Guys In Black Event Is LIVE!!!

Here Comes The Men In Black!

Just when you thought it was safe to live on a farm. In comes crashing some ugly roach looking but that decides to take Edgar and make a suit out of him. Then these strange guys in suits show up to Flashy Thingy you an… wait… what was I talking about?

An Intergalactic Event has been dropped into our silly lil game and our Quahogs are running amok with some very unusual creatures. Just what does this Guys In Black Event have in store for us? Let’s take a peek.


Remember, we are pulling information live and updating the post as we can verify the stats in the game. Keep checking back to the post as we will put in the details as soon as we come across them in our games.


First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.51.0 or higher in order to see the event. Note: Facebook and Amazon App Markets do have delays of up to 24+ hrs on their launches. Also, you may have to go directly to the App Page to force an update on some devices.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more





Worms Statue: 290Clams, 35xp every 10hrs, ALWAYS drops x6 Galaxy Marbles

The Great Attractor’s Ball: 130Clams, 55xp every 12hrs, ALWAYS drops Sunglasses & Party Games

Secret Weapons Room: 250Clams, 25xp every 6hrs, Always Drops Arrest Warrants



Alien Traffic Stop: 350 Alien Slime

Zap-Em Truck: 400 Alien Slime

Lunar Probe: 300 Alien Slime

Radioactive Chemical Vat: 60 Alien Slime

Hazardous Chemical Vat: 60 Alien Slime

Alien Chemical Vat: 60 Alien Slime



x15 Revive Capsules600

x8 Revive Capsules340

x3 Revive Capsules150


x6 Squid Net: 66Clams


Alien Slime: Fight Ballchinians OR Fight Edgar the Bug OR Questlines



Agent Zed: 280Clams, Helps fight Ballchinians & Edgar the Bug, Comes with Questline, Fully Tasked, Helps drop Squid Nets


Agent Pee (Peter Costume): Helps fight Ballchinians & Edgar the Bug, Comes with Questline, Fully Tasked
8 Sunglasses (Uncommon): Alien Immigration Office OR Great Attractor’s Ball
21 Atomizers (Always): Clear Alien Squid
6 Black Suits (Common): Men in Black’s Wearhouse





During the Main Questline, The New Black Pt 3, you will be directed to go to the World Expo Tower to see who is there.

Tapping on the Hammer will show it will cost $10 and take Zero seconds to Unlock. Once you complete this Repair, you will find the Worms and start their 7 day timer.

The Worms:
7 Luxury Cigars (Always): Clear Ballchinians
1 Gourmet Soil (Always): Clear Edgar the Bug
6 Coffee (Common): MIB Agent Exam Room
5 Earth Passports (Common): Worm’s Crib
20 Party Games (Rare): Bonnie Host a Block Party OR Bruce Play Party Games OR Great Attractor’s Ball OR Alien Squid Nursery

NOTE: If you have only one or two “Workers” to clear land, you may want to keep them available to unlock The Worms first. Otherwise you will be waiting 3 days or spending Clams to speed up the clearing of the New Land. 



This is a Bad Guy for Phase One. You will use a mix of Characters to battle the Ballchinians to earn Materials for items in the Event. You will be able to see what the Ballchinians Hit Power is and use it to determine what Character will be the best to use to defeat them. I started with 5 in my game

4 Hit Power, 8 Health

Characters Used:
Agent Pee ~ 4 Hit Power, 6 Health, 20% Chance knockout
Agent Zed~ 4 Hit Power, 8 Health, 30% Chance knockout
The Worms~ 6 Hit Power, 10 Health, 30% Chance knockout

WIN Chance Payout:
+10 Alien Slime
+2 Extra Strong Bug Spray
+26 Galaxy Marbles
+1 Luxury Cigars
+10 MIB Badges

LOSS Chance Payout:
+5 Alien Slime
+2 MIB Badges

Cost: 1 Arrest Warrant


Revive Characters:
They will regain strength over time (8hrs) OR Use Revive Potion to instantly Revive Character for another Battle

Arrest Warrant (Uncommon): Secret Weapons Room OR Mort Put Up Wanted Posters OR Jerome Hunt Bounty OR Agent Pee Peter Push Paper
***NOTE: The Tasks will NOT currently show up until you unlock one of the Characters you need for the Battles, like Zed, Agent Pee, or the Worms. I am checking in on this one to see if that is as intended. ***


I could send Zed to attack a Ballchinian. Both have the same Hit & Health Power. If both hit each other with just -4, then the battle is a loss as they still each have 4 Health left. I will get the Loss Rewards, but I can battle again to take his remaining 4 Health.

