Guys In Black – Addicts Leaderboard

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in your games, the Leaderboard came back. Quick prep your Neuroalyzers!!! No wait you don’t need to do this as here’s the new singing and dancing Addicts Leaderboard I promised you, where the only prize worth having is knowing you beat me, lol.

Yes with the new  Guys In Black event now well underway, TinyCo have decided to dangle some leaderboard prizes as bait for us Addicts and I thought I’d bring you a quirky Addicts version to make it a bit more fun. And thanks to the early adopters who encouraged me in this, Christo (Big Zappo), David (mathguy), donnadarlene, Chris K and Ash (gipgop). Hopefully more will join in and take part in this, the Leaderboard that leads to nowhere and leads to nothing, apart from a little light relief. C’mon what could be more exciting than that.

Warning – Inflating your men in black badge count could seriously damage your health, as aliens will home in on all that Bling and well who knows what they’ll do to you but i imagine there will be prodding – eek!!!

Now with that warning  out of the way, I want you to show me your Leaderboard Rank and Leaderboard MIB Badge totals to date in the comments. And remember any addict can join in, all I ask is your playing fair, by this I mean you’re not playing an “altered” game.

So I’ll start, here’s my stats. Hey stop mocking them!!!

Rank Position: 2184
MIB Badge Count: 358

There you have it, the all new, all fun Addicts Leaderboard. What are your thoughts? Are you going to take part in it?

~ Russian Tigger


12 responses to “Guys In Black – Addicts Leaderboard

  1. I’m at the lower end of 300 with just under a 1000 pins i was ranking in the 3000’s so not to far to go I hope ☺


  2. Rank position: 29
    MIB Badge count: 1709


  3. Rank = 1762
    MIB Badge Count = 430



    Rank Position: 4016
    MIB Badge Count: 324


  5. Big Zappo – rank of 741 with 541 badges

    This is fun RT!


  6. Rank Position: 42
    MIB Badge Count: 1266


  7. Rank position – 3245
    Badge count – 338


  8. Rank Position: 1811
    MIB Badge Count: 405


  9. I have been playing a long time, and don’t really need more stuff that I don’t use, so when it comes to leaderboards, I just play my game and whatever happens, happens. (Unless there is a cat as the prize, in which case, I actually try to get a prize! LOL)

    Score – 356
    no rank, just a ‘Loader_Label” message


    • Exit the leaderboard panel then click on it again. In my experience, I always have to try twice to get it properly loaded.

      As for my performance, I am unranked, with 138 badges so far, but I guess it’ll improve once I unlock the worms.


  10. Rank Position: 183
    MIB Badge Count: 788


  11. Rank Position: unranked
    MIB Badge Count: 213


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