Final Party

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Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Final Party
Who Drops Event Currency This Week
Side Questline – White Suit Seamus
Side Questline – Dancer Consuela
Side Questline – Patches
Facespace Sets
Dancer Consuela Treasure Map Drop Glitch
Patches Tip
White Suit Seamus Tip
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now Poll

9 responses to “Final Party

  1. just unlocked Seamus


  2. Haven’t seen any comments about it yet, so any idea about getting medals or a trophy for White Suit Seamus? … Aren’t we suppose to get one or the other now when unlocking new characters or only when they feel like it? (I believe it even says so in the pop-up or faq)


  3. Logged in for new event, saw there was still no writing and no story, logged back out. Have you heard anything back on weather this is a bug or the new normal? I’ve been hesitant to outright uninstall it, because I’m worried that I’ll get hit with bugs and be unable to play if I reinstall. but if there really are no more storys and no writers I’ll just uninstall move on and free up the space.


  4. I have some characters dropping casino chips (sliver and Gold) from activities. Are these used anywhere in this event or is that a glitch (I can see any use for them)?


  5. I updated my app today and now they took away my fast forward. Is that normal?


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