Social Media Week 1

Click the links below to see this week’s event posts.

***Please note not all links will be immediately available***

Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Social Butterfly
Side Questline – Social Media Lois
Side Questline – Corey
Side Questline – Shark Stewie
FaceSpace Sets – None as yet
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now Poll

8 responses to “Social Media Week 1

  1. I’m stuck on, “Social Butterfly Pt. 3” and haven’t gotten passed it in two days. I clear the papparazzi, using Lois to clear him and it doesn’t appear done on the quest. She appears to have fought since she’s in heal mode, but no change otherwise. Anyone else having this problem? I’ve tried it several times already.


  2. This is another great example of how total this site is. I pity the fools who play without it.


  3. Yup, found the invisible woman. Amazing how a poster found her! Thanks, just in time for me to have no problem progressing to week 2. Sure would have been nice if Jam City would have informed us.


  4. unlocked both characters and it’s still Sunday
    i guess ill keep collecting laptops and cans for tigers until Phase 2


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