Guys In Black – Leaderboard

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in your games, the Leaderboard is back. Quick prep your Neuroalyzers!!!

Yes with the new  Guys In Black event now well underway, TinyCo have decided to dangle some leaderboard prizes as bait for us Addicts and I thought I’d bring you a quick guide to the  Leaderboard and ask you if you wantto make them a bit more fun.

It’s not been that long since we saw a Leaderboard, in fact we only need think back to the Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers event. And it was good to see the early anger towards the Leaderboard in earlier events had vastly reduced as like the Mystery a Boxes, we just don’t take them too seriously now.

The latest leaderboard is similar to those we’ve seen previously, in that it sets up a side contest between players for a limited amount of prizes. Now I usually take part, but only through my normal gameplay. I WILL NOT spend a ton of clams just trying to hit the top rank, then spend loads more to stay in it. Wherever I end up is out of my hands so I just relax and play my normal game. I advise every other addict to do the same. And remember many of the Top Prizes have come back as returning prizes in Best of mystery boxes and such, so try not to stress this too much on what you might be missing.

Warning – you Read The following at your own risk as Russian Tigger’s had an idea – And that’s never a good thing!!!

Ok, yes I admit it, I’ve had a lightbulb moment, I’m allowed one a year, and I guess this must be it. I was thinking outwith the main in-game Leaderboard why don’t we have an Addicts Leaderboard. Admittedly there’s no prize I’m afraid, well apart from being able to boast you’re the Top Addict for a day, lol.

Now I’ve got your attention here’s what I was thinking, if at least, say 10 or more of you are up for it, I’d basically put up a post every Wednesday before the new Phase drops and another at the end of the event where you can give me your Leaderboard MIB Badge total, and I’ll rank us and post the results each week. This of course will be based on an honesty system, trusting that the figures given by players are true, and that you’re not playing an “altered” game. By this I mean any clams you spend in your game are either earned or bought. In return for your honesty I promise not to elevate myself to the top spot just because I can. So if you fancy having a little fun rather than the usual Leaderboard grumbles then comment below that you want to take part in the Addict Leaderboard, and the Leaderboard name you’d like to be known as, please just keep ithr name peachy and PG.

So whether this happens or not is in your hands guys, if you want it to happen let me know in the comments. And if it’s a go, I’ll pop up a post on Wednesday asking for your scores. And if you don’t want it to happen well I’ll just declare myself the winner and you’ll never hear the end it, lol. 

So with my thought of the year out the way, let’s get back to the official Leaderboard, here’s everything you need to know.


Okay on to the leaderboard itself, there are 3 Ranks and 3 Prizes, 1 prize for each rank obviously. And usually  if you finish in say Rank 1, you also get the lower Rank prizes as well.

Rank 1 – Boris The Animal (Full Character)

To be awarded this prize you will need to ranked in the top 150 players in the FGQFS universe.  Good luck with that!!!


Rank 2 – Jeff The Alien Worm (Animated Decoration)

To be awarded this prize you will need to be ranked between 151-500 in the FGQFS universe. This is the prize I want just incase anyone cares.

Rank 3 – Statue Of Liberty Neuroalyzer (Animated Decoration)

To be awarded this prize you will need to be ranked between 501-5000 in the FGQFS universe.

So that’s the prizes covered, and even though I fancy Jeff, not literally obviously, I’m not going to break my clam bank for him, I’ll just play as I always do and see where I end up. For those that choose to do chase a prize, I wish you all good luck.


Now finding the leaderboard is easy, you just click on the Leaderboard  icon at the bottom of your screen.

This will open up the leaderboard screen, here you will see 1: your current rank, 2: your total number of MIB Badges, 3: your potential prize, 4: where you’re sitting compared to other ranking players.

There is a way to jump quickly to the top and bottom ranked players that I’ve found, just tap on the area I point to in the image below to either be taken to the no 1 ranked player or the no 5000 ranked player. Tapping where I’ve put the 1 will take you to no 1 and 2 will take you to no 5000. Hope this helps.


Collecting MIB Badges is as ever slow going, and as of now you can collect them from battling Ballchinians and Edgar The Bug.  However I’m sure more ways will appear as the event goes on.

The leaderboard will close on 30th August at 3pm Pacific (GMT-7). If you’ve qualified for a prize you will usually be awarded it/them about a week later.

And now my final thoughts, I know the leaderboard often makes you feel like a little fish in a big pond, but they are what they are my friends, and let’s try to keep it like it was during the Mighty Morphin Griffin Rangers eventi.e. nothing more than a bit of friendly rivalry. I know many of you dislike these type of individual Leaderboards and would prefer community prizes we can all work towards, I’m in full agreement with this, but as someone who previously had issues with the Leaderboard, I now just sit back and let my gameplay dictate where I end up, and that’s the best advice I can give you, don’t turn it into a battle, as honestly you can’t control the spending or the gameplay of others, so you really will find it difficult to plot a path to victory.  And remember when you look at the Number 1 Ranked player’s MIB Badge tally and think it’s outrageously high remember TinyCo do have ways of removing those who abuse the rules of the Leaderboard, so if someone has used unfair means to build up those MIB Badges they will be found out by TinyCo. On the other hand if you find yourself banned from the Leaderboard and feel this is wrong, unfortunately we can’t fix this for you, only TinyCo can do this, so message them and state your case.

Once again whether your play to win or just play to play, good luck and remember if you fancy taking part in the Addicts Leaderboard let me know in the comments.

