Google Account Players Please Read!!!

Hi fellow addicts

As some of you unfortunately know there’s a glitch been going around that’s severely impacted some players who saved their game via a Google Account.  For quite a while you’ve been unable to log into your games, but now TinyCo are going to try get you back in your games. And they’ve also released some advise for those still saving their game this way even those who don’t have any issues.

So there’s 2 issues to cover,  those who are locked out as the game freezes when they try to load their game save from Google and then advice for those who aren’t having issues but still link their game via Google.

I HAD TO REINSTALL AND can’t load my Google save…

For players unable to load their saved game TinyCo will transfer your Google game save to a new PlayerID.

What does this mean, well when you reinstalled your game you basically started a fresh game. What you want to do is save this new Level 1 game to either Facebook or Create a Username. Once you’ve done this send the PlayerID for this new game to TinyCo, along with details of the  Google+ ID your higher level game you want back was linked to.

So to put it simply:

  • Start a new Level 1 game and save it to either Facebook or a Username. I’ll put details of how to save to Facebook or Username at the end of this post
  • Take a note of  the PlayerID for this new game. I’ll put details of how to find this at the end of the post.
  • Take a note of the Google+ ID your old higher level game is saved through. I’ll put details on finding this at the end of this post
  • Send a message to support asking they link your old Google+ save to your new PlayerID. Remember to send the PlayerID and Google+ ID with the message.  The email to send to is

TinyCo strongly recommend that you link your new PlayerID to either the sign-in with Facebook or Create a Username option so you have a backup save in the case you change or reset your phone, or reinstall the app. However if signing in with Facebook or Creating a Username is not an option, you can go ahead and still send them your player ID and we will restore your Google+ save. However, please note that support may not be able to recover your game in the case you change or reset your phone, or reinstall the app in future.

I’ve saved my game via Google+ but I’m not locked out, do I need to do anything?

Yes, although you’ve no issues now you will have if you ever need to reload your save as Google + is shutting down on April 2nd 2019. And this means you’ll  unfortunately be unable to sign in with Google after this date, so if you need to reinstall or get a new device you won’t be able to load your saved game. Therefore it’s recommended you use  either the sign-in with Facebook or Create a Username option to now backup your game save, this will protect your progress in you ever change or reset your phone, or need to reinstall the app.

So to put it simply:

  • Go to Account settings and save your game to either Facebook or a Username. I’ll put details of how to save to Facebook or Username at the end of this post

HOw do i find my Google+ ID?

To find your Google+ ID, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your Google+ account by going to
  • From the side menu click on the profile icon
  • In the address bar you will see your complete Google+ URL. It will look something like this:
  • Your Google+ User ID is the long series of numbers – in this example the Google+ ID therefore is the following: 100009709084787102522.

How do i save my game to facebook or a username?

To create a new backup save outside of Google+ you should go into the setting menu of your game, then Account, you will see the save choices are Facebook or Username account. Please note you can create a separate Facebook account from your main one just to use for the game. So here’s the steps to follow:

  • Go to the settings menu and tap on Account
  • Select Sign-In with Facebook or Create a Username. Depending which you pick you will be  prompted to either sign in with your Facebook or Create a Username and password
  • After signing in with either, it will prompt you to either save your current game or create a new game, you should save your current game.

Where do i find my PLAYERID?

This is an easy one, you’ll find it in one of two ways.

  • Located on the bottom right of the loading screen
  • Located on the bottom right of the Account Info Menu

I hope this helps players who are currently locked out to join us again, and also will stop other players getting locked out in future.

~ Russian Tigger

15 responses to “Google Account Players Please Read!!!

  1. Hi, I didn’t realise they were trying to give our accounts back, is it still possible??


  2. TinyCo emaileehey has restored my game. I tried to enter my game, but it keeps loading. I can’t even enter the game now. What do I have to do?


    • Has it let you send the help request to TinyCo? I’ve also alerted them to this and other issues seeing from players in the comments. Looks like lot issues.


  3. This mess happened to me in November when I had to replace my phone. Took Tinyco 6 weeks to restore my game. Missed the entire Xmas event. Now I’m worried again. I refuse to have anything to do with FB so I guess I’ll try Username. Fingers crossed. Would hate to see 5 years work wasted.


  4. I haven’t been locked out. I use google play games to save my acct but don’t use google+. I deleted my google + acct months ago when it was unsafe. I’m not sure if I will be effected or not.


  5. Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately I had already suffered through these issues after a reinstall and wasn’t aware of the Google issue at the time. It took a bit of effort and a couple message exchanges, but TinyCo was finally able to restore my game after a couple days. I lost a little bit of game progress as a result, but nothing too major that I wasn’t able to recover from. Got the game backed up with a username now.
    The one thing I should note to players though is that there is a possibility you may lose the ability to watch clam videos if TinyCo has to restore your Google save. I had this happen to me. They told me they are investigating the issue, but haven’t been able to find a solution yet. It sucks having my main supply of free clams disappear.


  6. I have never been able to save my game via Create a Username. No matter what email address I give, it says that it is not a valid email address. Any tips? Also, will Facebook saves be around for a long time even though the game is almost never playable on FB any more? Thanks, RT – hope many people can get back in their games,


    • The Facebook save is completely separate to playing the game via Facebook so don’t see it disappearing. I’ve not heard any others having the issue with Username – anyone advise on this?


      • Yes, I had the exact same issue – I’m connected to Google and the username attempt gave me the Consuela ‘no’ with the ‘not a valid e-mail address’ message…I used FB although I never go on there.


    • Strange, as that’s the only way I login. The process for me from a fresh install, and after the forced tutorial, is as follows: Click the 9-dot menu icon, click Account Info, Change User, Sign in with Username. But that assumes a pre-existing username already exists (as it says “Sign into Existing Account”). I can’t remember where the account creation aspect is, and I don’t really want to reinstall my game to find out. But anyway, the important part is to do that first – I sign into FB later via the button on the friends page. Although all of your history is on your FB login, so I dunno. But I’ve used a username from day 1 – this was never a FB game for me, and I’ve only ever played through an emulator on PC. I also use my own private domain for the email which uses a non-standard domain extension, instead of say .com or, and I’ve never had an issue with it.


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