WARNING – Game Resetting To Level 1 Issue

Perhaps unsurprisingly as it’s the weekend a little gremlin has come out to play and is causing issues with games resetting for some players, this includes myself.  It’s happening on my game I saved with a Username but nit my Facebook save, so I’m thinking maybe on,y affecting players who’s game is saved to a Username.Lois wicked witch

If your game is impacted you will know immediately as the town linked to your save account will look like it’s back to Level 1, all your progress, characters, buildings, clams will be gone or different from what you had; and you will need to restore your game by playing through the tutorial to link it back to your saved account.

How Do I Load My Saved Game?

To do this you need to tap on the settings cog.

Then tap on the Account Info box.

From here you need to click on Change User.

Then tap on either Connect with Facebook if you’ve saved you game to your Facebook account OR Sign In With Username if you’ve saved your account with a username and password.

I’m having to do this each time I load my game, it’s a pain but it’s working for me.

I didn’t save my game. Help!!!

This is a problem, but Jam City can maybe help if you’ve got a note of your PlayerId. You’ll find more info on your PlayerId at the end of this post.

There’s 3 ways to contact Jam City.

1: The first and best way is through your game main menu, select Help & Support and then tap ‘Contact Us’.

2: Go to their website and use the ‘Contact’ button: https://jamcity.helpshift.com/a/family-guy-the-quest-for-stuff/

3: If neither of these are possible, then you can contact support via email. The email address to use is – support@jamcity.com

This is a very timely reminder that if you’ve not saved your game to an account you should do so ASAP, as just because you weren’t impacted this time doesn’t mean you won’t be in future. Please save your game to either Facebook or a Username, and as well as this please keep a screenshot or written note of your PlayerId. If you don’t you could save all your game progress!!!

And finally find your PlayerId at the bottom right of your loading screen or in the Account Info screen.

48 responses to “WARNING – Game Resetting To Level 1 Issue

  1. Hi,
    I’ve also been reset to level 1. I forget my password, but when I try to reset that, it times out after 30seconds & tells me to try again later. I’ve been trying g at different times throughout the day & night since Monday. So it’s been 3 days. & when I try to “contact us” > get “failed send”, that’s been happening for months.


  2. I’ve also been reset to Level 1. I always logged in through Game Centre and now the Game Centre button has disappeared as an option in the game setting menu. I am worried that my progress may never be restored. I logged the issue with Support a few days ago, giving my Player ID so fingers crossed!


  3. My Game was reset on Thursday. I tried logging in with my email numerous times, but it wouldn’t accept my password and I received an Error Msg. each time I tried to reset it. I contacted JC through their website on Friday, and received an email today stating that my account progress had been restored (thanks to Fernando S). 🙂


  4. Really need to start to consider giving players an option to stop things like coin collection – I don’t know if I’ll ever spend the 7.5m I have and an option to send all non-essential buildings and decs to the inventory which might reduce the memory required and glitches.


  5. I’ve been unable to access my account. I was linked through Facebook. Every time I try to sign in, everything looks fine until it returns to the blue boot screen where it crashes after a few seconds.


  6. (aplogies if this has come twice – my phone for some reason doesn’t confirm posts so ive done this on PC instead)

    Mine reset and when I tried to login with my email address it put me back about 4/5yrs – graveyard district is locked and seems like the Jurassic World event just ended. Closed and reopened the app and it’s not even taking me back there now and instead to just after the tutorial.

    In a way I’m glad that more players than just me have this issue. It means JC might actually put some investigation time into it and fine out what caused it and hopefully not have it happen again. Really though this shouldn’t have happened to any players.

    It should be completely recoverable, if their servers are backed up daily/weekly, but on the chance that progress is unrecoverable they stand to upset a lot of long term players, more so ones who have spent real cash over the years only to have it all wiped out overnight, and may also lose a lot of them over it.

    Personally, if mine can’t be recovered then I think I’ll have some time off from the app and if in that time I don’t miss it then it’ll be deleted.

