Update & Facebook Loading Glitches

Hi fellow addicts

There’s been an issue where the game was trying to force anyone who hadn’t updated to App Version 2.0.6 to do so, this seems to have in turn caused some issues with main,y Android players who couldn’t see any update in the store. I requested support look into it and they did so very quickly. Hopefully you’re all back in the game now, but if not please let us know in the comments with as much details about your device as possible.

Also please be aware there’s been a crashing issue when players try to load their save game via Facebook, again hopefully this will be resolved soon but if your impacted let us know.

Thanks as always

~ Russian Tigger


22 responses to “Update & Facebook Loading Glitches

  1. Any news on the Facebook login issue?


  2. I can’t log in to my account it keeps on crashing when I try on every device I have


    • There’s an issue with loading your saved game via Facebook, you need to contact support for help. Remember to give them your PlayerId.


  3. Same here, I deleted the app and now I am not able to reinstall it from Google Play. My device is a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019… already contacted the support…


  4. I still can’t install says game not compatible with my tablet on Google play


  5. I can’t play either says game not compatible with my tablet


  6. Still not resolved. Every time I try to reconnect to Facebook on my iPhone or iPad, the game crashes. Same thing is happening with my FB friends who play. This last upgrade was a disaster. It was a downgrade to crashing and losing harvesting from FB friends.

    We have all sent messages, but no response from JC/TC.


  7. im currently logged out o Facebook on the App and whenever I click : Connect with Facebook , the game crashes on its own


  8. Facebook login causes crashes for me but game is playable so will wait for it to be resolved.


  9. I still can’t reinstall the game.


    • Yes this isn’t resolved. You’ll need to email support for help, tell them it’s the Facebook login issue and they’ll help.


  10. I’m still having the facebook sinc glitch. Have both my facebook and game apps up to date, also my iOS. Already reinstalled the game and the problem persists.


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