Guys In Black 101: Jeeb’s Pawn Shop

Do you have any idea how much that stings??!!

Looking to get rid of some questionable items? Need to trade for some hot commodity? Trying to figure out just what other shows/movies you have seen “Jeeb” play in? Well then, you’re in the right place. Just be careful or you may shoot someone’s eye out… or head off.

The New Guys In Black Event dropped into our Quahog’s and brought some interesting New Materials with it. Materials you can collect and Exchange for items you will need to progress in the game. These items can be Exchanged at Jeeb’s Pawn Shop.

Let’s take a peek inside at some of the Exchange options currently available. 

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE



In the Event Area of your game, you will see on the upper left side a Tall Green Glowing Building. This is Jeeb’s Pawn Shop. This location is where you will be able to EXCHANGE one Material you earn for another you will need during the Event.



Galaxy Marbles. The Materials may change during the Event, for now these are the items currently being used for the Exchange in Jeeb’s Pawn Shop for Phase One.

Where can I get Galaxy Marbles?
Clear Ballchinians
Clear Alien Squids
Worms Statue (Premium Clam Buy)



Neuralyzers. These are the main item you will need throughout the Event, so it is a good idea to stock up on them whenever possible. They will be used to Create/Unlock items in Men In Black Headquarters.



For Phase One, here is a list of denominations I saw for the Exchanges as I progressed through the Event. These are random, in no particular order, and will vary by Player on what you will see. This should however give you an overall idea of what numbers of Galaxy Marbles you may need to acquire to progress in the Event. (Some of these options did repeat a few times so far.)

4 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
8 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
10 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
12 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
28 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
30 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
32 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
34 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
38 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
40 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
44 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers

So as you can see, there is a variance on just how many Galaxy Marbles you will need to Exchange for 3 Neuralyzers. As I do not know what Exchanges Phase Two will bring, you may want to use the Galaxy Marbles while you can before another element is added into the game.



Tap on Jeeb’s Pawn Shop to bring up the Material Exchange Screen. There you will see how many Galaxy Marbles YOU HAVE currently,  how many Neuralyzers (3) you will be awarded for the Current Exchange options, and the REQUIRES amount of Galaxy Marbles needed for the Exchange.

If you do NOT have enough Marbles to make the Exchange, the Button will show yellow with a Clam BUY option to get the Neuralyzers (if you want to go that route and speed it up).

If you DO have enough Galaxy Marbles, you will see green check marks on the Materials and the button will have turned to a green LET’S GO!.

Tapping on the Green LET’S GO Button will award you the Neuralyzers.


There you have it, the overall Basics of Jeeb’s Pawn shop and the items inside you will need to Exchange in order to progress in the Guys In Black Event.

How are your Exchanges going so far? Are you seeing the same numbers I did? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.



5 responses to “Guys In Black 101: Jeeb’s Pawn Shop

  1. This is insane. Randomly selected numbers of Marbles – up to 44 – but they all pay out 3 Neuralizers.

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    • Yeah, gets tough but you get good lot from defeating Ballchanians. Also worth remember defeating Edgar gives you 7 Neuroalyzers, so I’m going hit him again twice if I can before next phase,naive he few Neuroalyzers in the bank. Of course that’s the plan,bodes the mean I’ll get the drops to make it happen 😏


      • Then watch them go and change the main currency for the next part of the event.


        • I’d imagine they’ll change the exchange currency, the Galaxy Marbles but I’m thinking Neuroalyzers will conitune to be the main currency. Time will tell


  2. The MIB missions are hard

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