All In The Family Guy – How Did You Do? Poll Results

Hi there fellow addicts.

Yes, finally they’re in, the poll results from the All In The Family Guy Event that many of you will be keen to see.

Firstly I’d like to take a minute to thank everyone who voted, seriously big thanks to all my fellow addicts who take the time to respond to these polls, without your interaction it just wouldn’t be possible to have posts like this, or to show TinyCo what we are thinking and would like to see in our games going forward. So thanks for taking that minute out of your day to be part of this community.

All In The Family Guy event Fun Factor Rating:
1 out of 5

TinyCo Event Customer Support Rating:
3 out of 5

Most popular new character or costume released during the All In The Family Guy Event:

And now here’s the ins and outs of what we spent, who we unlocked and everything in between.

Which of the following freemium characters/character costumes did you unlock?

Character/Costume Percentage
Katie 96%
Tasheka 19%
None 04%

Which of the following premium characters/character costumes did you purchase?

Character/Costume Percentage
Larry 11%
Moritz 06%
None 87%

Did you try the premium international men of Mystery Box?

Answer Percentage
Yes, I tried it and won Moritz 06%
Yes I tried but didn’t win Moritz 03%
No I didn’t try it 91%

Where were you when the event ended?

Answer Percentage
Still in Week 1 10%
Still in Week 2 85%
Completed the Event 05%

Did you quit playing the event before the end?

Character/Costume Percentage
Yes, because it was boring 08%
Yes, because it was too hard 25%
Yes, because a glitch stopped me
No, I kept playing until the event ended 64%

Did you purchase any clam packs during the event?

Answer Percentage
Yes 08%
No 92%


Answer Percentage
Yes 42%
No 58%

There you have it fellow addicts, please feel free to share your thoughts on any or all the results in the comments. And if you still feeling the need to vent, there’s a What the Deuce post waiting for you HERE.

~ Russian Tigger

9 responses to “All In The Family Guy – How Did You Do? Poll Results

  1. And drops are inconsistent from player to player as well as within the same game. I have had times when I see players are struggling with/complaining about low drop rates but mine seem to be fine. As well as I have had events where my drop rate has been good the first week but abysmal the second. And vice versa to all of the above. So to suggest that people have “misstrategerized” is not necessarily fair – especially to those of us who have been playing from the very beginning and have a handle on how this game works.


    • Yes the random nature of drops, especially in the mechanics of the last event, a mystery box, kill progress and no amount of planning or playing can change things.


    • Agreed. I find that drops come in streaks and slumps but average out fine over time. I get like 95% of everything freemium and only use a handful of free clams to speed things up now and then.Never bought a premium event character or building. I am starting to think those who complain about drop rates do not check in often enough and/or make strategy errors, like, for example, buying the seventh building in week 2

      Another error is not reading everything on this site


  2. Two aspects to this event that should never return when they are directly involved in the collection of a character: (1) the shooting game and (2) the mystery box. To require two guns to shoot and then to have the gameplay be such that no one really was understanding what they were shooting was atrocious. To have a mystery box that didn’t empty out items no longer needed for the collection of the character was absurd. Having to collect one gun to shoot even as poorly designed as the shooting was would have been potentially doable (would have had two the tries to shoot). And eliminating the hot toys once they were no longer needed could have given allowed for more collection of lipsticks. Maybe halving the time to allow for double the number of tries in the mystery box would have worked. Those two changes and the event would not have been nearly as poorly constructed as it was.


  3. A Fun Factor of one comes as no surprise at all – it’ll probably go down in TinyCo history as one of the worst-received events in the history of FGTQFS.
    Let’s hope for a return to better thought-out events in the New Year.


  4. wow, only 19%got takesha! Didn’t realize I was so fortunate, got her without spending more than a few free clams to speed up things a couple of times. people must have misstrategerized and or not checked in every 4 hours when awake (or sleep too much)


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