Guys In Black 101: Men In Black HQ

Hey there Special Agents!

According to Agent Pee… the secret lair is at 504 Battery Park, in New York City, and the password to get into the room is 362319, and then you’ll meet a guy name Carl, and you have to tell him that “it was rainy last Wednesday” and he will grant you access.

Now that you got all that… let’s head inside the Men In Black Headquarters and take a look around at all the items inside you can Craft for the Guys in Black Event.

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE. 



In the back center of the Event Area, you will see a Square-ish Building with the roof open so you can see inside. This is the MIB HQ.



The MIB HQ is where you can use acquired Materials collected to CRAFT Buildings, Decorations, and potentially Characters/Costumes for the Event.

Just tap on the Men In Black HQ Building. The Craft Screen will pop up showing all the current available items you can unlock and craft.

You will have to Craft the items in the order they appear, no skipping. So the items will remain LOCKED until you Craft the item in front of it.



In order to be able to Craft the items inside the Men In Black HQ, you will need to collect Neuralyzers.

The current option to collect Neuralyzers is the Exchange Option at Jeeb’s Pawn Shop. (More detailed information on that in another post.) You will have to Exchange various amounts Galaxy Marbles you collect for lots of 3 Neuralyzers there.




Just tap on the item currently unlocked and the information screen for it will come up. You will see the amount of Neuralyzers Required to complete it. If you do not have enough, you will see a Clam purchase option to unlock it and BUY NOW instead.

Once you have collected enough Neuralyzers, a check mark will appear over the Icon and the button will turn to a green CREATE. Tap on it to make the item.


You will then see the GOOD JOB AGENT! screen. You have two options at this point…

Tap anywhere on the Screen or the X to close out the Pop Up, then you will have to go looking for the item in your Inventory Storage

Tap on ROGER! to complete the process and it will immediately take you to your town and the item. You can then drag the item around and place the item in your town wherever you would like.


If at any point you exit out BEFORE placing the item, your item will drop into Inventory Storage and you will have to go seek it out.



Here is the list of items inside the Men In Black HQ for Phase 1, their payouts, their Chance Drops (if any) of items to help you progress in the Event, and their total amount of Neuralyzers required to Craft each one.

Alien Immigration Office: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Chance Drop 1 Sunglasses
2 Neuralyzers

Men In Black’s Wearhouse: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drops 1 Black Suits
5 Neuralyzers

MIB Agent Exam Room: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drops 1 Coffee
6 Neuralyzers

Invader Eliminators Pest Control: $60 & 40xp every 12hrs
4 Neuralyzers

Alien Squid Nursery: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Chance Drops 1 Party Games
7 Neuralyzers

Worm’s Crib: $25 & 15xp every 3hrs, Chance Drops 1 Earth Passports
6 Neuralyzers

Edgar’s Farm: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs
12 Neuralyzers

MIB Shooting Range: $55 & 35 every 10hrs
14 Neuralyzers


So you will need 56 Neuralyzers in order to obtain all if the Phase One Buildings. However the last one was not required for drops or questline.


There you have it, the Basic Information for the Men In Black HQ and the items it has inside that can help you progress during the Guys In Black Event.

What do you think so far? Any particular item(s) your favorite inside? What have you unlocked so far? Like the graphics on the items? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.



17 responses to “Guys In Black 101: Men In Black HQ

  1. Edgar’s Farm is only 9 neuralizers now…with the release of week 2 content it changed, I guess.


  2. i did 1 critical hit (i dont know if it’s fixed for the side challenge) …
    2 done against me .. the other fight he took 6pts from me then 2 pts …
    0 misses for me and 0 misses against me …


  3. ya the healing time is too long esp that Peter only once was able to kill the guy by taking 8 HP from him .. every other time it’s 4 HP … and the guy takes 8 HP from Peter every time so i need 16 hrs to kill one guy … and that healing capsule dropped only once (for the challenge)


  4. cant even get load screen


  5. Is anyone else having an issue with items adding to their count? I needed 2 ray guns to unlock Agent Pee. I got the 2 guns from the squid creatures but they did not add to what I already had. So I have to try to get 2 more and hopefully they will count toward agent Pee and not just disappear. Same thing happened when I traded for light sticks. I had 5 light sticks and needed one more to unlock the next building. I traded for 3 light sticks and they did not add to what I already had. So I still only have 5 light sticks and now I have to start over saving the orbs to trade in. What a waste and so frustrating. In the meantime the clock is counting down for the worms and I need agent pee and the buildings to unlock them. Not sure it will happen now.


  6. i just placed MIB Agent Exam Room
    when i went to get the Neuralyzers , they wanted 30 marbles :O
    but then I got Agent Pee and won 26 marbles from the fight and got the building
    do these fights have “misses” ?? cuz the healing time is 8hrs !!


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