If I attack with Zed and he hits a Knockout +8, then I will have won the battle and get the full Win Rewards


You will be able to tell if you attacked one already as their Health will show above their head while they walk around in a Heart once they are battled and have some remaining.



These cute lil Alien Babies will launch into the Event during The New Black Pt. 2. I started with 6 in my game. This is another type of Bad Guy you can defeat to earn Materials.

You will need to earn Squid Nets first to use to clear the Alien Squid. Once you have some nets, you can tap on an Alien Squid to bring up the Target Screen, tap on the Squid Net, then move the Squid Net around until the Alien Squid Turns Purple and is in the “Kill Zone”, then tap on the check mark to launch the Squid Net and get your rewards for clearing the Alien Squid.

Alien Squid: Requires 1 Squid Net to Catch and Clear

Squid Nets (Uncommon): Joe Take Inventory of Police Gear OR Herbert Clean Out His Garage OR Meg Hunt for Boyfriends OR Agent Zed Test New Tech OR Clam Purchase from Shop

Chance Payout:
+1 Atomizers
+2 Galaxy Marbles



FYI: Edgar has NOT shown up in my game yet.

Update: He appeared today (8/3)

During the Main Questline, The New Black Pt 4, you will trigger Edward the Bug. You will have to wait for him to appear before you can battle him. In the meantime, collect Extra Strong Bug Spray to use on him.

Battle with Edgar the Bug will be similar to the Ballchinians in that you will select Character to battle, possibly losing health while doing so and possibly needing to battle more than once to defeat. Then when defeated, you will earn Materials for the Event.

You will find Edgar by his crashed ship in the Event Area when he shows up.

Edgar the Bug:
18 Hit Power, 16 Health

Characters Used (you can select up to 3):
Agent Pee ~ 4 Hit Power, 6 Health, 20% Chance knockout
Agent Zed~ 4 Hit Power, 8 Health, 30% Chance knockout
The Worms~ 6 Hit Power, 10 Health, 30% Chance knockout

WIN Chance Payout:
+6 Neuralyzers
+1 Gourmet Soil
+ 20 Alien Slime
+40 MIB Badges

LOSS Chance Payout:
+15 Alien Slime
+4 MIB Badges

Cost: 2 Extra Strong Bug Sprays


Revive Characters:
They will regain strength over time OR Use Revive Potion to instantly Revive Character for another Battle

Extra Strong Bug Spray: Clear Ballchinians


Example: Edgar has a lot higher Health (16) than the Ballchinians (8), so you will need to attack him multiple times with one Character or wait til you have the Worms and/or get Zed to be able to do more damage at one time on him. Right now, all 3 together will still only offer 14 Damage… unless more knockouts are awarded. So it is a likely chance multiple battles will be needed to destroy him.

I attempted a Battle with just Zed. Here are my results…
Zed: Hit Edgar -4
Edgar: Hit Zed -8
Battle: Loss



Much like previous Events, we do not go too into specifics on the Leaderboards outside the basic stats.

Keep in mind they are OPTIONAL. This means YOU play at YOUR OWN RISK! It will not be easy, it will be a constant battle, and most likely take a lot of time and/or Clams to hit the upper spots. Again, OPTIONAL.

You will be able to move up the Leaderboard depending on by earning MIB Badges, like by battling Ballchinians & Edgar the Bug in Phase 1

Grand Prize  1-150: Boris the Animal

2nd Prize 151-500: Jeff the Alien Worm (Deco)

3rd Prize 501-5000: Statue of Liberty Neuralyzer (Deco)



In the Event Area of your game, you will see on the upper side a Tall Green Glowing Building. This is Jeeb’s Pawn Shop. This location is where you will be able to EXCHANGE one Material you earn for another you will need during the Event.

