Duplicate Characters and Missing Buildings Glitches!!!

Hi fellow addicts

It would seem gremlins are still at work in some of our games,

Firstly some players are seeing double as their towns are overrun by duplicate characters and Questlines reactivating. This is pretty much causing them to be completely locked out of events. The latest update is that TinyCo are still working on trying to get this fixed.  So as aggravating as it is please be patient.

The second issue concerns missing buildings, I’m suffering from this glitch like others. Basically some buildings placed in our inventories have disappeared, leaving us unable to use them for tasks. TinyCo have pushed a fix for this but I’d be wary storing any essential buildings at this time. For those impacted TinyCo are asking you contact them through your in game support with a list of missing buildings.

That’s all folks!!!!

~ Russian Tigger


16 responses to “Duplicate Characters and Missing Buildings Glitches!!!

  1. I have a weird (and seemingly harmless) glitch happening – I get awarded a clam every time I open my game…and it’s the same clam, so it’s not like I can close and open my game numerous times a day to get free clams…

    When I open my game, I have X number of clams…the opening screen awards me a clam as if I just watched a video, so my game then reflects X+1 clams…yet, when I close and re-open the game, I have X number of clams and a free one awarded..

    If I spend that clam, the next time I open my game, I have X-1 number of clams, but I get a free one, so I’m back to X…

    It’s like Groundhog Day…


  2. I had 22 potatoes and let the knight retire to finish him per quest (wanted 30 to complete task); he came back and now I only have 6 and they want 10 just to complete 1x task! WTD?!?


  3. My Drunken Clam is missing also so can’t complete phase 1 as I am unable to send Mickey to bang on the table. I have emailed support via the in-game help so hoping for a fix soon. Currently unable to play and aware that completing any part of phase 2 will be virtually impossible. It was hard enough to unlock Mickey as it is. Here’s hoping.


  4. I can’t find the drunken clam to finish a task 😡


  5. I hope it gets sorted soon…this game is unplayable garbage at the moment,can’t possibly get the characters on offer in this second week…


  6. Is anyone else having problems getting O’Brien to drop Family Books? I reached phase 2 Wednesday night & ALWAYS have at least 1 bug spray available to free him at the end of 8hrs since he is the only one generating books. I got all the “rare” gold tokens before my pot of gold bank completed its first 8 hour segment. Didn’t even need it! And yet not a single book in 36 hours. Anyone else with this issue?


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