Go F… F… Family Guy Yourself!!!

Hey, why don’t you leave all that event grinding for a minute or two and come have some tail wagging good fun….

Yeah c’mon y’all, let’s enter the world of Family Guy by creating a clone of ourselves with Family Guy Yourself. Go on don’t be a pooper scooper have a try, you’ll find it here by clicking HERE.

And if you fancy sharing your finished looky likey of yourself with your fellow Addicts send me a screenshot of it along with your profile name to contact@fwotaddicts.com and I’ll do a rogues gallery of us all.

Now let the fun begin…

~ Russian Tigger


4 responses to “Go F… F… Family Guy Yourself!!!

  1. Good morning RT (I think it is morning where you are but I do not want to do the math). FYI, I tried to send the pic of my FG cartoon self twice to fwotaddicts@gmail.com and both times it did not go through – “Address not found – Your message wasn’t delivered to fwotaddicts@gmail.com because the address could not be found, or is unable to receive mail.” Rock and roll!


  2. Great fun! I always loved the likeness to real people that the animators comes up with, like Putin or Hannibal.


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