For Phase 1, you will see the following kind of Exchange Options (varies by Player)

4 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
8 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
10 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
12 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
28 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
30 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
32 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
34 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers
38 Galaxy Marbles = 3 Neuralizers


Galaxy Marbles (Uncommon): Clear Ballchinians OR Clear Alien Squids OR Worms Statue



In the back center of the Event Area, you will see a Square-ish Building with the roof open so you can see inside. This is the MIB HQ.

The MIB HQ is where you can use acquired Materials collected to CRAFT Buildings, Decorations, and potentially Characters/Costumes for the Event. For this part of the Event, they will have to unlocked in order.

Here is the list of items I see for Phase 1…

Alien Immigration Office: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Chance Drop Sunglasses
2 Neuralyzers

Men In Black’s Wearhouse: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drops Black Suits
5 Neuralyzers

MIB Agent Exam Room: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drops Coffee
6 Neuralyzers

Invader Eliminators Pest Control: $60 & 40xp every 12hrs
4 Neuralyzers

Alien Squid Nursery: $45 & 30xp every 8hrs, Chance Drops Party Games
7 Neuralyzers

Worm’s Crib: $25 & 15xp every 3hrs, Chance Drops Earth Passports
6 Neuralyzers

Edgar’s Farm: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs
12 Neuralyzers

MIB Shooting Range: $55 & 35 every 10hrs
14 Neuralyzers



As I noted on the other post, there is a small strip of land available to purchase with your coins and unlock in your Quahog. It will be in the far right lower corner of Quahog.

The Farthest Right Strip: $300,000 & 3 days to unlock

The Strip Next To It:  $300,000 & 3 days to unlock

NOTE: If you have only one or two “Workers” to clear land, you may want to keep them available to unlock The Worms first. Otherwise you will be waiting 3 days or spending Clams to speed up the clearing of the New Land. 



There you have it. The Overall Look at the New Guys in Black Event. Keep an eye out for more upcoming posts that will go into more detail for many items listed above.

Thoughts so far? Any favorites? Tips to help fellow Players? Got the Men In Black song now on repeat in your mind? Just me? Let us know.



73 responses to “Guys In Black Event Is LIVE!!!

  1. Mib sucks .. you’d need to spend a ton of real cash to get these things and it says the characters you fight with are suppose to gain health back if you don’t want to buy revives, but my character hasn’t gained any health back in days .. souks be another way to get revives besides buying them .. think I’ll stop playing that part of the game


  2. When does phase 2 start? I was late to phase 1 because of my issues, so I’m not sure when exactly to expect phase 2.


  3. Might be worth for those unable to play due to save game crashing, just try loading on another ‘device’ type – i.e. if you are playing on iOS, try loading on Facebook and/or Android (you can use Bluestacks if you do not have an Android phone or whatever) etc.
    Mine REGULARLY fails to work for no apparent reason across 2 of the 3 at non-specific times, loading it on one of the other devices usually fixes* it.
    *Doesn’t usually fix it for the preferred device right away, but at least lets me play on whichever one it is which works.


    • I put same suggestions on the “issue” post comments. It’s something I’ve done for years with this game and others when it would “catch”


  4. I definitely cleared land right away and had to wait to unlock works. While I did possibly fall behind due to that, I was able to collect more nets and Alien Warrants while I waited. I didn’t even think about only having two workers, I was so excited to clear the land!


  5. Any suggested strategy on when to unlock worms and start working on them?


  6. Well maybe it’s just my game then…


  7. Sigh, when are they going to fix “uncommon” drops, 9 tries to get nets and I’ve gotten 2 so far. Either fix the droprate or lower the amount of time, 4 hours is way too long.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. When does the leaderboard timer for Boris the animal end?


  9. I don’t see anywhere it says how to collect the big spray? Was also wondering, do you know if you assign all your workers to unlocking land, can you still place everything for the event right away? I don’t remember having to wait to build anything during last events but sometimes you need a worker for just placing a building.


