Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town – Review & How Did You Do Poll

Hey there readers, I’d like to welcome you to this tragic gamblers story, where today I’m going to be talking about the event that just was, Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town. After 4 weeks of decorating trees and collecting presents it’s all over but for the poll, and that’s where we will find out if this event saw you celebrating or suffering from the holiday blues.

Now I usually do a big, long-winded, rambling review of events but I’m finding since many of the recent events are clones of what’s gone previous I’m writing the same each time. This isn’t fun to write and it must be getting boring for you to read, so I thought I decided after the last event to cut it short and just tell you what I liked and didn’t like.

What I liked:

  • Easy start to the event – shame it didn’t last
  • 8 new characters and costumes available freemium
  • Return of Santa character for players who didn’t have him
  • Clam generator building, North Pole Credit Union
  • Bonus clams
  • No timers that saw Characters disappear is unlock requirements not met within them
  • Shorter side Questlines
  • A Christmas tree to decorate, ok upgrade
  • A real Christmas feel to the event content
  • Elf Stewie (Shane TinyCo put him in a mystery box – should have been the Week 4 Wishlist grand prize)
  • Reindeer Brian

What I didn’t like: 

  • Returning decoration as Wishlist grand prize
  • Mystery Boxes containing materials
  • The 2 best festive costumes, Reindeer Brian & Elf Stewie were premium
  • No Christmas gift for long-term players who already had Santa
  • Event after a great start got bogged down with trying upgrade tree and Blitzen’s bar

Now if you can please take a minute to complete the end of event poll at the end of this post I’d be very grateful. Please note for those that experience the jump glitch when answering poll questions, there’s a direct link at the bottom of the page that will help you avoid this problem, just keep scrolling to the bottom.

And just incase you can’t see the poll or find it jumps about when you’re trying answer, here’s the direct link:

~ Russian Tigger

18 responses to “Santa Griffin Is Coming To Town – Review & How Did You Do Poll

  1. Gabe "the glue man" Degrossi

    I’ll admit I totally gave up on the last week, it’s end goal sucked and was not at all enticing having 0 new characters for the final week. I didn’t want to endure the upgrading and all that any more than I already had to.


  2. this event to me kind of sucked for me and i have been playing this game since day one drops for me were terrible finished week 2 in the middle of week 3 due to trying to upgrade the bar and christmas tree i really wanted krampus but oh well


  3. Am I the only one who enjoyed this event? 5 new costumes and 3 new characters – all freemium! And there were some nice clam bonuses for completion of several tasks ( 100 clams for upgrading the tree? Yes please!!)
    Ok….I was feeling pretty flushed with clams so I did purchase all the additional characters (with the exception of Elf Stewie & Jill Frost from the mystery boxes) so that made things a lot easier for me, but I found it no worse than previous events.


    • I liked event but some players had drop issues that left them trapped as they couldn’t upgrade the tree or/and bar. I But I think it was actually a popular event, no real anger seen in the comments compared some events


    • Certainly not the only one. 🙂 I also found it ran quite well, and while I did not complete the event, I did complete weeks 1-3, and much of week 4. No glitches for me, and it didn’t sound like there were too many for others, either, which rates as a success, these days. 😉


    • I thought it was a great event. I picked up a couple of things and still ended the event with more clams than at the beginning. I applaud TinyCo for the changes it made for this event compared to past events.


  4. Phases 1 and 2 of this were highly enjoyable. Phase 3 not so much. I barely finished 3 by the end of the whole event, and still had to spend clams to finish unlocking Krampus. I think the following would have made this a better event:
    Make the booze drops ALWAYS
    Don’t close the stores
    Remove the storage cap requirement for gifts
    Take out the Mall Cop mechanic completely (this type of thing is truly terrible for players who enjoy building the town since the targets are so spread out).


    • What’s annoying to ME about things like Mall Cops and Confused Moms and Lingerie Angels, etc., is when an event as so freakin’ many of them wandering the streets all at once, and maybe you’re trying to tap on a building to collect coins or to check a character out of it, and instead, you hit one of these people passing by, and you’re prompted to choose a character to shoo them away or fire some donuts at them, then you have to close the pop-up to resume what you were doing. It just causes a lot of delays when you’re trying to get stuff done, especially when items are timed, so you’re trying to act quickly.


