Guys In Black 101: Back In Black Mystery Box & EXTRAS

Hey there Mystery Science Theater 3K!

The Final Phase 4 is now in our silly lil Quahogs. That means TinyCo has some last minute goodies they want to toss into our games.

A New Guys In Black Event Mystery Box that dropped into our Quahog’s called the Back in Black Mystery Box. There are also some additional items in the Shopping Cart for Alien Slime.

Let’s take a peek inside the Mystery Box & Shopping Cart and see what tempting treats are available. 

For more information on the Event, go to the Event Page HERE



180 Clams PER TRY. That means it may take you one try to get what you want or it may take you 10… no matter what, you still will have to pay 180 Clams each time you want to “spin the wheel” in the Mystery Box to see what Prizes you are rewarded.



You can find it in your Shopping Cart. Go to the Event tab, and there you will see the Mystery Box listed.

Tap on the 180 Clams Cost Icon below it and the Mystery Box Pop Up will appear.



As it takes a few steps to get there, as well as a WARNING POP UP asking you if you are SURE that you want to spend your Clams for a try that you have to accept… accidentally spending money on the Mystery Box is nearly impossible.

Whether you just open the Mystery Box and tap BUY. Or already took a turn and want to try again by tapping RETRY

You will be asked if you are SURE you want to use your 180 Clams



Once you have either tapped on the Image of Brian in the Shopping Cart or the Statue of Brian, you will see the Back in Black Mystery Box Pop Up Appear.

Down towards the Bottom, you will see two buttons.

BUY: Tap on this Yellow/Orange Button to pay 150 Clams for a try in the Mystery Box

PRIZES: Tap on this Green Button to see what current Prizes are inside the Mystery Box for you, from there you can scroll left and right to see all that is available


Here is a quick list of the Prizes inside…

One Time Items

  • Jarra Joe (Costume)
  • Agent Zed (Character)
  • Frank the Pug (Character)
  • Flash God (Costume)
  • World Expo Towers (Building)



To give you a better idea, here is the rundown of the items inside of the Back in Black Mystery Box and what they can do/help with.

Jarra Joe (Costume): Helps with Battles
Character Profile
Character Questline


Agent Zed (Character): Helps with Battles
Character Profile
Character Questline


Frank the Pug (Character): Helps with Battles
Character Profile
Character Questline


Flash God (ONLY Costume): Helps with Battles
Character Profile
Character Questline


World Expo Towers (Building): ALWAYS Drops x10 Clams every 24hrs until September 27, 2017



Because I already had all the Characters, I was left with only the Towers… so that was it. One and done.



A few Decorations were added into our Shopping Carts too for the cost of Alien Slime.

Mikey the Alien (Animated Decoration): 300 Alien Slime, I was only able to buy one, he does dance around in his little square space with the head on a stick.

Alien Squid (Decoration): 100 Alien Slime, I was only able to buy one, sadly… no animation on this one 😦 (I was hoping for a walking decoration that would roam my Quahog and that I could get many of)


There you have it, a look at the Back in Black Mystery Box and the items inside.

Did you splurge and take a chance at the Mystery Box? If so, what kind of results did you get in your game? Like the Prizes you got? Have a favorite? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.


22 responses to “Guys In Black 101: Back In Black Mystery Box & EXTRAS

  1. Wow, I thought I was doing pretty good with over 8800 badges but, as of this post, #150 has 12,167. The top 9 have over 20,000 badges each! I can’t even imagine how that is even possible without spending a bunch of money on clams to buy characters and speed up tasks.


  2. Whats in this galactic gift box? for 300 slimes. Is it worth it?
    Im sitting on 1600 slimes right now and want to spend it ofcourse before the event ends.


    • The prizes are World Expo Pavillion, MIB Stewue Statue, MIB Brian Statue, Jack Jeebs Pawn Shop, MIB HQ and World Expo Fountain. So there’s 6 items in total, if you click on the Mystery Box in the store it will give you the option to see the prizes, but they are basically buildings and items from the event area.


  3. Didn’t realise until reading this that the towers were actually a clam payout which I won on my first try so am going to earn nearly 300 clam for a 180 payout not bad for a change.


  4. I got Jarra and the Expo tower. I don’t really want either of the other two, so I’ll leave it there


  5. Got Flash God, then Zed (or vice versa), then clam generator and stopped as that was what I wanted. I thought it was a better deal than some, so why not.


  6. my wish that i made at the start of the event came true .. a baby alien squid deco ^_^ but i wanted more than one 😦

    also hoping for a slime box … i still have like 300 of them


  7. I might have been tempted if 2 of the items weren’t costumes.


  8. I have all of the characters and costumes that were released during this event now. The only one (out of everything) that I was missing was Jarra Joe. I had previously tried the mystery box (with Joe’s costume in it) twice but never got it (not like when I tried the second mystery box and got Stewie’s costume on my first try 😃). So I opened this box twice and got Joe’s costume and then the World Expo Towers. Now I have them all.


  9. Why are the tasks so hard

    Sent from my iPhone



  10. Not gonna spend 180 clams to try and get the building when I could wind up with 4 characters I have no need for. Too bad they did not do a clam generator at the start of the event, instead of charging us to try for one. They are making some interesting choices lately, and some of them are pretty good, but others are horrible.

    I was hoping they would do a slime mystery box, as i have so much slime and no uses for it.


    • I personally am very gratefull this Mystery Box is full of “nothing but winners” in my Mind. Characters and Clam generating Building… all good options. Not just more n more n more Materials repeated. 🙂

      I too hoped for slime box. Still 2 days left… keeping my Materials til last few hours of event just in case. 🙂


      • Bunny, that is very true, it is a good thing not to have a lot of materials, and just costumes and characters in the box. It is a fair price for them as well. Nothing more frustrating than winding up with a ton of useless materials, let alone paying for the privilege! *chuckle*

        I remember you telling me a long time ago, always wait until the last day to “dump” the event currency, as there is often a currency box, so I do just that! I am always hoping for the Stewie and Brian Statues, as I am actually collecting them, and of course, there was a slime box, with my statues!

        I hope that since you are around a little more often, you are feeling better. Strange how you can worry about people you never meet, just “see” online, and I was worried for you. *smile*


        • Awww thanks. I’m slowly getting there. Almost 2 years since I came close to literally losing my life (December 2015). Been struggling with my health since. I’m a fighter and take it one day at a time. One hour at a time if needed. 🙂

          I’ll keep fighting til I’ve regained more strength. Hopefully be able to venture out more soon. Going to try something end of September and see how I do in large crowds again. Crossing fingers it goes well.

          And I totally get the “strangers online” connection as I feel like you n many others are my friends. People I care about. 🙂


  11. I just emptied out my clams to get the World Expo Towers. Of course, I got it last. It doesn’t say anything about an end date, so I’m gonna be pissed off if it ever ends.I never would have gone for it otherwise.


  12. Thanks for putting this together! I don’t care at all about the costumes and barely care about the characters, so not really worthwhile to me. Thanks for clearing that up!


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