  10. So the easy way to keep from hitting the worm timer is to jump on that new land right away. Two workers, two plots of land, woo hoo!! THREE DAYS?!?! Hmm, okay, finish the clear early for 7 bajillion clams or wait on that 10 second clear to start the Worm gathering…


  11. Do Mort/Jerome drops start at a set point as I am not seeing their drops for arrest warrants…. or are they new costumes yet to be seen?


    • You must have Agent Pee, Agent Zed or The Worms for the drops to trigger. No way to stockpile them before have a character to use them I’m afraid


  12. All went well so far except that I cannot see Jorome and Mort being actionable toward Arrest Warrant. The only choice I have is the Secret Weapon Room. My wife is on he exact game progress as I do and she can see both making Arrest Warrant. Not sure if it’s a bug but I filed a report to them hopefully it’ll get fixed.


    • Looking at my game you must have Agent Pee, Agent Zed or The Worms for the drops to trigger. No way to stockpile them before have a character to use them I’m afraid. Your wife has either got one of them or got lucky with a glitch. But I’m getting Bunny to ask what is happening.


  13. May have pulled the trigger early on Agent Zed. While he does drop nets, his ability to battle is dependent on chance drop of arrest warrants.


  14. My google+ save game crashes still, everytime i try and load into it.


    • Use the temp game that you have and send them a message from that game about issue.


    • I was having the same issue yesterday and this morning. I uninstalled the game cuz it was up to 1.6gb storage space. I do it every couple months. Every other time I’ve done it, I have no prob logging back in thru Google+ but I couldn’t until this afternoon. It just kept force closing on me when I would press on load level 90 save game. Hopefully yours works now too


    • Not just google+ but facebook as well. Uninstalled, then reinstalled. Click on change account, facebook save showed the right level. Clicked it, then crashed. No amount of uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing data and cache has fixed it.


  15. To be honest, If they’re going to add land I would have preferred a new district instead of another uncommon drop event. Their favorite group of characters are worn out. I had five side quests in my list with a task for Bonnie to do. :/

    Liked by 2 people

  16. I dont see any tasks of Mort/Jerome to collect Arrest warrant. Anyone has the same issue? Thanks!


    • I think you need have Agent Pee, Agent Zed or The Worms for the drops to trigger. Looks like no way to stockpile them before have a character to use them I’m afraid. Getting bunny to confirm this


  17. Mort and Jerome’s tasks to earn Arrest Warrants haven’t shown up in my game yet (Mort Put Up Wanted Posters OR Jerome Hunt Bounty). The only option displayed for the warrants is the premium Weapons Room. Poor old Mort and Jerome have both been checked out of TanLines and walking around aimlessly waiting to be useful! Have in-game messaged Tinyco Support.


    • You must have Agent Pee, Agent Zed or The Worms for the drops to trigger. No way to stockpile them before have a character to use them I’m afraid


      • Tinyco’s (very quick, I was impressed!) response was “The character drops will not appear until players reach “The New Black Pt. 5″, which will prompt players to earn an Arrest Warrant, or until a character used for combat is unlocked.” So it looks like we might eventually be able to earn some before unlocking Pee and Zee, but would definitely have to start The Worms timer in Pt. 3 to get there 😦


  18. I had completely forgotten the worker guy existed until I bought the new land area.
    I’m disappointed they used Zed from the cartoons and not Zed from the movie.


  19. When do Arrest Warrants trigger for Mort and Jerome?


    • You must have Agent Pee, Agent Zed or The Worms for the drops to trigger. No way to stockpile them before have a character to use them I’m afraid


  20. Q: How do you know that there is too little time between events?

    A: You still have tasks from 2 events ago!


    Oh, and I suddenly got Fat Lois tasks as well, so there’s that.
    (I already had Fat Lois as a character)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I got her questline too. And I still have a task from Game launch because I’ve not played on an iOS device in forever. (Gold Suit Peter) Lol

      I also got some tasks from last year still waiting to complete.


  21. Holy crap on the new land! 3 days to unlock is BS though. Hopefully it’s a sign of more land to come as I’ve been completely full and storing 90% of new buildings/decorations for the past few events


    • More land doesn’t solve issue many have of the minute they try build a town, the memory can’t cope!!! I’d like see some buildings shrunk down as well, some things are just not scaled, and look huge when placed

      Liked by 1 person

        • Have you unlocked all the land prior to the Event? If so… scroll as far right as you can and as far towards bottom as you can in game land area and you’ll see the 2 new sections with hammers.

