New Feature Teaser – Alternate Quahogs

The guys at Jam City have released some little details about this new feature  that’s coming to a Quahog near you very soon.  If you don’t want to know about it then move on to the next post.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!!!

One of the most asked after things in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff recently is can we have more land.

Now there’s a new feature coming that won’t just give you more land, but more lands. Yes Alternate Quahogs are coming, and they should be with us later this week.

Here’s a some information snippets about it from Jam City:

You will be able to obtain all kinds of Quahogs 😄 each can have its own theme so you can make them into your own special Quahog!”

“We’ve been working on this feature ever since we released the Quahog Historical Society, and even before then. We’ve strived to give players back some space again since it’s the one thing you’ve all been asking for… and you’ve been asking this for years now!”

“We will begin rolling out a few select towns to different groups of players to test the waters at first and make sure that nothing explodes. But soon enough, we will roll out many towns to all players. We plan on adding towns periodically too so you get more and more space!”

And finally here’s a few images to give you a better idea of what is coming. As you can see below it looks like there will be a variety and that there will be both freemium and premium towns.

So if you peaked, what do you think of the upcoming features? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

16 responses to “New Feature Teaser – Alternate Quahogs

  1. Historyguy197

    Any more word on when this is supposed to happen? July 5th and nothing.


    • RussianTigger

      No set date, they are trying make sure any glitches are ironed out before they release it, I’m glad as I’d rather wait and get a stable release but it’s coming very soon is all I can say at this time


  2. Missed this message. Like of


  3. Considering there’s nothing to spend cash on in this game, the only good thing about having alternative Quahogs would be somewhere to empty out my overflowing inventory. I’ve already squished as many buildings in my playspace as will fit right now, so whenever I have to add something for an event, I have to take something else out.

    And, I find it incredibly insulting that I’ve played this game for almost all 6 years and have over $100M coins, and yet I’ve never, ever had the option to fast forward tasks.


  4. If parcels of land are opened with coins then we’ll finally have something to spend them on. I flipped over the 40 million mark quite a while ago. I have quite a clam pile saved up too but that doesn’t mean I want to burn the equivalent of $20 worth to open an alternate area either.


  5. More space in my view is a big waist,I’ll never get it,,,,,”send ALL “in “go for gold “is what’s needed ,why do you think everyone wants more space in the first place?


    • RussianTigger

      We see lots of requests for more space here, there are players who like to design. But send all has been requested so we’ll see


  6. Looks like most/some of the town will cost a good bit of Clams there. That might not go well for a lot of the players. Especailly the ones that don’t purchase clams.


    • RussianTigger

      I think there will be a mix of freemium and premium towns, that’s fair, after all if everything was free, no players would ever buy clans and then there is no reason for them keep the game going. They need to make some money out the game or we can wave goodbye to it.

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  7. if its something to spend all saved up cash im all 4 it


  8. I hope I’m one of the first people who gets new land! I’ve played for 5 or 6 years and I have done the last 4 years or so with all 12 districts opened and I have a ton of excess buildings in my inventory.

    The game is so much more fun now that we have fast forward and the Historical Society. They made the game fun again since I generally complete the entire quest and I slowly build up characters because I send 180 plus characters to go for the gold twice a day.

    To think we’re going to get land, a place to spend my 10 mil plus bucks will keep me sitting on the couch longer than I do already.

    I love you, Jam City!


  9. Happy to see the addition. My only concern is sending characters on quests to various “towns”. Hopefully it’s not too tedious to visit them each.


  10. I love it!! So many questions- but finally a way to really do something new. I hope we’ll be able to use items stored in inventory. Maybe we’ll be able to find a use for Stewie Bucks and Coins. too. I’m one of those who has asked for this for a couple of years now and I think it’s great.


  11. Emerson Souza

    I’m not too fussed about more space. I try to keep it minimal anyway to make it easier to play.
    However one little think I’d love to be able to do is a “send all idle characters Go for Gold”. That would save me a lot of taps (and time)

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    • Right?! I gave up on sending players on the Go for Gold task a while ago. They all just live in Tab Lines again now. With 250+ “idle” players at any one time, not only does it take ages to get them all there, but finishing the tasks after 8 hours takes twice as long with the lag. Then you have the issue of needing a particular character that is caught up in that mess and not being able to be easily released 🙂


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