Guys In Black Quahog 2017

Here Comes The Men In Black!

Hey there Aliens! It looks like some ugly bugs have crash landed into our lil Quahog, may be on their way to begin the probing process now, may even be wearing a Quagmire Suit as we speak. Giggity!


Here is where you can find the links to the posts as we put them live on the site. Keep checking back as we will update as more information goes live.



Event is LIVE! Phase 1
Phase 1 FAQ Only
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4



Phase 1 Main Questline: The New Black
Agent Pee: Quack in Black
Agent Zed: A to Zed
The Worms: Worming Their Way Out
Phase 2 Main Questline: Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers
Frank the Dog: Doggy Style
Spacewoman Lois: Spacewomen are from Venus
Edgar the Bug: Bug Out
Jarra Joe: Unidentified Flying Officer
Phase 3 Main Questline: Savior of the Suburbs
God: For the Love of God
Flash God: Lord and Savior of the Universe
Hawkman Chris: Like a Hawk
Flash Gordon: Flash Back
Phase 4 Main Questline: The Day Quahog Stood Still
Jack Jeebs: Pawn Czars
Arquillian Stewie: Little Grey Boy
Scrad Quagmire: Two Heads Together
Ming the Merciless: No Mercy




Agent Pee
Agent Zed
The Worms
Frank the Pug
Spacewoman Lois
Edgar the Bug
Jarra Joe

Flash Gordon

Flash God
Hawkman Chris
Jack Jeebs
Arquillian Stewie
Scrad Quagmire
Ming the Merciless



Characters & Buildings Drops
Glitches/Issues: Can’t Link Game, Missing Warrant Tasks, Workers Busy
Alien Squid
Edgar the Bug
Do I want that?: Agent Zed, Great Attractors Ball, Secret Weapons Room, Worm Statue
Men In Black HQ: Craft Buildings and Decorations
Jeeb’s Pawn Shop: Material Exchange
Intergalactic Mystery Box: Jarra Joe, Alien Fish Tank, MiB Turbo Car
Boris the Animal
Do I Want That?: Frank the Pug & Frank’s Statue
Jeeb’s Pawn Shop: Phase 2
Men In Black HQ: Phase 2
Characters & Buildings Drops: Phase 2
Do I Want That?: Flash God, Mongo Sword Display & Flash Gordon Statue
Alien Reptiles
Characters & Buildings Drops: Phase 3
Space Bats
Ming the Merciless
Men In Black HQ: Phase 3
Do I Want That?: Jack Jeebs & Agent Pee Statue
Characters & Buildings Drops: Phase 4
Men In Black HQ: Phase 4
Jeeb’s Pawn Shop: Phase 4
Serleena Battle
Giant Beetles
Space Cases Mystery Box: Arquillian Stewie & Serleena’s Spaceship
Glitch: Config empty for id spinnerBuilding in Buildings
Back in Black Mystery Box: Jarra Joe, Frank the Pug, Agent Zed, Flash God, World Expo Towers, Mikey the Alien, Alien Squid



Russian Tigger’s “Addicts Leaderboard”
Russian Tigger’s “Addicts Leaderboard” Take 2
Glitch Post: Android Update Lockout
Russian Tigger’s “Addicts Leaderboard” Take 3