When’s the next event coming???

I’m honestly not sure as I’m still trying to get that information for you. But I’ll be back once I know more or when the event hits our games, whichever happens sooner.

~ Russian Tigger

6 responses to “When’s the next event coming???

  1. The lack of communications from them on events being extended or delayed is just going to turn people off. I’ve never gotten a pop up or anything from them explaining what’s going on.


  2. Surprised to find myself wishing they would just put the game and us out of our misery. Watching it die so very slowly sucks


    • It’s strange you say that as seeing similar comments about Tapped Out, long term players who would prefer EA just brought game to an end rather than seeing it go downhill way it is. Saves you making decision stop playing as well. But I agree I wouldn’t want see QFS going the same way as FWOT, just sitting with odd breadcrumb thrown to what players are left.

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  4. I think because Phase 2 and Phase 3 of last event were both delayed, hey’re taking a break until next Wednesday to activate new event at the usual 3 pm PST Wednesday start time.


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