Pilot Season Week 3

Click the links below to see this week’s Event posts, please note not all posts will be available immediately.

Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Pilot Season
Jailhouse Lois Unlock Requirements Reminder
Side Questline – Jailhouse Lois
Side Questline – Nerd Chris
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now Poll
Facespace Sets
Iceberg Mini Game Help

15 responses to “Pilot Season Week 3

  1. Ad speed up made all the difference this week I used it as much as possible to get the red books and the buildings asap. I noticed the drop rate for red books was ALOT better on the first day I was getting 9/10 dropping by day 2 it was maybe 1 in 3 at best. I just finished unlocking Lois but without the ad speed up I don’t think it would of been possible.


  2. Yes, I get it, but some perspective is good. Some addicts act like not getting it is the end of the world. Just a silly, fun, little time waster game I invest a whole 10-15 minutes a day in. Some characters I really want to get, but one more Lois costume I can easily live without. The higher the chance of not succeeding, the better it feels when you do.


    • I agree with you, never been anything more than a silly game to me, I’ve always said if worst thing that happened in my life in any week was not unlocking a character or costume I’d feel blessed. But I also get some players are completionists, and take things more seriously, especially if they are spending real money.


  3. Let’s say none of us get the Lois costume available this week. What’s the difference? Why would I care?


  4. Yeah, out of the last 12 tasks, I’ve gotten 2 books. That’s one terrible drop rate right there, for such a necessary item.
    Also, 10 bibles for part 3 of the quest? Even with a perfect drop rate (which you won’t get), 8 hours for the task x2 x5 is 40 hours minimum to get through.
    They definitely did NOT scale it back for the late start. Or if so, I’m scared with what it would have been.


  5. wow 15 books for the second for the second prize in the actors studio!!! WT*!!!! I


  6. Who is forcing you to play?


    • What about the term “Family Guy Addicts” do you not understand? Would you mind kindly stepping down from whatever soap box you have climbed onto and stop addressing the rest of us players/addicts as though you alone have come up with some form of brilliant realization that we are all playing a mobile game and need to get on with our lives?
      I would easily retort: “Who’s forcing you to come to this site?”
      Please lay off the negativity toward the fellow players/addicts and keep it to yourself.


      • We all play for our own reasons and to our own “obsessions”, but whatever they are I’d rather everyone play nice. I don’t like read comments where players are attacking each other either, but thankfully we rarely get much of that which means you don’t need see over moderating in the comments. Hopefully it can be like that, as everyone was great supporting each other when I had step away in June. That’s what the sites about, and of course keeping TinyCo on their toes.


      • No, I will not. Stop supporting obsessive compulsive disorders. I am concearned about players who comment the likes of “FORCED to buy clams” or miss a character because they are trying to complete a useless final week questlinend designed to distract them in the hopes they will then buy clams.

        Any perceived negaivity on my part is only in your head, and I suggest that you review your post for negativity.


      • Glad I’m not the only one……. 👏


  7. Ugh 8 hour uncommon drop tasks and multiple tries with the pens already and not a single drop. This final week is going to be brutal. So much for them making things easier to make up for the delay and lost time. Not cool


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