Cleared Land Glitch!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem another gremlin is at work and he’s busy planting trees on the land we’ve already cleared. 

But fear not…..

TinyCo are aware of the issue and will get a fix out once this event is over. Why no fix until then? Well,p they obviously don’t want to be messing with our greenery whilst we’ve got crops growing.

So if you’ve buildings that are being eaten by shrubbery like in the image below, you don’t need contact support, just be patient and wait  for the fix that’s coming.

~ Russian Tigger

8 responses to “Cleared Land Glitch!!!

  1. Sorry, I hadn’t seen this post earlier.


  2. add random game crashing to issues


  3. I have those glitches and I got a prompt to place spin-to-win as well. I also have non functioning progress bars. Hopefully all will be back to normal after the fix 😃.


  4. Has anyone else noticed that Facespace posts from characters have been blank ever since they changed the format?


  5. i got another glitch which told me to place the Spin-to-Win (it’s already placed) and there was a questline as well where you had to Spin the wheel …??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Thanks for the info and for trying to keep support requests down


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