A Very Griffin Holo-ween 101: Quarantine Tent (Phase 1-4)

Better put on your Hospital Masks and Orange Suits… there’s Contamination ahead!!

A Very Griffin Holo-ween has placed several Buildings in our Event Area that will offer up items to help us along in the Event.

During this post, I will be going into the details of the Quarantine Tent (Phase 1-4) and all you will encounter on the way.

You can find more information about the Event on the Event Page HERE!



Over in your Event Area in your Game Play Screen, you will see the Quarantine Tent in the Lower Left Area.



BRAINS! One of the Main Material Currencies you will need throughout the Event is Brains. Brains are being used to unlock Buildings, Decorations, and even Characters/Costumes in Lost Hope Hospital.

The Quarantine Tent is the Exchange Building where you will trade other earned Materials for the much needed Brains.



As this is kind of a combined post, I will note the Materials per Phase they were released.

Phase 1: Livers

Phase 2: Livers & Hands

 Phase 3: Livers, Hands, & Eyes

 Phase 4: Hands, Eyes, & Hearts




Here are the most current options to collect the Materials needed for the Quarantine Tent From.

Livers (Always): Clear Zombie Monkey OR Clear Zombie Boar OR Completing Achievement Tasks (Prepped for Success, Off The Chainsaw, Beginning of the End) OR Hannibal’s Dinner Table (Premium) OR Arms Up Mystery Box (Phase 2)

Hands (Always): Clearing CDC Zombies OR Clear Military Zombies OR Clear Patient Zombies OR Achievement Tasks (Gathering Supplies, Weapons Shopping, Hunting Day, The Second Wave) OR Fishy Heads (Premium) OR Arm Up Mystery Box (Phase 2)

Eyes (Always): Bomb Patient Zombies OR Clear Bear Trap Zombies OR Clear Wheelchair Zombies OR Achievement Tasks (Ganging Up For Victory, Building an Arsenal, Kill & Build, Flaming Cocktails, The Third Wave) OR The Creeper’s Van OR Up In Arms Mystery Box (Phase 4)

 Hearts (Always): Clear Cook Zombies OR Clear Trucker Zombies OR Bomb Hospital Patient Zombies OR Achievement Tasks (Stocking Up Supplies, Weapons Galore, Turning the Tide, Fourth Wave) OR Prison Guard Tower OR Up In Arms Mystery Box (Phase 4)



If you tap on the Quarantine Tent and open up the Pop Up Screen, you will see along the Top Center all of your Materials you currently have and their amounts listed.



If you tap on the different options currently available to you, the color around the option will change from a darker purple to a lighter one. The lighter purple is highlighting the current option you have selected.

You will also notice as you tap on each option, the far right side will show you the list of Materials required for the currently selected option.



Green Check Marks. The Option boxes in the Quarantine Tent will actually show a Green Check Mark on them if you have enough Materials to select that option(s). The Screen will also show the option to CRAFT the current option that has enough Materials.


Once you run out of the needed Materials, the Check Mark(s) will disappear until you collect enough again. You will also notice off to the right lower side where the Material Amounts are, it will show the option to BUY with Clams if you do not have enough to make that selection.



I again will be breaking these down by the Phases they were launched in. The results will vary for every Player, but this will at least give you an overall idea.


4 Livers = 4 Brains
12 Livers = 4 Brains
18 Livers = 4 Brains
24 Livers = 4 Brains
28 Livers = 4 Brains
32 Livers = 4 Brains
34 Livers = 4 Brains
36 Livers = 4 Brains
38 Livers = 4 Brains
40 Livers = 4 Brains
60 Livers = 4 Brains



28 Hands  = 5 Brains
34 Hands  = 5 Brains
42 Hands  = 5 Brains
50 Hands  = 5 Brains
52 Hands  = 5 Brains
54 Hands  = 5 Brains

9 Hands & 24 Livers  = 3 Brains
14 Hands & 26 Livers  = 3 Brains
16 Hands & 28 Livers  = 3 Brains
18 Hands & 30 Livers  = 3 Brains
19 Hands & 30 Livers  = 3 Brains
21 Hands & 32 Livers  = 3 Brains



12 Eyes & 11 Hands & 20 Livers = 4 Brains
15 Eyes & 14 Hands & 26 Livers = 4 Brains
17 Eyes & 16 Hands & 28 Livers = 4 Brains
18 Eyes & 18 Hands & 30 Livers = 4 Brains

24 Eyes & 26 Hands = 6 Brains
29 Eyes & 32 Hands = 6 Brains
33 Eyes & 34 Hands = 6 Brains
35 Eyes & 35 Hands = 6 Brains
36 Eyes & 30 Hands = 6 Brains
37 Eyes & 33 Hands = 6 Brains
38 Eyes & 38 Hands = 6 Brains

29 Eyes = 5 Brains
35 Eyes = 5 Brains
40 Eyes = 5 Brains




20 Eyes & 22 Hands & 14 Hearts = 6 Brains
22 Eyes & 26 Hands & 16 Hearts = 6 Brains
24 Eyes & 28 Hands & 18 Hearts = 6 Brains
25 Eyes & 32 Hands & 18 Hearts = 6 Brains
26 Eyes & 24 Hands & 20 Hearts = 6 Brains
28 Eyes & 30 Hands & 20 Hearts = 6 Brains
30 Eyes & 32 Hands & 21 Hearts = 6 Brains
36 Eyes & 38 Hands & 28 Hearts = 6 Brains

