Guys In Black 101: Space Cases Mystery Box

Now… Is this in reference to the fact that I am not all there? A “Space Case”? Or just a coincidence? 😉 😛

The Final Phase 4 is now in our silly lil Quahogs. With it, the Second of our Mystery Boxes. Tempting lil “Chance” Boxes stuffed full of temping lil goodies we can risk our precious Clams on to give it a Try.

The New Guys In Black Event Mystery Box that dropped into our Quahog’s is the Space Cases Mystery Box.

Let’s take a peek inside the Mystery Box and see what tempting treats are available. 

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE



150 Clams PER TRY. That means it may take you one try to get what you want or it may take you 20… no matter what, you still will have to pay 150 Clams each time you want to “spin the wheel” in the Mystery Box to see what Prizes you are rewarded.



You can find it in one of 2 places. You can go into your Shopping Cart in the Event tab, and there you will see the Mystery Box listed.

Or you can go over to the Entrance of the Event Area and Tap on the Sparkling Stewie MIB Statue, and the Mystery Box info will Pop Up



As it takes a few steps to get there, as well as a WARNING POP UP asking you if you are SURE that you want to spend your Clams for a try that you have to accept… accidentally spending money on the Mystery Box is nearly impossible.

Whether you just open the Mystery Box and tap BUY

Or already took a turn and want to try again by tapping RETRY

You will be asked if you are SURE you want to use your 150 Clams



Once you have either tapped on the Image of Brian in the Shopping Cart or the Statue of Brian, you will see the Intergalatic Mystery Box Pop Up Appear.


Down towards the Bottom, you will see two buttons.
BUY: Tap on this Yellow/Orange Button to pay 150 Clams for a try in the Mystery Box


PRIZES: Tap on this Green Button to see what current Prizes are inside the Mystery Box for you, from there you can scroll left and right to see all that is available


Here is a quick list of the Prizes inside…

One Time Items

  • Arquillian Stewie (Costume)
  • Serleena’s Spaceship (Building)
  • 175 Clams
  • 4 Neuralyzers


Repeated Items

  • 12 Light Charms
  • 12 Arrest Warrants
  • 3 Revive Capsules
  • 40 Power Rings
  • 135 Arc Net Shields 



To give you a better idea, here is the rundown of the items inside of the Intergalactic Mystery Box and what they can do/help with.



Arquillian Stewie (Costume): Helps with Battles (18 Hit Power), Fully Tasked, Comes with a Questline

Serleena’s Spaceship (Building): Drops 1 Arrest Warrant, Sparkles as it sits on the Play Area.




One Time Only

175 Clams: Everyone likes MORE Clams

4 Neuralyzers: Can be used to Create Buildings/Decorations in MiB Headquarters



12 Light Charms: Can be used in Jeeb’s Pawn shop to exchange for Neuralyzers

12 Arrest Warrants: Can be used to Battle Bad Guys

3 Revive Capsules: Can be used to Revive a Character instantly after Battling

135 Arc Net Shields: Can be used in Jeeb’s Pawn shop to exchange for Neuralyzers

40 Power Rings: Can be used in Jeeb’s Pawn shop to exchange for Neuralyzers



Because I like to share with y’all and have you share with others the results that appeared from giving the Space Cases Mystery Box a go, here are MY results (yours will vary). Feel free to share your results below.

x40 Power Rings
x12 Light Charms
x4 Neuralyzers
Sarleena’s Spaceship
x40 Power Rings
x135 Arc Net Shields
x12 Light Charms
x135 Arc Net Shields
x40 Power Rings
x12 Light Charms
Arquillian Stewie

11 tries to get all the Main Prizes offered I wanted. At this point all that was left in the Mystery Box were Materials. So I did not make any further attempts at this point. (Even though there is still the Clams Prize in there.)


There you have it, a look at the Space Cases Mystery Box and the items inside.

Did you splurge and take a chance at the Mystery Box? If so, what kind of results did you get in your game? Like the Prizes you got? Have a favorite? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.


3 responses to “Guys In Black 101: Space Cases Mystery Box

  1. Got light charms and stopped


  2. I tried once and got Serleenas spaceship


  3. My first try of the mystery box yielded 175 clams so I tried again and got the 40 power rings. Gave up trying any further.


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