    I’m hopeful though they’ll be able to restore us to what it was Friday night before the problem started or at the very least up to the end of the Romeo & Juliet event.


    • actually had a response from support this morning, they’ve restored progress but only to the 4/5yr ago point I mentioned above.
      they also said i should use FB to save progress and not an email address, but i dont have a FB account and have no intention of creating a new one just to play a game.

      i’ve gone back and asked to try and restore a version they hold.
      fingers crossed they can!


      • RussianTigger

        Fingers crossed. To be fair I created a Facebook account that’s just for my main game as there’s always been some issues with the other ways of saving for some reason.


        • They were able to restore my account to what it was on Friday.
          Really happy with that.
          I’ve no chance of getting Captain Peter in the next 8hrs before this mini-event is scheduled to finish but I don’t care seeing as I’ve got everything else back.


  7. I contacted TC about this glitch before I posted about it here (in questline) and today, they restored my game. I never saved it, but now I followed their link to (re)set a password, and so far, I’m back to playing …YAY!


  8. I find if I leave the game running in the background, it does not reset.


  9. Sorry I don’t quite understand what I need to do as every time I log in through username (I don’t have Facebook) it just has me on has guest so how do I access my saved game if it just has me as guest using my credentials? I’ve contacted tiny co


  10. I was afraid it was just me.

    This has been happening to me every day since Thursday. I’ve been playing since this game started, and up to now, I think I’ve had to log into my account 4 times. Once each time I’ve changed phones, and one more time when I deleted the game and downloaded it again.

    That logon screen is just a delight to deal with. It’s never worked very well.

    I have a theory as to why we are seeing so many issues, having been in the software industry for longer than I care to admit. Maybe one day I’ll have a few beers and share with the class. I’m pretty sure it won’t be a popular opinion, so I’ll probably just keep my trap shut.

    BTW, thanks for all the time and effort you put into this site RT!!! I would have rage quit many times without this resource.


  11. My password didn’t work and error reading on password reset.
    Support hasn’t helped at all
    What can I do.


    • RussianTigger

      If you need password reset on,y support can help, but they are probably snowed under so may be delay in getting reply whilst they work through the support tickets


  12. As a note, when it happened to me, the “player ID” in the lower right corner of the loading and account screen was different when my game was reset to the earlier state than it is in the current state. In other words, it changed when the game reset to the earlier state, and then changed back when I got the game back to where it should be.


    • RussianTigger

      Yeah when you reset it was as a different game, the PlayerId you want to save is the one for your main up to date game. Grab screenshot of it


  13. Happened to me late Friday night. Reset to I think District 5 and when I went to my account screen, it said “Guest”. Logged back in with my email and password, and got back to current state. Next morning, went back to District 5 again. Logged back in again. Seems stable for me now (knock wood). The strange thing is that this only happened on my iPad. I checked my phone at the same time, and the game always stayed at the current state.

    Agree that this game is getting more glitchy, but it’s not clear why. Don’t understand why things like Consuela’s vacuum, that have worked right for a long while, are now issues. There shouldn’t be any need to mess with the code for this.


  14. I remember setting up the username a while ago for a similar problem. Glad I did because I had that glitch this morning. Everything back to normal now luckily!


  15. Every weekend something bad is happening. I don’t know why we just can’t play the game anymore without issues and crashes. I restored it, but the next time I open it again the game again is back at level 1. It’s really annoying


  16. I “think” I saved my game to an account BUT I can’t access the forgotten password, it just says log in error and try again later.


  17. My game keeps freezing

    Sent from my iPhone



  18. Mine reset this morning, and I have tried logging in, but it won’t accept my password, and it won’t allow me to reset it.


  19. Hi RT – yes this is happening to me AND giving me trouble trying to login with my actual account even. Super frustrating to say the least! 😡


    • RussianTigger

      I agree, the glitches and issues need to be addressed or the game won’t have anyone left playing. I know support are trying to get the team on to things quickly but lot things are happening at weekends


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