Final Party

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Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Final Party
Who Drops Event Currency This Week
Side Questline – White Suit Seamus
Side Questline – Dancer Consuela
Side Questline – Patches
Facespace Sets
Dancer Consuela Treasure Map Drop Glitch
Patches Tip
White Suit Seamus Tip
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now Poll

11 responses to “Final Party

  1. Going on a ledge which drops wheels are supposed to be a common drop for white suit shamus. 11 tried and still not a single drop and these last 8 hours. Def an issue that needs fixing and looming into if you can please pass along to TinyCo. Thanks!


  2. just unlocked Seamus


  3. Haven’t seen any comments about it yet, so any idea about getting medals or a trophy for White Suit Seamus? … Aren’t we suppose to get one or the other now when unlocking new characters or only when they feel like it? (I believe it even says so in the pop-up or faq)


  4. Logged in for new event, saw there was still no writing and no story, logged back out. Have you heard anything back on weather this is a bug or the new normal? I’ve been hesitant to outright uninstall it, because I’m worried that I’ll get hit with bugs and be unable to play if I reinstall. but if there really are no more storys and no writers I’ll just uninstall move on and free up the space.


  5. I have some characters dropping casino chips (sliver and Gold) from activities. Are these used anywhere in this event or is that a glitch (I can see any use for them)?


    • I’m trying find out what’s happening with these


    • They should really simplify the games if they’re having this many problems running it. Last time we had handcuffs that did nothing, this time it’s casino chips. You used to not collect items if you didn’t need them, like when you fulfilled the requirements to unlock a character. Now you collect a lot of things for no reason,


  6. I updated my app today and now they took away my fast forward. Is that normal?


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