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Guys In Black 101: Men In Black HQ Phase 2

There’s a Secret Mission in Uncharted Space!

You are now a fully suited Agent, you got your own lil flashy thingy, you got some worm looking side kicks, and possibly a hot side piece.

Phase Two has launched for the Guys in Black Event, let’s head inside the Men In Black Headquarters and take a look around at all the New Items inside.

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Guys In Black 101: Jeeb’s Pawn Shop Phase Two

Poor Jeeb, just when his head heals… here comes more guys with firearms…

Phase 2 of the Guys In Black Event dropped into our Quahog’s and brought some changes to the current buildings. Buildings like Jeeb’s Pawn Shop. This will impact the way you make Exchanges to get those Neuralyzers.

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Guys In Black 101: Boris the Animal

Every randomly time travel and run into a guy that shoots spikes out of his hands? No?! Just me then?

‘You pathetic waste of Boglodite flesh, I would kill you now if I didn’t value my own life! No Human can defeat me!” Let’s hope this isn’t as true in the game. EEEK!

With all this back and forth, alternate time lines, and alien craziness, another odd creature has decided to drop into our silly lil Quahogs for the Guys in Black Event. He even rode in a a pretty cool bike. Boris the Animal is in now our games to Battle. (I still think this version resembles another “bug” after a very “Hard Days Night”)

Just what does this incarnation do for the Event? Let’s take a look.

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