Guys In Black 101: Jeeb’s Pawn Shop Phase 4

Are We There Yet?

The Last Phase of the Guys In Black Event dropped is in our Quahog’s. That means the final set of Materials you can collect and Exchange for items you will need to progress in the game. These are the items that can be Exchanged during Phase 4 at Jeeb’s Pawn Shop along with all that is going on inside.

Let’s take a peek at the last of the Exchange options available. 

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE



In the Event Area of your game, you will see on the upper left side a Tall Green Glowing Building. This is Jeeb’s Pawn Shop. This location is where you will be able to EXCHANGE one Material you earn for another you will need during the Event.



These are the final Materials you can exchange in Jeeb’s Pawn Shop for Neuralyzers… or even swap those for Arrest Warrants if you need them more.

Galaxy Marbles (Uncommon): Clear Ballchinians OR Clear Alien Squids OR Worms Statue

Arc Net Shields: Clear Weasels OR Frank the Pug Statue OR Intergalactic Mystery Box

Power Rings (Rare): Clear Space Bats OR Clear Alien Reptiles OR Flash Gordon Statue

Light Charms (Always): Clear Giant Beetle OR Fight Serleena OR Clear Serleena OR Agent Pee Statue OR Make Jack Jeeb’s Lose His Head


Used to Exchange for Arrest Warrants…

Neuralyzers: Intergalactic Mystery Box OR Jeebs Pawn Shop Exchange OR Space Cases Mystery Box



Neuralyzers. These are the main item you will need throughout the Event, so it is a good idea to stock up on them whenever possible. They will be used to Create/Unlock items in Men In Black Headquarters.



For the Final Phase 4, here is a list of denominations I saw for the Exchanges as I progressed through the Event. These are random, in no particular order, and will vary by Player on what you will see. This should however give you an overall idea of what numbers of Materials you may need to acquire to progress in last of the Event. (Some of these options did repeat a few times so far.)

7 Light Charms &  20 Power Rings & 66 Arc Net Shields &  43 Galaxy Marbles = 8 Neuralyzers
8 Light Charms &  16 Power Rings & 60 Arc Net Shields &  37 Galaxy Marbles = 8 Neuralyzers
8 Light Charms &  18 Power Rings & 74 Arc Net Shields &  49 Galaxy Marbles = 8 Neuralyzers
8 Light Charms &  24 Power Rings & 72 Arc Net Shields &  48 Galaxy Marbles = 8 Neuralyzers
10 Light Charms &  18 Power Rings & 68 Arc Net Shields &  46 Galaxy Marbles = 8 Neuralyzers
10 Light Charms &  22 Power Rings & 80 Arc Net Shields &  46 Galaxy Marbles = 8 Neuralyzers


4 Light Charms & 34 Arc Net Shields = 3 Neuralyzers
5 Light Charms & 36 Arc Net Shields = 3 Neuralyzers
6 Light Charms & 32 Arc Net Shields = 3 Neuralyzers
6 Light Charms & 35 Arc Net Shields = 3 Neuralyzers
6 Light Charms & 37 Arc Net Shields = 3 Neuralyzers
6 Light Charms & 39 Arc Net Shields = 3 Neuralyzers
7 Light Charms & 36 Arc Net Shields = 3 Neuralyzers
8 Light Charms & 38 Arc Net Shields = 3 Neuralyzers


7 Light Charms & 24 Power Rings  = 5 Neuralyzers
8 Light Charms & 20 Power Rings  = 5 Neuralyzers
8 Light Charms & 22 Power Rings  = 5 Neuralyzers
9 Light Charms & 24 Power Rings  = 5 Neuralyzers
10 Light Charms & 22 Power Rings  = 5 Neuralyzers
10 Light Charms & 24 Power Rings  = 5 Neuralyzers
11 Light Charms & 22 Power Rings  = 5 Neuralyzers


8 Light Charms = 4 Neuralyzers
12 Light Charms = 4 Neuralyzers
14 Light Charms = 4 Neuralyzers



In Phase 3, the option to trade Neuralyzers for Arrest Warrants was added. That option continues to the end of the Event. This allows you to use any excess Neuralyzers to gain Arrest Warrants for Bad Guy Battles.

