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Hi fellow addicts

As some of you unfortunately know there is an ongoing issue that’s seen some of you locked out of your games since Halloween.  You’ve basically had to sit on the sidelines and watch us play, and I’m sorry to say the issue is no nearer to being resolved despite you and I contacting TinyCo numerous times.

TinyCo have said they are continuing to work on this, and their previous advice stands. This it:

“We’re still working through the current issue affecting players loading into the game. We appreciate your patience in the meantime! If you are one of the affected players, please contact Support with your player ID. They can be reached at”.

However I thought I’d put this page up for players locked out to share details of their issue, their device, their operating system, basically to try to see if there is a repeating pattern for those who are locked out. It’s also where I’m hoping any players who have found a workaround can share it and maybe get some of you playing again.

Once again sorry I can’t get this resolved for you, but I am keeping on at TinyCo about it.

~ Russian Tigger


26 responses to “Players Locked Out Discussion Area!!!

  1. FINALLY!!! GOOD NEWS!! Well, it’s been over FOUR months since I have been able to log into my game that has been linked to my google+ account. Contacting support on a weekly basis, atleast 2 or 3 times per week….. Produced nothing but the same 3 or 4 generic responses from support. As a member of the community, I’ve still been frequently the website and watching one event after another pass me by.

    One of my favorite discussions to keep up on…… That’s right…. This very discussion that RT started to try to help players thru this lockout. So I saw someone suggest to have my game re-linked to a Facebook or a regular FGQFS account. I had to contact support twice, but I finally received a response that Google+ was being terminated and they can link my game to a Facebook or username account. I had to provide my Google+ ID and my game ID of the new account I created. Then the next day…. The miracle I’ve been waiting on for months happened. My game was linked to my new account. All characters, clams, and progress was restored from the last time I could log in, November 2018.

    While I am extremely grateful that they were able to complete this, I’m very bothered that it has been over 4 months and support still haven’t been able to fix this problem. Or that it wasnt suggested to have my game linked to a username or Facebook account.

    Thank you RT,, and the community that provided my fix!


  2. Looking for help….tc wrote me back and stated that my game is past the point of recovery. I have not been able to get on to the game for quite some time. A little background on the situation.

    I have a saved game from facebook. I’m at level 82 (playing since 2014) and a TON of characters. I Uninstalled in early 2018 due to my game saying “unable to connect to server”, contacted TC with no response after 3 weeks. I reinstalled and loaded the game just 2 days ago and the same message “unable to connect to server” popped up on the loading screen. Wrote to TC for hopes…they reached out to me and stated “my saved game is beyond the point of repair, they will refund any money spent and give me clams to get to the point I was at”. Now I wrote back about the characters and buildings I got from quests/events with no response. Should I try to contact another tinyco support agent, take the offer, or give up and call it a loss?

    Any suggestions would be awesome…I’m kinda confused on which way to go.



    • You can try asking about characters but not sure you’d be able to get them, I’d be tempted take the offer as it’s better than some other players get. Tapped Out has a similar issue with the Roll back glitch and they are offering similar as a solution, new game and donuts to help you progress


  3. i still cant sign in with my google account 😦


    • 😕😡


      • Any update on this RT from support? Everyone knows it’s a problem with using your Google account to log in by now. It’s been 4 months since I’ve been able to log into my game. Support won’t even comment in this…?!?!….. How could they literally have no idea what’s gojng on??


        • None I’m afraid, one player reported TinyCo hit him back in his game then he changed to a different saving method,but that’s as much as has happened.


  4. Now, I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but it has worked great for me.

    I have this posted on my “Unofficial Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff” Facebook page as well.

    If you’re having crash issues on your mobile device try this:

    If you have your Quahog town completely filled with buildings, then try removing a lot them. I use to have crash issues as well until I removed many of the buildings. I don’t crash barely at all anymore, only if there’s an issue on the developer’s side of things.

    If you are unable to load to remove buildings try this:

    Download and install NOX ( on your computer, after installation within NOX go to the play store and download and install Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, you should be able to load without issues. Then remove a bunch of buildings, close the app and NOX, load back up on your mobile device and try again. Still crashing? Remove more buildings.

    Last resort: if you have removed a bunch of buildings and still having crash issues, load up again on NOX, go to the settings for Family Guy and check the box for “use low memory graphics”. Exit from NOX and try on your mobile device again.

    Keep in Mind, When you first start out on NOX, it will be like starting a new game. However, Once you can, connect to Facebook and you should be able to connect to your current game.