      • I have my street limited to a couple of blocks, so everyone is jammed together. Didn’t have any problems at all doing it that way.


  5. Initially I was only sending one character shopping before I realised you could send multiple on ne shopping trip. Could have helped level up quicker if I worked that out sooner.

    I agree that long term players should have got a Christmas present if already having Santa. Would have like it if he had something to do in the event too. How can you not include Santa in a Christmas event.


  6. I liked this event. I bought the North Pole Credit Union asap which helped a lot along with the daily clam offers. I didn’t buy any premium stuff (I never do, I always play freemium), but I used clams to speed up some tasks.

    I completed all wish-lists, got all freemium characters/character costumes. Blitzen Bar was easy to level to max. For Christmas Tree to level to max I had to use 104 clams in the last hour of the event. But since I got 100 back from that and I got Vacation Santa costume I was OK with 4 clam loss.

    I had some crashing issues in the beginning but TinyCo was very fast to help me to resolve those. All in all very enjoyable event.


  7. No need to publish this comment.

    I did your Christmas survey. Cher Horowitz probably shouldn’t be on the favourite character list. Oops.

    Each time I answered (using an iphone) the survey auto-scrolled to the end and I had to scroll back up. If this is the same for others then you might have people not finish the survey out of annoyance.

    Have a groovy day.


    • Cher has left the building, thanks.

      The poll scrolling has been an issue for some, including me,mas long as I’ve been writing here and if you look at bottom post you’ll see I put a direct link to the poll for those who have that issue in order they can complete it without the jumping back and forth, use that and it saves you that hassle.

      Thanks again


  8. I enjoyed this event at the start, for the first 2 phases i was completing all tasks and quests and unlocking characters with days to spare.
    then with it being xmas i had a few nights out, couldn’t collect items at the right times, woke up late after trying to sleep off a hangover or 2, so i fell behind a few days and never caught back up.

    Aside from that, the items required to upgrade the tree weren’t even an always drop so a number of times I collected and didn’t get a basketball or a bauble so couldn’t upgrade my tree. missed out on loads of free clams because of that.
    Other drop issues were krampus horns. i got a pair of horns on my first collection but then nothing for more than 2 days.

    I also had an issue where my shop times didn’t seem to be based on my local time, so whenever i woke up and played all the shops were shut/doing their cooldown so i had to wait at least another 4hrs before i could send any characters to them.
    That also messed up my timings massively because it also meant that even if i had a good day and collected exactly when they were due by the time i was going to bed they were still in cooldown, and i wasn’t prepared to pay the clams to open them up.

    the only other thing that helped was that i had Santa from a previous event so when the byte shop became available i was able to send santa straight out. in reality i couldnt actually send him anywhere because i was waiting for horns for Krampus so i could send him to get the hot toddys… but was nice to know i was able to reuse a character from a previous xmas event.


  9. I chose “boring” in your one word description question, but tedious would be more accurate. No fun or joy to this event, just endless repetition trying to upgrade that stupid bar.


  10. Some event missions took too long. Not enough time.


  11. Agree with all your points, RT. I did try the Elf Stewie mystery box (against my better judgement) and won the clam award, so I stopped right there.

    Overall, pretty good event, IMHO. I did pay 28 clams to get the Santa costume with 4 minutes left in the game as I won the clams in the box, I invested in the clam-generating building from Day 1 and earned the clam awards with the exception of the Quagmire costume. Didn’t finish the main quest line, but that’s no big deal.

    I would have had the Santa costume earlier were it not for familial commitments over the NYE weekend, so it wasn’t that I found him that difficult, it was more, “Who are these people and don’t they know I have to play FGTQFS???” We were in the Vermont hills where the champagne was plentiful but the Internet non-existent…oh, well…we had fun…

    Disappointed we didn’t get to keep our Christmas tree…but I have a herd of reindeer…


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