There you have it, all the facts about the Leaderboard. What are your thoughts? Are you going to take part in it? If so, any thoughts on the Prizes? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

29 responses to “Guys In Black – Leaderboard

  1. I’m at 904, just before the 2nd phase hit.
    Yes I spent clams on Zed and have been mathematically diligently attacking Ballchinians and Edgars. 🙂


  2. Hi RT – Just hit Edgar, healing now, so doubt I’ll collect anymore badges before the next phase, so for the Addicts leaderboard, I’m at 290 badges (1874 on the leaderboard at this moment) – thanks!


  3. Found it – thanks RT. But I still don’t understand how anyone could have over 2000 badges at this time – especially with the 8 hour healing times between battles.


    • 😱


    • They spend lotsa clams on nets, recovery/healing, etc…when one is not encumbered by a budget, it’s probably not hard to get there…they can afford not to wait…it’s crazy to think about how much some people must spend…but, good for them, it keeps the game going for us!

      To that end, just based on a quick calculation at exactly 21 days to go, one would need to have approximately 2500 badges to get the 150th spot…and the winner will probably have 8800…yikes…


  4. It still says im banned on leaderboard its kind of annoying and Tinyco still has answered my request. So with that said if they dont fix this im going to take it as a sign that i should gove up thos game and do something else.


    • That is something out of our control. Sorry. Any kind of altered appearing or actual altered game will trigger the “net” for the Leaderboard Ban. Only they can look into it and only they can make those decisions. All you can do is wait. If no response after 5 days… message in a follow up


  5. Idk if I’m too low but I’d be down to go by Gipgop and I got 86 badges!


  6. I wish there was a scroll button so that we could see the ranks above and/or below us. I have 204 medals and ranked at 2704. I did notice when the board loaded that the number 1 position has over 2000 medals. How is that possible?


    • There is a quick way to jump to the first and last placed players, I updated the post with what I found, look under the Leaderboard Screen section


  7. i got 100 score on leaderboard why im not in any rank


    • Because you don’t have enough to badges to make it into the top 5000 players, they only rank those, and at the moment the person who is in 5000th place has 126 Badges.


  8. I’m in! 134 today, but you’ll post on Wednesday?


  9. I really wish they would go with your suggestion instead RussianTigger – community leaderboards (I think I read that in one of your previous posts). They should make it so that we can all work together to achieve / earn the prizes. It is a bit unfair to some players (especially the people whose games constantly crash or those who are unable to even get into their games at times). Plus, just because we don’t have enough money to spend on a mountain of clams or have a busy lifestyle and can’t play 24/7, in a way it is like we are being punished.

    For example, Bertram (the prize on the Star Trek leaderboards). He was never offered in the best of 2016 event, or any event since. He only made a reappearance as a boss in the Quahog Heat event. It was like they were punching you in the face and at the same time saying ” We know you want him, so here he is again BUT just to tease you, for most of you he is still unobtainable and you still can’t have him in your town, so sucked in!”. It was like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey.


    • I really pushed for the longest time for “Community Prizes” instead. On a Business side, I see exactly why they do the Leaderboards. Wish they wouldn’t, but get it.

      I myself as a Player enjoy community ones so much more as I know I am working for EVERYONE to get a prize vs just me, but I am a giving person. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are a giving person (and you have helped us all out so many times with this game). I think without the support and encouragement that we all have received from you (and RussianTigger), many of us may have just stopped playing this game long ago. I really wish that there were more people like you in this world. I am someone who also believes that we should help each other out where we can. It would be great if we could in this game as well. Well spoken Bunny. 👍


  10. I am on the leader board for the first time since I have been playing (2 years now). I also bought a premium character – Zed – for the first time. Coincidence???? I currently have 140 badges.


  11. Bad call on Tinyco to make Boris as the grand prize. Its probably one of the few that I’d make an exception to buy as a premium character. Who could forget his guffaw on the movie? Alas, he is going to be beyond reach.


    • He’ll probably return in the Best of 017 so you might get another chance then. I agree though. Hope I’m not overloading you with Blue Haired lawyers over in Springfield.


      • No worries, and thank you! Really appreciate you dropping the doppelgangers for blue haired lawyers at my TSTO. Trying my darnest best to find and clear them. Only thing is I did not realize there’s a 4 hour limit to clear them until I read Patric’s post yesterday. I’ve dropped 10 of them on your town too. Good luck!

        Back to FG, I’ve now gotten a dismal score of 50 which is unranked. But I realize timers for collecting nets, MIB passes, Peter rest time after battle are pretty messy and not harmonized – 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours. Again, this ups the challenge to play as this literally means one has to log on more often to check the drops. Can’t remember the last time an event had waiting time not synchronized but this def ups the challenge.


        • Yeah I’m struggling find the Doppelgangers at times myself, but noticed earlier they wandered towards my Simpsons House so wondering if EA changed something.


          • I found the easiest way was to send all of my characters on tasks then go into edit mode, turn off buildings/decorations/fences etc leaving only characters. The lawyers will stand out like dog’s balls and it’s just a matter of sweeping back and forth to find them (make sure you’re zoomed out to max too).


  12. A fun leaderboard as opposed to a stressful leaderboard? – sure, I ‘m in. And I’d like the name “mathguy”. 🙂


  13. rather have free clams back then this i never get a prize from it anyway


  14. Great idea RT!!! Count me in as I’ll go with the name “bug zapper” Sounds like fun!! RIght now I’m at a score of 184.


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