    Most crashes are due to the overwhelming loading time because of all the buildings, which it basically “times out” and just shuts off (Or Crashes), No error messages or anything.

    And Remember, When first starting out using NOX, you will start a new game as if just starting. Once you get the ability to connect to Facebook, you can then hook up to your most current game. Depending on the amount of buildings you have in the game, it could take a few moments to get the game loaded up. Once the game is loaded, begin removing buildings that you DON’T need. If you accidentally remove a building that’s needed for a character quest, you can always re-add it back in.

    If you have any questions or problems with NOX, just let me know, I’ll help as much as I can.


  5. While I am not locked out of the game for some stupid reason they have put the pardon my dust screen up on the Facebook version, why do the persist on doing this halfway through an event !!!


  6. I’ve been locked out of my game since “The Making of a Monster” event. Yeah, since November 7th when they updated the game. So it’s been like SIX weeks now. And I’ve been thru all the stages, frustration, annoyance, anger, humor, disbelief and in 2 weeks I have decided to finally reach acceptance. I message support every 3rd day or so and get the same 3 generic responses. It’s actually pretty comical. I would love to post screenshots of the conversations with support, but I’ll take the higher road. I would give some advice though. Stop copy and pasting the same generic answers from your “support manual,” when a player asks a direct question, provide a direct answer and work on your internal communication – because I’m asked the same questions over and over after already providing the answers multiple times. I mean, how many times do you need me to say that my game is linked to my google+ account and provide the ID string and provide my game number?????? Once is sufficient, no?

    So, even though I have spent almost $300 over the last 2 years (yes, I have added it up) and if I remember correctly, have about 1200 clams and about 125 characters (it’s been so long since I’ve been logged in, I can’t really remember) I have decided to stop contacting support and checking my game on a daily basic once the Xmas event ends. I have gotten much enjoyment out of the game, but the way this whole train wreck has been handled, someone should be fired over there. I don’t get how this is acceptable. I’m still going to have a shred of hope over the next 2 weeks or so and wait on a miracle.

    So for the record, I’ve always played on a Android Galaxy device and my game is linked to my Google+ account. I have re-installed the app numerous times. Support has stated they have cleared my cache several times and have pushed fixed several times. Nothing has worked. Every time, I try to login to my game using my Google account, the Clam TV icon just stays on the screen shaking.


    • HYSTERICAL!!!!! Since my comment was posted yesterday, even though I said I wouldn’t post screenshots of the conversation I’ve been having with support…………I just open the app and went into Help & Support to see if anyone wrote me back…..well guess what…..all messages are now gone!!!! I guess they’re actually reading these posts. LOL Rest easy JC/TC…..I’m not going to post anything. You didn’t have to go delete our conversation. So much for taking the high road.


  7. I don’t play the game on my phone nor do I play through facebook. When I was having difficulties last summer I took the advice of one of the players on this site and loaded Bluestacks onto my laptop and play through it. I no longer have the glitches that others do. Might be worth a try.


  8. My game loads and appears to play for a minute, but then I get a pop up stating that I’ve lost connection. When the game reloads none of the actions I have made have taken effect so I can’t play.
    I play on IOS but I’ve tried Android, deleting, reinstalling but still the problem persists and has been going on for over a month now.
    Is the same issue some of you are having or is this something different?


  9. they need to fix the game big time


  10. Here’s all my details; I downloaded the game on the release date. I played continuously everyday on my Apple devices. I recently updated to the iPhone X. In the past, I did not play fairly, I tried to mod and got some free stuff. Of course, they noticed and warned me my account would be deleted if I did it again. Since then, if I wanted something bad enough I paid for it. I probably have spent well over $250 just this year just for clams. The last event I was able to participate in was the beginning of September. I updated the game, saw the new black and white icon and was never able to load. I have yet to get this to load, however, I haven’t tried loading on a browser yet. I have tried to delete the app upon three occasions. I try to load it periodically throughout the day, everyday. I’ve deleted every other game off my phone to see if it would make the loading easier. I am so distraught without my game!


  11. Hi RT, I’m one of those locked out for what seems like eternity. I’ve tried to reinstall the game but it hangs when I try to log on to my user account on the game after the prologue. I use Android and don’t think it’s a OS issue. It sucks seeing some of the new characters in your posts and how I can’t play along. Have 1k plus clams but unable to log o to my game and spend. I am starting to give up and mentally prepared to lose my progress and just stop playing entirely.


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