26 Eyes & 22 Hearts = 8 Brains
30 Eyes & 30 Hearts = 8 Brains
32 Eyes & 24 Hearts = 8 Brains
33 Eyes & 34 Hearts = 8 Brains
34 Eyes & 28 Hearts = 8 Brains
35 Eyes & 32 Hearts = 8 Brains
38 Eyes & 30 Hearts = 8 Brains
48 Eyes & 42 Hearts = 8 Brains

32 Hearts = 7 Brains
34 Hearts = 7 Brains
35 Hearts = 7 Brains
36 Hearts = 7 Brains
38 Hearts = 7 Brains
42 Hearts = 7 Brains
46 Hearts = 7 Brains
58 Hearts = 7 Brains



There was an option added in Phase 3 to Exchange Gasoline you earned for Molotov Cocktails in the Quarantine Tent. These are used to Bomb the Patient Zombies.


7 Gas = 1 Molotov Cocktail
8 Gas = 1 Molotov Cocktail

15 Gas = 2 Molotov Cocktail



15 Gas = 2 Molotov Cocktail

23 Gas = 3 Molotov Cocktail


Gas (Always): Quagmire Fix Women’s Cars OR Jerome Make Moonshine Into Gas OR Axeman Peter Juggle Chainsaws OR Slayer Peter Statue


There you have the overall Basics of the Quarantine Tent for Phases 1-4 of A Very Griffin Holo-ween Event.

How are your exchanges going? Are you using the Molotov Cocktail Exchange at all? What items are you finding you use the most? Any tips for fellow Players? Let us know.



11 responses to “A Very Griffin Holo-ween 101: Quarantine Tent (Phase 1-4)

  1. About 2 or 3 days ago I recived 3 new offers, one was something like “buy 5.00 dollars worth of clams and recive Consuela , 130 clams and smthing else” but since than I don’t see the offer, I dont know if i buy 5 dollors worth of clams it will give me consuela or only the clams?Does anybody know? tkx


    • Probably timed offers. Many have been hitting the game for past characters.

      If you scroll through your open tasks and can’t find it, it’s likely the offer timed out and is gone now. No way to still receive it.

      Most are 24hr to 48hr offers.


      • I dont’t think you understand, it only pop up and than was gone, I click skip and gone, it wasan’t in the task, not for 24h not for 12h not even for 2min, it was like the pupet of jix saw but didn’t show in task…


        • It was an offer for billy the puppet. I noted him and the offers in the main phase 4 live post.

          If you already have him, the offer wouldn’t apply.

          He was timed, so if you don’t have him and he disappeared before his time… all you can do is contact TinyCo.


          • Never mind… I’m asking one thing and you are giving me answer to somthing else…its like I’m talking about cars and you tell me about the weather… thanks


            • I’m giving you the answer… contact TinyCo. I’m telling you the offers that SHOULD have shown up and what they SHOULD have looked like… but didn’t appear that way as you explained. But those were the offers. Other players stated same.

              Take it or leave it. I’m trying to help, but it’s not the answer you want to hear so you’re taking it out on me for no reason.

              Take a few minutes to see what I’m explaining to you instead of getting upset. Go to the Phase 4 Live post, go under Characters Section, look at the Billy the Puppet offers. That’s what glitched.



    • I had those 3 offers pop up too and they did appeare in my tasks. They all had 24 hours timer on them but they disappered the next time I opened my game which was still within 24 hours. Since I was not planning on buying them I did not think too much about it. As that happened to you too, it might have been a glitch and we probably we not suppose to receive them.


  2. Not sure where to post this as I have not seen a post yet on the 24 hour sabre quest – create 10 and get 4 additional. Because I had to use clams to get the last sabre to meet the deadline I was sitting on the timer until the last minute in an effort to use the least amount of clams. The timer was coming up to 1 minute left when just as I was purchasing the clams the quest icon disappeared. I did not get the 4 sabres and I lost 11 clams. If the timer says I have 1 minute left then I should have 1 minute left. I have sent an e-mail to TinyCo help but I have found in the past that they usually are not very helpful. Has anyone else experiences this type of situation? and are you able to help me with regards to TinyCo. The extra sabres are very much needed and the loss of clams is very disappointing. Thanks for all you do for us,


    • All you can do is wait at this time for them to respond. I did not experience this myself. I saw the 4 reward screen and got them. Give them a few days to respond and follow up if no word in 5 days.


  3. Agreed! I don’t understand why patient zombies are still dropping them when bombed? It would make more sense if they dropped hearts instead of livers!


  4. The same thing happened last time – where the Week 1 items (Livers and Chainsaws) became useless in Week 4.
    I can assume from this that the Week 2 items (Hands and Machetes) will also become useless in Week 5.

    Seems a bit of a shame since these Livers are still piling up with no means of cashing them in on anything useful – too bad for anyone who spent Clams buying a Liver-generator…


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