Guys In Black 101: Men In Black HQ Phase 2

There’s a Secret Mission in Uncharted Space!

You are now a fully suited Agent, you got your own lil flashy thingy, you got some worm looking side kicks, and possibly a hot side piece.

Phase Two has launched for the Guys in Black Event, let’s head inside the Men In Black Headquarters and take a look around at all the New Items inside.

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE. 



In the back center of the Event Area, you will see a Square-ish Building with the roof open so you can see inside. This is the MIB HQ.



The MIB HQ is where you can use acquired Materials collected to CRAFT Buildings, Decorations, and potentially Characters/Costumes for the Event.

Just tap on the Men In Black HQ Building. The Craft Screen will pop up showing all the current available items you can unlock and craft.

You will have to Craft the items in the order they appear, no skipping. So the items will remain LOCKED until you Craft the item in front of it.

If you want to see the items from Phase One, just tap on the arrows to go to the Previous Page. You can find more info on those items HERE.



In order to be able to Craft the items inside the Men In Black HQ, you will need to collect Neuralyzers.

The current option to collect Neuralyzers is the Exchange Option at Jeeb’s Pawn Shop. (More detailed information on that in another post.)




Just tap on the item currently unlocked and the information screen for it will come up. You will see the amount of Neuralyzers Required to complete it. If you do not have enough, you will see a Clam purchase option to unlock it and BUY NOW instead.

Once you have collected enough Neuralyzers, a check mark will appear over the Icon and the button will turn to a green CREATE. Tap on it to make the item.


You will then see the GOOD JOB AGENT! screen. You have two options at this point…

Tap anywhere on the Screen or the X to close out the Pop Up. (NOTE: if you tap on the X, it will cancel the purchase. )

Tap on ROGER! to complete the process and it will immediately take you to your town and the item. You can then drag the item around and place the item in your town wherever you would like.


If at any point you exit out BEFORE placing the item, your item will drop into Inventory Storage and you will have to go seek it out.



Here is the list of items inside the Men In Black HQ for Phase 2, their payouts, their Chance Drops (if any) of items to help you progress in the Event, and their total amount of Neuralyzers required to Craft each one.

MiB Command Monitor
: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drops Ray Guns
2 Neuralyzers


Planet Pawn Shop
: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Chance Drops Space Suits
5 Neuralyzers


Over the Moon Pie Diner
: $25 & 15xp every 3hrs, Chance Drops Space Food
6 Neuralyzers


Lu’s Alien Chinese
: $25 & 15xp every 3hrs, Chance Drops Human Skin Suits
7 Neuralyzers


Talking Dog Locksmith
: NOTE: This Building is TEEEEEENY.  $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drops Zap Em Keys
8 Neuralyzers


MiB Neuralyzer Room
: $60 & 40xp every 12hrs
6 Neuralyzers


Lunarmax Prison
: $20 & 15xp every 2hrs, Chance Drops Rotten Fruit
8 Neuralyzers


MiB Control Panel
: $55 & 35xp every 10hrs
22 Neuralyzers


So you will need 64 Neuralyzers in order to obtain all if the Phase Two Buildings. However, the Questlines do NOT require you to place the MiB Control Panel, so that one is optional for you.


There you have it, the Basic Information for the Men In Black HQ and the items it has inside for Phase Two that can help you progress during the Guys In Black Event.

What do you think so far? Any particular item(s) your favorite inside? What have you unlocked so far? Like the graphics on the items? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.



8 responses to “Guys In Black 101: Men In Black HQ Phase 2

  1. I am really enjoying this event as it has been glitch-free so far for me – unlike so many of the other events before it. I am not even minding the timed characters this time around either as I am able to unlock them in plenty of time. Need only 4 more sugar in 3 days and Edgar is mine. Drops have been good – do you think TinyCo is starting to hear what we have been saying?
    The only complaints I would have is that I am disappointed that I bought a premium character – Zed – for the first time and can only use him on phase 1 aliens. Hopefully he will be of more use in the upcoming phases. I can’t buy any more premiums because I need to save my clams for any upcoming clam generating building that may arise. I always get in on those as soon as they appear to get the best bang for my buck/clam. The other thing is the 8 hour heal times – thankfully Lois is only 4 hours so I am toggling her between battling the weasels with Agent Pee and Boris with the worms.
    My only source of clams is from the occasional daily task, visits to Ollie and the clam generating bldgs. I do not use a mobile devise to play – can you only get clams through clam TV on mobiles? Does anybody know of another source of clams if you just play on a laptop?
    Thanks for all the help this site provides – a wealth of info for game play.


  2. week 1 flew through it no issues got peter got worms no clams used week 2 almost wrapped up space lois unlocked should be able to get edgar and have a few days to be ready for week 3 thank u tiny co really enjoying this event now just give me back free clam vids to make it even better.


  3. Lucky you. I’ve been stuck on the same alien bug for 2 days now. I have missed this f*****r 3 times in a row with Peter. It’s ridiculous.


  4. i just need 6 more neuralyzers to place the rotten fruit building then i can repair Boris the Animal


  5. At the risk of having something go really south in this event, I must say this one is going pretty well, IMHO…tasks are a little long as are the recovery periods, but I don’t mind longer tasks as long as the drops are good, which they generally have been…in my game, the building drops for the Lois costume were very good, the Edgar building drops have been so-so, but the character drops have been pretty good…hope I just didn’t jinx myself (not superstitious at all, it’s all about the algorithms), but on the good side of the algorithm lottery so far…


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