          If you still have other land to unlock… you may not see it yet.

          Be careful as you can’t use workers to repair anything else if you only have one or two workers. So they’d be unavailable for 3 days for repair on Worms

          Liked by 1 person

          • Argh – I wish I’d seen your comment earlier! I not have to wait 2 days and 10 hours until I can unlock Worms :\


          • I don’t thi k you have to unlock everything but I think you have to have Districts 8 & 9 unlocked (that’s where I am and they have showed up.)


            • What I am getting at is at times the option to unlock a specific patch of land will not show up with a Hammer until you clear the rest of the land around it. So… if a Player still has strips of land NOT unlocked in front of the New Land… they may not even notice it is there as they haven’t cleared the previous land. 🙂


      • Absolutely. My game used to work great – only the occasional glitch or crash. However, over the past couple of weeks, it has been crashing more than ever. I have put more of my characters / buildings / decorations away but it continues to crash just as bad. My game can no longer even handle the land that we already had. More land is great but sadly it will remain untouched. I already have enough crashes now as it is.


      • Ah right, memory isn’t an issue for me as I play on an emulator on my PC. My PC has 32 GB RAM, and I’ve allocated 4 GB to my emulator which is more than enough. They really should work on optimising the game for low memory users – TSTO is able to have buildings/decorations pop in and out as you move the screen around so it’s really only showing one screen at a time & it happens fast enough that most don’t notice. This map should easily be 10 times larger with the amount of content they give us.


  22. They’ve been a bit sneaky about the worms being on timer…. making it part of the main questline and giving no warning first about it starting a timer.

    thankfully i’ve learnt from my past mistakes and dont repair anything without checking here first, but i can imagine some people have just gone ‘tap tap ta… what the…!’

    im really hopeful of this event that it’s going to be done right and all the issues spotted and noted and passed on by the addicts team will have been taken on board and resolved. time will obviously tell but i’ve had a 3 for 3 drop rate on nets so that’s a pleasant surprise for an ‘uncommon’ drop

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Bunny, welcome back! I’m sure RT is glad to have you back, as an extra pair of Addicts hands and eyes!


    • Thanks. I have never really left, just more in the back pulling info and sending emails vs writing. And also trying not to break my phone because I was locked out of last part of a big event. Lol.

      RT has been doing amazing helping me hold down the fort here. She really stepped up to help me and continues to. 🙂


  24. i somehow lost 10 hours !! (but when i opened my game 5 hours ago the event wasn’t there yet) !!

    thanks for the time warning on the worms .. i won’t start their timer until i get Agent P


    • The event ends at the same time for everyone, so it doesn’t matter when it gets loaded on your device, still ends same day, same time for everyone.


  25. Kindle is updated!
    Unusual for for Amazon to release the update so soon.
    YEA, I may give this event some attention.
    I opted out of the last few.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Still logged out yet again despite updating. Third time contacting them. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into my game as of the 25th…


    • So are you completely locked out? If so, send me your splash screen image and I will see what I can do to help. 🙂


      • Here’s my situation. I usually uninstall the app because it takes up storage space every time I update. A way to save up space a bit. So most times I just relog into my account from Google and I’m fine. But as of the 25th, missing the Hillbilly event, every time I try to log in to my account from Google, it crashes. I’ve contacted Tiny Co. Three times. The first time they told me they cleaned the cache from their side, the second they told me to restart my phone, and the third time they told me it’s being notified to the support people.

        Are you talking about the loading screen? Sure. I’ll send it asap


        • Yes. Loading screen. I reported players running into this, so if I can link a game to it to those I speak with direct… I may be able to isolate better what is happening. Just know, you’re not the only one this is happening to.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yeah, no problem. This has been going on since the end of the summer camp event. My thing is, I know I won’t be able to fully complete this event now. I know my gaming patterns at a routine with this game. It sucks, but it is what it is. I just hope they could send a patch or something soon.


  27. What the Deuce, I thought I had another week to try and unlock Sam. Oh well.


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