Hey there Party Poopers!

Looks like Family Guy: Quest For Stuff has reached another milestone as today we celebrate the games 5th birthday. Yes, it’s really been 5 years since some of us started playing. And for some even longer if you started with the Beta version.

And to celebrate TinyCo have given us a Gold Suit event and the chance to get yourself some popular returning characters and costumes. 

Apart from this I wanted to say wow, Family Guy Addicts has now been blogging about the game for over 5 years, ever since it’s beta release. So this seemed a good time to say a huge THANK YOU to you the readers, some of whom have been around since day one. I know there have been ups and there have been downs, and a lot of changes to the site, but overall I hope you’ve enjoyed the time you spend here as much as I do. Although I must admit when I first started reading, I didn’t foresee becoming a regular contributor, never mind the last writer standing.

But looking back it’s been a lot of fun, and I want to say thanks to Alissa & Bunny for starting the site; to all the contributors over the years who made the site so entertaining; to TinyCo for helping me continue the site after Bunny’s departure almost 2 years ago, and most importantly I want to thank you, the readers and commenters, who are the heart and the very soul of this site.  The way everyone pulls together to keep things going has been amazing.

So but now back to birthday talk, what do you think of  5 years of questing for stuff? Have you played since the start? And anything you’re still desperate to see appear?

~ Russian Tigger

12 responses to “HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. ahhh copy and paste. that doesn’t seem too heartwarming uggh but okay 😬😁😆🤣😂


  2. A huge, and I mean HUUUUUGE, thank you to YOU, Russian Tigger for keeping this going!!! Without this constant companion helping me overcome and foresee the obstacles the developers seem so intent on throwing in the way of players having fun playing this game, I would have deleted this and moved on long ago.

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  3. haven’t been around from the start but i’m pretty sure i’ve been playing for most of it. didn’t know abotu your site and i’m gutted that i didn’t! thank you for your updates

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  4. i could say i might be one of the ones from day 1 lol not the beta version but soon after of course! i miss Bunny and Alissa a lot and Russian Tiger you my friend are just as awesome as them i never ever doubted that. i absolutely love this game and i hope it continues for another 5 years hopefully more. jeez i can’t believe it’s been that long. i’ve moved into 4 different apartments during the entirety of those 5 years and call me weird or so cheesy, but i can still remember the very first day i started playing! where i was, who i was with, everything haha! i even remember the very first event i got to play when i started: Quahog ComicCon! literally right in the middle of that event almost the end of it. the bf got me into playing then and you know he doesn’t even play anymore lol. i’ve had this site bookmarked ever since in all 3-4 phones i’ve had over the past 5 years as well. Thanks RT for everything!!

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  5. Only want to say, keep up the good work!! Time flies 😝

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  6. THANK YOU for all of the work that you do on this site!! I imagine it is a fairly thankless job and I’m sure you hear more than your share of criticism. I truly appreciate the work that you do. I check it often and have come to rely on it (you) when I’m confused or frustrated. You keep all of us abreast of the latest info and enable us to waste our time in the world that is Family Guy. Thank you!! ♥

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