5th Anniversary Part 4 – Cleveland Brownniversary Mini Event is here….. and it’s a quick one….

It’s time to break out the party poppers again as the latest event to hit our games,  the Cleveland Bronniversary is here.

I’m seeing the full event on app version 1.91.0 and pulling info now and I’ll get the LIVE post up as soon as possible.

But let me repeat that this is a very short event so get working on creating Dancer Donna ASAP!!

~ Russian Tigger

15 responses to “5th Anniversary Part 4 – Cleveland Brownniversary Mini Event is here….. and it’s a quick one….

  1. I might make it getting Donna with no Clams spent, but only if fast forward works exactly right for chocolate bars. Even with the apparently adjusted lowered requirements and better drops this one is still impossible without the fast forward feature.


    • While not easy, it is definitely NOT impossible. I only need 3 Chocolate Bars, and expect to have them by the end of the event, with little difficulty. (I don’t have the FF feature anymore, so I would be very upset if these events were to become impossible without it.)


  2. The bad apple detention center isn’t dropping any apples. I’ve been through 4 cycles and nothing yet.


  3. How many times have you thought something in the game would be impossible to get and ended up getting it in time?


  4. Cherry Bakewell

    I’m not complaining but all these gold and white suit characters seems a bit like ‘phoning it in’ when it comes to creativity. If we get White Suit Seamus and White Suit Jerome then I’ll be convinced the game is being produced by people that don’t ever watch the show!


    • I’ve a feeling their might be some more, but I could be wrong, I often am. I sometimes think they should have thrown everything into a cracking 5th Anniversary event then said that’s all folks and ended on a high.


  5. I’m just starting this mini event and the timer has 4d15h left on it. I don’t know how that’ll be possible with two – TWO – “rare” drops for Donna.


    • They have adjusted the amount of each item you need to take that into consideration. The Pink Hat Plumes are dropping well, it’s the Chocolate Bars that may be down to the wire. Still testing that.


  6. 4 days is a joke


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