Daily Archives: August 2, 2017

Guys In Black Event FAQ ONLY

Hey there Clammers!

Currently on freeway, and Event is live now. There will also be a new section of land to unlock.

Here’s the FAQ to hold you over til I can stop, pull stats, and verify info live.

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Southern Fried Griffins Character Premium Profile: Race Car Driver Joe

Beep Beep, who’s got the Jeep?

A random Character Costume was dropped into our silly lil game for the Southern Fried Griffin Event. That Costume is Race Car Driver Joe.

So what doe this new little toy bring into our silly lil game for Joe? Let’s take a look.

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Southern Fried Griffins – Review & How Did You Do? Poll

It was one of those short but oh so sweet, blink and you’ll miss it events. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear how you got on in the Southern Fried Griffins event.

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New Event Teaser

It looks like TinyCo is about to treat us to an alien invasion as  the MIB and their new-found ally, Flash Gordon, are heading to Quahog to save us from TinyCo the Merciless, oops I mean Ming the Merciless of course.

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Southern Fried Griffins Character Questline – Sam

Howdy Addicts!!!

It’s time for some Southern girl power as Sam has finally made her way from Bumblescum to Quahog.

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