Guys In Black 101: Help & Ongoing Issues

Hey there Squidlings!

I am bouncing by with some updates on things I am seeing in the comments from Players that TinyCo is aware of/working on at this time. So take a peek below to see if the answer to your inquiries are there.

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE



For Players that are asking about the Alien Warrant Character Tasks NOT showing up in their game yet… hang in there. You essentially just need to progress further in the Event to be able to trigger them.

You will need do one of the Following…

Unlock Battling Characters: Agent Zed, Agent Pee, The Worms

Progress in the Main Questline: The New Black Pt. 5 (Main Questline) which is where you are required to collect 1 Alien Warrant.

Once you complete one or the other… or both… then you will start to see Jerome & Mort’s Tasks appear that drop Alien Warrants.



Because you have to use one of the Workers in the game to “Repair” the World Expo Towers to get to The Worms, they can’t be busy doing other things.

So if you are using your Worker(s) to build something, clear land, etc… you will have to either wait til they are done or spend Clams to auto complete their Task.

If you do NOT have extra Workers in your game to help unlock the World Expo Towers due to you set them on 3 days Task to unlock the New Land, please message into TinyCo from your game to see if they can assist.

In the meantime, do NOT send the Workers on long Tasks during the beginning of an Event in case you need then for game progress.



I have seen a few write in and comment that they are unable to re-link their game account any longer. That any attempt to try just kicks them out of the game. I am seeing several state Google+ Linked Accounts. Let me know if you are experiencing same on another format.

TinyCo is aware of this and are continuing to look into and work on it. For now, please continue to just message in using the new game you can access.

I will update if I hear anything more on this end of things.



I am still seeing a few comments trickle in asking about the Spin N Win. Just know that this is something only a handful of Players are seeing as it is still in the BETA Testing process. So no details, stats, or information is available right now.

When and IF it is launched game wide after the BETA testing is done, we will put up a fully detailed post on it. In other words if you don’t have it, don’t worry about it.

If you do have one in your game and run into any Technical Issues or have questions, please message them directly to TinyCo from your game so they can assist and continue to gather data during the Testing process.


These are the Main critical issues I am seeing for now for the Guys In Black Event.

Did this help you? Is there something you are seeing critical we have not addressed? Tips for other Players? Let us know



41 responses to “Guys In Black 101: Help & Ongoing Issues

  1. Martine Sanders

    At this point I can’t progress in the game due to the glitch with the daily quest. Bonnie is stuck in the same building as one of the characters doing a daily quest and as soon as I click the building that character crashes the game. I need Bonnie to finish the “Spacewomen are from Venus pt. 2” quest. Without it, I am not getting Boris the Animal, which means I can’t unlock Edward. On top of that I can’t send Bonnie to get car keys for Edward which makes it even more impossible to earn him. I can’t progress into week 3 either.
    Besides that I’ve been getting “miss” shots when attacking weasels more often than not so it takes forever to get the buildings. Is there ány chance this glitch is getting fixed before the end of the event?


    • Im trying to get an update from TinyCo on what’s happening glitching wise! Will report back as soon as I get any info.

      As for misses, I’m same I’m getting 2/3 misses for every hit on a Space Bat, halting my battling of Ming


  2. I am getting galaxy marbles approximately every 3rd or 4th alien squid I take out at this point. I did get them every time for the first 3 or 4 that I hit due to the quest line requiring me to have them to “move me along” but as soon as I got past the initial parts of the quest lines and on to the parts requiring agent pee then it’s just every 3rd or 4th alien squid I take out that drops the marbles. I am getting a gun for agent pee every alien I take out though. With the very poor drops on nets getting buildings are looking very tough at this point and I fell for the worms in the garden repair so I’m doubtful ill get building to unlock them in time if the trends so far keep up. I’m getting one net per round of characters I send for nets. And one from agent zed because he’s guaranteed drop.


  3. I looked in the glitches section already, but nothing has been posted yet

    All of the characters that aren’t on a task and the squid and ballchinians are trapped in front of the event entrance just walking back and forth in a line.  I can net the squid, thats not a problem, but it’s a bit annoying.  I am running the latest version of the game and latest version of android on Galaxy S7.  I reported this to Tinyco  I just wanted to see if anyone else was having this issue. 


  4. I play on Facebook & although I was able to launch the new quest first thing on 3 August, since then the game won’t load – so I’m frozen out. Is anyone else having the same problem


    • You play via the app within Facebook itself?

      Or you play a game device with your account linked to Facebook?

      Have you messaged them yet?


      • I click on the link within Facebook. Unfortunately I can’t get far enough into the game to find Tinyco’s details – the very first page (where it tells you it’s loading) is corrupted


        • Had a similar problem when the game crashed and it wouldn’t load and just froze on the loading screen, had to go to the browser options and clear all the history, cookies etc (playing on firefox, that meant going to privacy and clicking on clear your recent history and then ticking everything and selecting everything as the time range), then it was just a case of logging back into facebook and starting the game, it plays the video that you see when you first ever started the game about family guy being cancelled and then starts from where you left off.


  5. nets aren’t dropping well for me … and when they do i don’t get those badges from aliens to trade for the neuralizers (or whatever they’re called) .. im only getting blasters for peter


  6. The event has not come up on the game yet do i need to do a spefific mission or unlock someone for it to appear pls help


  7. I still don’t have Clam TV. For almost 3 weeks. I am on Android. Is this normal? Sent feedback to Tinyco a week ago but they only said they are aware and working on it


    • Clam TV is ran by a 3rd party unfortunately. That means issues are out of TINYCO hands and takes that much longer as they have to wait on 3rd party to resolve.


  8. They’ve finally added 2 blocks of real estate to build on! 😁


  9. I got over 200 badges but am unable to do leaderboards it gives me a banned message


    • That is something you will have to address with TinyCo. Leaderboard bans can be created by a multitude of things. The main being altered games. So if you feel it is in error, reach out to them via your in game messaging


    • 200 Badges only a couple of days into the game? Lots of $ spent on clams? Lots of gameplay? Something less obvious?


  10. I can’t log in to my game at all – was linked to both Facebook and Google but both claim there is no game linked to those profiles. Help!!!


    • Like noted above… send an in gam.message to TINYCO from the new game your in while trying to re link


      • Yeah done, but from my experience with TinyCo lately, all that means is being ignored for a week followed by a “we are closing your ticket because we couldn’t get back to you in time” message. Already missing half this event, looks like this will be the end of my playing days in this game.


        • This isn’t a quick easy fix. The techs are doing all they can with the data I sent them along with other players like yourself… working to see if a patch can be made to resolve it as basic troubleshooting isn’t working.

          There’s something I’ve tried in the past that MIGHT help. Worth a try maybe. Use an alternate device. In other words, if you’re on iOS try an android or even Amazon device to log in and sync. Sometimes that alternate sync kicks it in gear. It may or may not work. It’s old school method I’ve done for this and other games to get in when locked out. Maybe give it a try?


  11. I’ve sent Meg, Joe and Hebert on their 4 hour tasks 4 times and only recieved 4 nets. Is 25% drop rate for nets expected? Thanks!


  12. Bunny

    I have 2 workers. I sent 1 of them to clear land and for some reason they are both working. The game froze and I had to resend one now they are both workin can you help


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