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Guys In Black Main Questline Phase Three: Savior Of The Suburbs

Anyone else have a Song from Queen stuck in their heads?

Phase Three for the Guys In Black Event has hit our Quahog. With it comes lots of New Tasks, Questlines, Characters, Etc. To help you through it all, here is the Main Questline for Phase Two you will need to follow in order to progress in the Event. Savior of the Suburbs.

Let’s take a look at the Questline and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading

Glitchy McGlitcherson Has Struck Again

Hey there Clammers!

Bouncing by to try and help with some variable issues I am seeing spread to Players games with Daily Tasks, Game Link, and Game Crashing.

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Guys In Black – Characters & Buildings That Drop Stuff Phase 3

Drops bugging you? Tasks that look alien to you? Well don’t despair as here come the Addicts In Black to help clear your mind of all that space junk!!! Someone pass me a Nueralyzers please!!!

Guys In Black is now live in our games and many characters and buildings have tasks to help us earn even more stuff! So keep reading to learn what’s dropping this week.


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