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Guys In Black 101: Men In Black HQ Phase 4

Hey there Super Special Secret Agents!

We are now down to the LAST Week of the Guys in Black Event. Let’s head inside the Men In Black Headquarters and take a look around at all the final items inside you can Craft for the Guys in Black Event.

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Guys In Black 101: Giant Beetles

Hey Addicts, want to join me in going batty? No, okay let’s just chat about clearing them instead. 

Yes they’re creeps, yes they’re weirdos, yes they’re  Giant Beetles and they’ve landed in our towns and don’t they just creep you out!!!

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Guys In Black 101: Space Cases Mystery Box

Now… Is this in reference to the fact that I am not all there? A “Space Case”? Or just a coincidence? 😉 😛

The Final Phase 4 is now in our silly lil Quahogs. With it, the Second of our Mystery Boxes. Tempting lil “Chance” Boxes stuffed full of temping lil goodies we can risk our precious Clams on to give it a Try.

The New Guys In Black Event Mystery Box that dropped into our Quahog’s is the Space Cases Mystery Box.

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Guys In Black 101: Serleena

Wait a minute… why do I feel like I warped into Little Shop of Horrors??!!

“Silly little planet. Anyone could take over the place with the right set of mammary glands.” My kind of Gal!

Phase 4 has brought into our silly lil Quahogs a very Hot and Nasty Chick for the Guys in Black Event. The New Bad Guy to Battle will now drive you INSANE!! (Just like a Woman to do so! 😉 ) Serleena is in now our games to Battle.

Just what does this incarnation do for the Event? Let’s take a look.

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