5 Neuralyzers =  1 Arrest Warrant



Tap on Jeeb’s Pawn Shop to bring up the Material Exchange Screen. There you will see how many Materials YOU HAVE currently…

How many Neuralyzers you will be a REWARD for the Current Exchange options, and the REQUIRES amount of Material(s) needed for the Exchange.

If you do NOT have enough Materials to make the Exchange, the Button will show yellow with a Clam BUY option to get the Neuralyzers (if you want to go that route and speed it up).

If you DO have enough Galaxy Marbles, you will see green check marks on the Materials and the button will have turned to a green LET’S GO!.

Tapping on the Green LET’S GO Button will award you the Neuralyzers.



When there are multiple Exchange options on the board, you need to make sure the option you want is “HIGHLIGHTED”. In other words, you will see the options you selected light up with a light blue shade.

If you do NOT see the option you want highlighted in Light Blue, you need to tap on an alternate option until you see the one you want and the Materials you have available to make the Exchange.


There you have it, the overall Basics of Jeeb’s Pawn shop and the items inside you will need to Exchange in order to progress in the final Phase 4 of the Guys In Black Event.

How are your Exchanges going so far? Are you seeing the same numbers I did? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.


2 responses to “Guys In Black 101: Jeeb’s Pawn Shop Phase 4

  1. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that the large “Spin ‘n Win” wheel in which you get one free spin every 18 hours or pay 2 clams to re-spin was completely rigged? My first spin was closing in on landing on the jackpot when the game “glitched” and the wheel lurched forward to land on 150 coins. I though it looked odd, so I decided to run an experiment. I had 212 clams and decided to use them all to re-spin. Over the course of the next 110 spins or so (I won free clams a few times when spinning to earn enough to spin again), I noticed a disturbing trend. Whenever the wheel came close to stopping on the jackpot, the game would hesitate and the wheel would land just outside the jackpot. I even had another person watch as I hit “spin again” and they saw the same thing. It became clear that the jackpot was impossible for me to land upon. All 110 spins netted the same result, a miss of the jackpot. The jackpot wedge is the same size and presumably the same probability of being hit as the other 7 wedges. So there should be a 1 in 8 chance of hitting the jackpot. But I was 0 for 110. Probability indicates that the jackpot should have been hit at least 13 times.

    So I sent a message to tinyco about this problem. Not only was there no response to my message, but they deleted the message so I could not follow up on my first effort.

    I have had several friends who played the game in the past, but quit when the missions focused more on spending clams than having a realistic shot of completing tasks with the characters already in stock. The most common complaints were that only a handful of the over 100 characters ever do anything helpful for a mission; and missions seem to employ the “cash grab” method of forcing you to buy characters or items just to have a reasonable shot of completing basic tasks. This “cash grab” has become worse recently, and I am starting to think the “spin ‘n win” wheel with the jackpot is the latest example. Everyone else I know quit playing because of these tactics employed by the programmers. My kids like playing on the game, but I told them I would have to delete this game because it is not a fairly run game, and I don’t want to teach my kids about gouging people for money just to play a game.

    Has anyone else noticed this trend, and specifically with the “spin ‘n win” wheel? I tried to contact tinyco to ask them to refund the clams I spent trying to see if the jackpot was accessible, but of course they deleted my message and never responded. Seems I am just a little late to the realization that the game has become a “cash grab” and no longer as fun as when I first signed on.


    • This really isn’t the post to be commenting all this on. More a “What the Deuce” kind of thing… but let me help you.

      We have noted several times on the site that the Spin n Win is NOT fully in the game. It is only in BETA testing. That means it is only there right now to offer testing for those players that can see it and allow TinyCo to see how stable it remains for Players. So they are looking for more technical response to a BETA item. I am sorry you felt the need to spend Clams on a BETA item with no guarantees, but it will not function fully regardless what you do while it is in BETA.

      All I can suggest is to KINDLY message them that you were not aware it was in BETA and if they would offer assistance in you choosing to spend your Clams on it. It will be up to them how to respond.

      In the future, I would suggest approach ALL Clam Wheel Items with caution. It is optional to spend Clams and you risk losing your Clams if you are not cautious. Results will always vary and are never guaranteed on what will happen. BETA items, most definitely will not function as normally intended as they are only in testing mode. 🙂


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