast Times at Griffin High Event has dropped into our silly games and with it a Gym Class Mystery Box full of tempting items.

Let’s take a look at the Gym Class Mystery Box and the tempting offers inside.

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE



150 Clams PER TRY. That means it may take you one try to get what you want or it may take you 10… no matter what, you still will have to pay 150 Clams each time you want to “spin the wheel” in the Mystery Box to see what Prizes you are rewarded.



You can find it in your Shopping Cart. Go to the Event tab, and there you will see the Mystery Box listed.

Tap on the 150 Clams Cost Icon below it and the Mystery Box Pop Up will appear.



As it takes a few steps to get there, as well as a WARNING POP UP asking you if you are SURE that you want to spend your Clams for a try that you have to accept… accidentally spending money on the Mystery Box is nearly impossible.

Whether you just open the Mystery Box and tap BUY. Or already took a turn and want to try again by tapping RETRY. You will be asked if you are SURE you want to use your 150 Clams



Once you have either tapped on the Mystery Box in the Shopping Cart you will see the Gym Class Mystery Box Pop Up Appear.

Down towards the Bottom, you will see two buttons.

BUY: Tap on this Yellow/Orange Button to pay 150 Clams for a try in the Mystery Box

PRIZES: Tap on this Green Button to see what current Prizes are inside the Mystery Box for you, from there you can scroll left and right to see all that is available


Here is a quick list of the Prizes inside…

One Time Items

  • Tai Fraiser (Character)
  • 155 Clams
  • 25 Towels


  • 26 Dodgeballs
  • 7 Hall Passes
  • 19 Radioactive Cheese 
  • 50 Hamster Wheels



To give you a better idea, here is the rundown of the items inside of the Gym Class Mystery Box and what they can do/help with.

One Time Items

Tai Fraiser (Character): She comes fully Tasked, with a Questline, She IS Voiced, She has multiple Tasks to help with drops…
3hrs: Drops 1     Football
4hrs: Drops 1 Protein Powder

4hrs: Drops 1 Varsity Jacket

4hrs: Drops 1 Gym Shorts

8hrs: Drops 1 Fake ID

Her Tasks all dropped at ALWAYS rate (except Protein Powder, but having TinyCo resolve that one)

155 Clams: We all know what these are. Who doesn’t want Clams?

25 Towels: These Materials are used to Create Rat-Tails in the Griffin High Gym




26 Dodgeballs: These Materials are used in the Security Desk to Exchange for Hall Passes

7 Hall Passes: These Materials are used in the Trophy Case to Exchange for Buildings & Decorations

19 Radioactive Cheese: These Materials are used in the Griffin High Gym to Create Hamster Traps

50 Hamster Wheels: These Materials are used in the Security Desk to Exchange for Hall Passes



For the first time in a while, I got what I wanted on my FIRST TRY!! Lol.

Tai Fraiser

For my senility and mind sake, I did give it a few more whirls and got the following after Tai Frasier.

x25 Towels
x50 Hamster Wheels
x7 Hall Passes
155 Clams

At this point I stopped.


There you have it, a look at the Gym Class Mystery Box and the items inside.

Did you splurge and take a chance at the Mystery Box? If so, what kind of results did you get in your game? Like the Prizes you got? Have a favorite? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.



6 responses to “Fast Times at Griffin High 101: Gym Class Mystery Box

  1. I decided it was worth trying once to get tai (after my initial annoyance at her being a mystery box prize) and I got cheese which wasn’t useful to me at all. I decided to try one more time the next day because I really, really wanted tai in my game and I got the 155 clams. I figured I may as well have one more try with the clams I had just won and I got her!! 😀
    I do hate it when a character I want is in a mystery box though, I happily pay for premium characters I want but to roll the dice on a mystery box is almost never worth it to me. I feel like they should make more money from just selling the characters outright but I guess there must be a lot more people than I would expect out there willing to drop big bucks to get that prize they want!


  2. I also tried no luck
    600 clams all have been collecting from watching videos
    I think we should get her for free


  3. I tried 3 times. 450 clams. Got hampster wheels ALL 3 TIMES!! Biggest middle finger I could possibly get from the mystery box. I’m speechless.


  4. I was hoping for Tai and I was feeling lucky (didn’t I warn myself about that?!? LOL!), so I gave it one try – 7 Hall Passes…oh, well…


  5. I had maybe four or five tries to get Tal Frasier and failed. So that’s 600-750 clams for less useful things. Got many cheeses and towels and red balls, but they convert slowly, so that left a real bitter taste for me. What a rip-off!! Same as the daily free spin that NEVER has given a jackpot. What is the point of that?


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