Guys In Black Character Questline: Worming Their Way Out

What on Earth are THOSE Things? WHOA!!! They talk too???!! AND SMOKE??!!

The New MIB Guys In Black Event has hit our Quahog. With it comes lots of New Tasks, Questlines, Characters, Etc. One of those New Characters is The Worms. They come with their own Questline, Worming Their Way Out.

Let’s take a look at the Questline and all you will encounter along the way. 

For more Event Information, go to the Event Page HERE.

For their Character Profile, go HERE.


Worming Their Way Out
Peter Starts

Earn The Worms in the Park!:    
7 Luxury Cigars (Always): Clear Ballchinians
1 Gourmet Soil (Always): Clear Edgar the Bug
6 Coffee (Common): MIB Agent Exam Room
5 Earth Passports (Common): Worm’s Crib
20 Party Games (Rare): Bonnie Host a Block Party OR Bruce Play Party Games OR Great Attractor’s Ball OR Alien Squid Nursery

Completed Task Rewards: 10xp & 5 Alien Slime


Worming Their Way Out Pt. 1
The Worms Starts

Have The Worms Quit Cold Turkey: 4hrs, 50 & 30
Have Mort Time Employees’ Breaks: 6hrs, 65 & 45

Completed Task Rewards: 20xp & 5 Alien Slime


Worming Their Way Out Pt. 2
The Worms Starts

Have The Worms Be Baristas: 6hrs, 65 & 45
Have Joe Pour a Cup of Joe: 4hrs, 50 & 30

Completed Task Rewards: 20xp & 10 Alien Slime


Worming Their Way Out Pt. 3
The Worms Starts

Have The Worms Do the Worm: 2hrs, 30 & 20
Have Lois Compost: 2hrs, 30 & 20

Completed Task Rewards: 50xp & 10 Alien Slime


There you have it, the Character Questline for The Worms.

Have you unlocked them yet? What do you think of their Tasks? Have a Favorite? Let us know.



11 responses to “Guys In Black Character Questline: Worming Their Way Out

  1. i just unlocked the worms an sent them to fight Ballchinian .. they missed twice in a row !!! and Peter missed the weasel before them and got killed in one hit (three misses in a row) !!!! too bad they can’t fight the weasels …


  2. just started on the bugs im way behind drops for agent pee kind of got me behind


  3. I just need three board games and I am done for the bugs (I started a bit later than planned as my workers were clearing the new land).
    I got the farm today, and am ready for week two!


  4. I got the worms, i killed Edgar the Bug, and I got all the buildings except the MIB Shooting Range. All in one week. Amazing. The second week will probably be a lot harder. Yeah>>>> 😉 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Al that would be a great idea 4 leaderboards u should contact tinyco on that one


  6. Those earth passports are not common in my game at least. 1 drop from 6 attempts… and i thought i had timed things quite well 😦


  7. Regarding the Leaderboards, TinyCo should have 2 divisions – one for freemium players and the other for premium Clam spenders. No way can a freemium get anywhere in regard to the Leaderboards. Feels like I’m playing a different game to all these high point scoring Clammers.

    Liked by 2 people

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